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Sunday, May 1, 2005 11:22 PM
PCW TR MAY 1st 2005

So my day has been planed out for a while now. I was to be up at the park by about 2 or 3pm, but that was not the case. After nervously waiting and wondering if I was gonna make it to the park today, my ride finally gets to my place and we arrive at the park by 6:40pm.

After running like I’ve never ran before (and after the security jokingly said to “make sure you remove all your guns from your pants please”) we finally get our pass tickets, then go to the Courtyard to get our passes.

I had to pass up an empty line to cliffhanger though because my mind was set on IJ. After running almost the entire way and cutting all the corners we could, we arrived. Ahhh the beauty of the ride was almost in sight, but first we must go through the line, and that alone was a great experience. I really love the new employee’s coming to the lines with the food, but don’t most rides have “no food or beverages in the line” signs around? Just something I found odd.

So, lets cut to the ride itself. We boarded and opted for the last row last car as we’ve heard its best to experience the warehouse scene. The cars are very comfy, and the restraints aren’t too bad either. We were ready, finally read to ride the ride I’ve been dreaming of since it was announced.

The right starts, slowly at first and then bam, we’re flying towards the helix. Up, up and up we go, the g’s in this are great. We drop down through the police cars (no sirens) and then hit the over bank. Wow, what an element, I love it. Drop down under the signs, up with a nice little airtime pop and sharp right then left turn hits us out of no where. Dropping into the subway we notice the stair effect is not on as well. Now we are heading up into the chopper scene.

The chopper rises into its location, and unleashes its furry upon us helpless riders. The fire effects were small on the left, but what surprised me the most were the water effects. I did not know they would be as big as they were and I loved it. Just as the water starts falling back down the train is launching leaving the back seat drivers (us in this case) to get the brunt of the water.

Into the tunnel (no lights working) and we dip down the right, then left then right, then down and left and up into the last launch, which I really did not feel, and out the billboard into the splash down (also no working) and then the brakes and we’re done.

So, what is my final verdict? 9.5 Out of 10. I love it, I really love it. Of course, my only complaint is its length, but in its defense, the ride packs SO much in during its time. In all honesty I’d rather a minute ride like this then a 30-45second ride like TTD or KK. The g’s, the airtime, the tight turns, everything, I loved it.

Following that, hit a quick ride on Minebuster. Not a fan of the new shortened hill in the back as it now feels more like a double up, which is fine, but I don’t know, I miss the Minebuster of old. Most of us that can remember how Minebuster used to be before splash works will probably agree.

Overall, for the 1h15min I spent at the park, I had a blast. For those of you that haven’t yet, GO RIDE IJ NOW!!!!

That’s it, I’m out and of course, these are just my two cents.

- Josh


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