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Saturday, December 29, 2001 4:56 PM
TR: Magic Mountain; 12.26.01. - rides (in order, if you want to find a specific review): Deja Vu, Goldrusher 2x, Colossus, Goliath 3x, Flashback, Riddler's Revenge 2x, Batman: The Ride, Revolution 2x, Viper, X, and Thrill Shot

- Left my friends house around 10.30, and got to the park 11.15 ish. X wasnt on a circuit as we drove up to the entrance... When we got in the park, we decided to head around straight to Viper, but what we found was a good 45 minute wait, so we decided to head to Deja Vu.
- DEJA VU: 1 hour wait, 4th row; A good run. The drop is still awesome! It was my first time on it since they installed the valley exit underneath the cobra roll. It adds to the excitement of the ride as it brings another foot chopper to the ride (to add to the bottom of the first vertical drop.) It was my friends' first time on Deja Vu. They were with me when i almost got on the ride during the filming for the tv commercial, if you remember that from one of my previous trip reports. They enjoyed it a lot, but did'nt think it was an hour wait ride..
From there we walked around the back of the park and got on Goldrusher as it didnt have a line.
- GOLDRUSHER (2x): 5 minute wait, back row & 2 minute wait, 4th row *at night*; Goldrusher is a fun ride, and its always a good time consumer if Riddlers has a huge line. Go crazy if you ride this! It gets the whole train in the mood. Having 5 ppl in the back yelling for their life like its their first time on a hyper is always fun night time is when you have to ride this, cutting inbetween trees and the lights from the other close rides makes this a ride to wait for the evening. lots of fun on G rush today.
Riddlers line was packed to the entrance, so we skipped it for later and headed to Colossus.
- COLOSSUS: 3 minute wait, 2nd to back row; bumpy, but was nice to find a very short line, cause usually Colossus has a decent 15-20 minute wait. My first time on it since they put the US flag on the side...woo hoo.
From there we headed to Goliath, and were pleased to find a short line.
- GOLIATH (3x): 10 minutes, back row: 20 minutes, 4th to back row & 0 minutes, 5th to back row; still one of my favorite coasters. My friend Matt was eager to ride Goliath in the back row. brilliant drop, still smooth, tunnel vision on the helix. a perfect ride! The 2 evening rides were awesome also. After i came back the first time, my friend was getting on solo (we had 5 ppl in our group), so i jumped into the seat next to him, and got back to back rides it was freezing though when both rides finished. No lights on in the tunnel.
After Goliath we decided to see how Viper's line was looking, but got a quick ride on Flasback.
- FLASHBACK: 0 minute wait, 2nd row; my friend Matt hadn't been on here before, and was curious to know why there was no line for it. he asked the operator checking his seat "Why does nobody ride this?" his response.."You'll find out in a minute." that was funny...a good run. Personally, i think this ride is awesome! It just needs to be refurbished, then it'll be a quality ride. My friend Jeni, who is like 4'11" didn't enjoy it
Vipers line was still the same, so we walked around the back and saw Deja Vu's line was now longer than before and riders were standing in a 1.5 hour wait. Riddlers line wasn't as bad as before, so we got in line.
- RIDDLER'S REVENGE (2x): 30 minute wait, back row & 10 minute wait, back row; when we were in line, the trains for Batman, Riddlers, and Goliath ALL STOPPED on the lift for like half a minute..But Goliaths stayed where it was, at the peak of the hill, and didn't move for what must have been a good 15 minutes! Workers were at the top of the hill. I dont know what happened cause it was stuck up there when i entered the station area...Riddlers was a smooth ride. I had my seat all the way up, leaving a good couple inches between me and the floor for a floorless standup ride. TRY IT! Its exciting, but VERY painful at a couple of places.
followed the route around to Batman.
- BATMAN: THE RIDE: 15 minute wait, 3rd row; not a bad wait..dispatch time was going by quickly. Same great ride; nothing wrong at all..
walked around to hopefully find Viper's line gone, but we decided to ride Revolution on the way.
- REVOLUTION (2x): 5 minute wait, 4th row & 5 minute wait, 2nd row; they were only running one train, so there was a long wait even waiting for just a train return. Rev's loop is still my favorite in the park 2 good runs here, no head rocking for a change.
Vipers line had finally vanished, so we got straight on.
- VIPER: 5 minute wait, 3rd row; X was going into the drop right when Viper began to speed from the peak of the lift. Good run, seemed to go by quickly, probably cause I knew X was calling me out as soon as i saw it. Viper is still one of my fav's of the park though
So it was getting dark now, and a couple of the clan were getting hungry, so it was an oppertunity to get on X, at last!
- X: 35 minute wait, 2nd row; none of my friends had a season pass, but my friend Ryan really wanted to get on, so i got him on. If you wanna know how he got in, ask me... My first ride of X at night was awesome! If you ride this anytime of day. Drops amazing, raven turns are amazing, twists are amazing, this ride is amazing! Check out my signature at the bottom Its now Ryan's favorite coaster..I dont blame him for thinking that, hehe. He couldn't stop describing it to the others.
we did re-rides on other coasters after this, and i decided to go on Thrill Shot for the first time..Ryan joined me.
- THRILL SHOT - 0 minute wait, closest seat to entrance; we decided to go with the Really Insane thrill, followed by the Totally Insane thrill (3rd and 4th of 4 choices, leveled on thrill.) This thing is AMAZING!! Worth $15 for 2 rides. Its as thrilling as X is, trust me. the 3rd thrill puts you on your stomach as you go up and go down..the 4th thrill puts you on your stomach on the way up, UPSIDE DOWN at the 300ft peak, then your stomach on the way down! INSANE!! brilliant! RIDE IT NEXT TIME YOU GO TO THE PARK!!! Itll be the best $15 you pay at the park.. Even if you have to give up lunch to go on it, don't eat!
Anyway, an awesome day! 8 hours in the park, and 16 rides must be a best for me. I had a funnel cake before I left..That should be a requirement for everyone who goes! Thanks for reading this entire Trip Report. If you did, you must have a lot of time on ur hands..If you didnt read this whole thing, i dont blame you. It took me ages to write it all up!


Sunday, December 30, 2001 6:40 AM
Let me guess:  you used your pass to get in, then stood on the bridge and dropped it to him, and then HE used it to get in!
Sunday, December 30, 2001 10:30 AM
you're correct mamoosh..good guess. That was the only way we could think of.
Sunday, December 30, 2001 11:45 AM
Trust me...many others have thought of it, too.
Sunday, December 30, 2001 7:56 PM
I tried that on friday, droped it down to my dad and he caught it but they noticed that is didnt look exacly like him on the pass. I was suprised they didnt catch people droping it off the bridge though

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