TR: Mont Saint-Sauveur, home of the world's most dangerous water slides

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Today, it was cloudy outside and they forecasted rain... So I decided to drive 45 miles north of Montreal, QC to "Mont Saint-Sauveur". Its a skiing place in winter, but they have a water park built between the slopes for summer!

The place is very hilly, but, they used the flat areas to build the world's most boring lazy river and a wave pool. They have a few boring body slides and their last attraction are a pair of Proslide double tube slides. Unfortunately, they picked the most boring model in the Proslide catalog, so they're short and not very exciting!

Proslide also built another tube slide, but its custom this time. Due to the mountain, there is a pretty large height difference between the top and bottom, so its way longer than usual. Its enclosed, except for the "drops" and there's 3 of those. Fun.

They got an action river like HW, but it was closed today.

The world's most dangerous slides you're asking? First, you got the "Colorado Rafting". Imagine sitting in a 2 persons raft, face to face, they hand you an helmet and then they push you into a concrete channel! There is a HUGE height difference, so its 3-4 minutes long and along the way, you got jumps (airtime!), rapids and you get thrown all over the place! Only problem is that its a 10-15 minutes hike to the top...

Second, you got the two rivers. You board a chairlift, they let you off really high and then you make your way to one of the top. You grab a tube, put on an helmet and then start going down... The left side is composed of 25 pools, all made of concrete and they're linked with various drops! That side is the most extreme. Right side has 35 pools, so the drops are slightly more gradual... Where it gets interesting is that the various drops are sometimes close to vertical, curve in the middle or else! To spice it up even more, its total chaos. You got tons of people going down the drops, so sometimes you wipeout and someone drops into you! I'll probably have bruises tomorrow...

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