TR: Part one Michigan's Adventure. (a what the heck day!)

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Time: 1:30 p.m to 8:30. August 5, 2006

Weather: Sunny and hot. 82 degrees plus.

Crowds: Busiest day I have ever witnessed at this park. I'm talking thousands of guests. And most rides with long waits for my home park.

Rides I was able to ride:

Flying trapeeze: 10 minute wait. Best non coaster ride in the park, they actually had it rocking this time and got a decent ride.

Corkscrew: 30 minute wait mid train. The ques for this coaster needs to be redone. People waiting for the front of the train bottle-neck the line, and you can't get to the back of the train until they move. other than that, it's an ok ride. Kind of weird that they now have buckles that fasten to the shoulder harness? why? rate it at 5

Shivering Timbers: 3 rides. 25 minute wait, 35 minute wait, and a last ride with a 45 minute wait. Two trains running. ST still offers a great ride. There is some roughness in spots, but nothing that is as bad as Mean Streak. just a few jolts here and there, with only one nasty spot just before the brakes. I still rate it at an 8 out of 10.

Grand Rapids. 1 hour and 30 minute wait. This is a great looking ride, with one hell of a long wait in line! This has to be one of the slowest loading rides I have ever been on. One raft cycles the entire course of the ride before the next raft leaves the station. The rest of the rafts sit on the lift waiting to be unloaded. I'm guessing ten to fifteen minute ride, with wait on the lift. 2 minutes of actual ride time.

Grand rapids is a great looking ride, and there are spots were you get totally drenched. One spot is right after the raft leaves the staion. the second is a long waterfall in a canyon at midcourse, where you get a second dumping of water. Fun ride. And, the best whitewater ride I have been on!!

more review in a second post

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I was going to post a second part to my Michigan's Adventure visit. but, since my login expires every 5 minutes. I'll just do a few quick complaints.

Coasters Cafe. Great looking place, in a great location. But, it has slow service and is way over-priced. $7.95 for a Cheeseburger and fries. $9.95 and up if you want a drink with the meal. No thanks!

Food service was aweful. I went to the ice cream place across from Corkscrew, and watched a worker just stand at his window, while the next window had a line of 20 people. I asked him if he was open, and he said..ya..what do you want.

I called over people who were waiting in the other line to go ahead of me, but they let me go first for being so considerate..One guy complained out loud.'s nice that someone cares in this place! I did get a good sized Ice cream swirly....yummy!

Ride operation was really slow. (Except for Timbers which was kicking ass! getting people through) The guy running the trabant only loaded half the ride, even though there was a line. And, the adventure falls was running two boats, but, only loaded one not the other...with a huge line!!!

Another complaint is line jumpers. While I waited for Grand Rapids. Several people cut through the line ahead of me. There was also a woman on a cell phone, who was giving someone a run down of her location. As soon as she got to the entrance, here comes this man with gold chains who comes from the entrance, right to the front of the line without having to wait. No complaint from staff at all!!! people were jumping ahead on timbers as well.

It wasn't a bad day at the park. But, it could have been better. I did not go to the water park it was just way too crowded.

My other complaint is parking. Would it hurt the park to number their lots so I can find my car?! I took me twenty minutes to find it later in the day. I also noticed others looking for theirs? Cedar point has numbered lots? Why not Ma?

That's all I have to say. *** Edited 8/6/2006 7:47:58 PM UTC by Timber-Rider*** *** Edited 8/6/2006 7:58:19 PM UTC by Timber-Rider***

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