TR: Monstre 20th anniversary event at La Ronde (09/24/05)

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Due to excessive rain last week, the park decided to move the event up to this week and we got perfect weather.

The park even exceeded our expectations because, the nighttime ERT was supposed to start at 8 pm till 10 pm. Well! At 7, they closed the park and the ERT started then, till 10 pm!

Morning ERT, well, Monstre was still cold, so I just did a few rides, as crowds were non existant then waited for Vampire to open.

Evening ERT? Wow... the ride had warmed up and thanks to some tricks from the operators, like pulling a "GE Comet" and having the chain catapult the train in the first drop! On that one, faithful ride, I got ejector airtime where airtime normally is and good airtime where there is none usually! But, I won't use that ride to rank it, as it does not happen normally.

As for the rest of the day... crowds were HUGE! Normally, in september and october, they close the back entrance and parking lot, due to low crowds. Well! Yesterday, at around 12-1, they were forced to open the back parking lot and entrance, since the crowds had already filled the first parking lot! They ran 4 cars for once on the Toboggan Nordique wild mouse with an hour wait, Vampire had 2 trains running for 60-90 minutes wait and Cobra, the Intamin stand-up had a line... wow. Supermanege was only a 3-4 cycle wait, which is the norm.

As for 2006 construction, the putt-putt course, as well as an unused restaurant at the back of park, near the Zamperla Flying Carousel and back entrance are almost gone. They ripped the course and restaurant out, leaving only 2 holes and... the toilet wall of the restaurant, lol, still with the urinals attached!

Im glad to hear you got to enjoy the event, i heard it was rained out last week from a woman, who was taking photos for the event, unfortunately i wasnt there at Le Ronde talking to her, but she seemed a bit disappointed that she couldnt get her rides on it last week.

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