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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 2:09 PM
the good thing about having passes for two parks in southern california is that theyre so close together, you can visit both in the same day! I had nothing to do yesterday, so i decided to hit both places; Magic Mountain for the first time in over a month..The last time i went there, the first raven turn as only half done..i left for Magic Mtn around 1.30..When i got there, i hung around the front of X, hoping it'll take a test run, but i noticed the train on the transfer table, so i headed for the entrance. Only got on 3 rides, as i was compressed for time.
GOLIATH: 15 minute wait - back row; as tuesdays arnet really that busy in MM, i headed for Goliath. Still a great feeling on the drop, especially on the drop, but i hate to say this, but GOLIATH IS GETTING BUMPY!! After the tunnel, the train was rattling and jerking into the second drop! This is somewhat a bad sign, for me at least. Everytime ive gone on it, the entire ride has been completely smooth..not anymore..tunnel vision on the helix..But regardless of the feeling after the tunnel, this is still one hell of a ride!
PSYCLONE: 2 minute wait - middle of train; i hadn't been on Psyclone before, and the only reason i went on it was so i could get a look at Thrill Shot (thats why i passed up Riddlers and Batman) and Deja Vu. When youre standing under DV, you really wish it was open! Some people are neglecting it now that X is almost open, but it still looks awesome..Anyway, i heard Psyclone was bumpy, and i heard right! I bruised about 137 bones on that ride! I dont plan on riding it anytime soon, unless DV isnt open yet, which it should be on Sept. 3rd
VIPER: 5 minute wait - middle of train; i went up the hill to Viper to get a look at X. I was hoping id see the train in the station, like Karl at TwistedRails did, but no luck =P it was still on the transfer pack..But Vipers still one of my fav rides in the park, so i still enjoyed it. No (or very slim) trims after the first loop. At the top of the drop, a guy in front of me shouted out "Whoa, that ride looks awesome!!!!" reffering to X..he's right, it does!
I left SFMM around 4.30-4.45, and headed to USH.
I arrived @ Universal Studios around 5.15-5.30, and got right in with my new Celebrity Annual pass i got last Thursday. Well, not many people are going into the park at 5 in the afternoon on a Tuesday I headed right for Jurassic Park.
JURASSIC PARK (3x): 0 minute wait, 0 minute wait, 0 minute wait - back row, 2nd row, 2nd row; thank god for the new "single riders get right on" idea that JP:TR decided to use. Got on three times straight away! Im talking like not even a 5 second wait, right into the docking row. for a review of the ride, go to my last review --> only difference is that the T Rex at the peak of the drop didnt have a cover over him, but it still didnt come out.
BACK TO THE FUTURE:THE RIDE: 25 minute wait - back row; read my review again --> fun ride
THE MUMMY RETURNS:CHAMBER OF DOOM: 5 minute wait - walk through attraction; I didnt get to go in here last Thursday, but i wish i did! The first part of it is like a museum, with props n such from TMR, then you walk into a haunted house-like walk through! The characters from the Movie jump right on you from the darkest corners! Even when you see them and you dont think its a person, they scare the $h1t out of you! Its hilarious waiting for the group behind you, and seeing them jump 3 feet off the ground when the ppl jump out at them!
Left Universal Studios around 8. A Fun day, even though i have passes for both park, i still had to pay $7 to get into each park (damn parking fee ) but hopefully next time i head out to SFMM, X and/or Deja Vu will be open!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 6:04 PM
Goliath is not geting bumpy!!! I was on it that morning and it was smooth as ever.
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 6:05 PM
and sat in the back! *** This post was edited by Coaster File on 8/15/2001. ***
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 6:51 PM
my ride was...cant explain why yours would be different.
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 8:07 PM
That's odd. My ride last week was smooth as glass. Perhaps it was the train you were in, or maybe it depends upon when you ride? Strange.
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 10:55 PM
Me too. I visited a week and a half ago and I didn't experience any jerky and bumpy motions on Goliath. Just the same as ever. Fast, smooth, and wild.

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