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Saturday, October 13, 2001 10:18 PM
My Aunt and Uncle are here from England at the moment, so i decided to drive them out and hit the park today. There were brush fires miles from the park, and there was a gloomy mist in the air..Very strange.. We got there @ around 3.15pm.
The entrance has a huge spider on the "Six Flags California" sign, along with web running over the ticket booths. The Fright Fest season is here, and the little additions that have been added to the park are great! Big pumpkins instead of regular lights, Webbing all over Gotham City, it really does set the mood in the evening time when about 15 smog machines make GC its own maze of fog. Anyway, a couple of firsts for me today, again, as there always is whenever i go to the park...
GOLIATH; 5 min. wait, 3rd row: When there was no line for Goliath, i knew it would be a good day for lines! Excellent ride! Smooth, fast, but no fade on the helix though. 2 trains running, as normal, good loading time..
DEJA VU; 45 min. wait, front row: While in line, there was ash falling on everyone from the brush fires! freaky..The second time ive ridden DV, both times in the same seat..the front right chair. The new orange seatbelts that they have added seem rather useless. If the goal of them was to make loading time longer, then they were loading fast today..Not longer than 10 minutes for any that i saw..Shortest was probably just under 5 minutes, longest about 6-7 mins. But the ride was great! The backwards vertical loop is my fav element. You just get whipped around it so fast! What a feeling! I think it is worth the wait.. But DV is up there with Goliath and Batman as my favorite rides..
PSYCLONE: 2 mins, middle row; this was my second ride on the Crapclone. Its kind of intimidating going on it, cause you know you could be in for a beating..Luckily, it was only a bang on my elbow this time around, but still the worst ride in the park.
GOLDRUSHER; 5 mins, 3rd to back row: fun.
SUPERMAN:THE ESCAPE; 20 mins, back row: Why do they call it Superman:"The Escape" ? He escapes for about 10 seconds, and gets captured again! Anyway, this was the quickest line ive had for Superman before.. Its still a good ride, but it isnt going as high as it once did. There was at least 3 car lengths between the brakes and the peak of the ride. I say this everytime.. I dont know why i keep doing it. Maybe it deserves to be told everytime.
RIDDLERS REVENGE; 5 mins, front row: this was my first time ever being in the front row for RR..There was NOONE in the station, except for 8 ppl in front of us for the front row. Every other isle was empty. The train before us was stopped on the lift cause someone took their shoes off and left them by the exit side of the train. A six flags worker went up the hill with a pair of sandles and came back without them, so im ***uming thats why it was stopped. I had my seat all the way up, so i could get the standup-floorless coaster effect. It is awesome this way! One of my best rides on RR ever.
BATMAN:THE RIDE; 5 mins, front row; Noone in any other isle except for the front row again. They were only using one of the trains for passengers because of the lack of ppl waiting to get on. Rode it in the dark for the first time. The train moves a lot faster w/out any riders! Very fast paced. front row Batman still my fav ride of the park, only followed by Goliath in the dark.
COLOSSUS; 5 mins, back row: the queue for the backwards side was a little longer than i was expecting, so i just rode normal style. They had them racing, which was fun. Frontwards always seemed to win, out of the 3 i saw come in. They had Psyclone trains going backwards.. When i visit the park later in the month, ill get on the backward side.
FLASHBACK; 0 min wait, front row: ive never been on Flashback before, and i was looking forward to getting on it! When i got to the ride, noone was in line..fine by me! I think this ride is pretty good! If it wasnt so jerky, it would be one of the parks best rides..The turns are awesome, i think, and if MM brushed it up, this would be one of my fav's..I got a bang from the OTSR that felt like a right hook, but that was all..I took the operators advise, and kept my head back at all times..well, i was trying to.
VIPER (4x); 0 min wait, 0 min wait, 0 min wait, 0 min wait, 3rd row, 3rd row, 4th row, 4th row: back to back to back to back rides..Absolutely nobody in line for Viper, so my sister and i got in the 3rd row cause we know someone would show up for the front. We had 2 circuits before some bastard who could not sit one row farther back wanted to sit where we were, so we moved back one more row for another 2 turns. Viper was riding in the dark, but the light from X didnt give the effect i was expecting. X has its logo standing at the entrance of the queue now. Looks pretty good! Viper was running full speed tonight. 4 great rides!
Well, we got on all of them except Ninja, Revolution, and the kids coasters.. Great day! Power 106 was broadcasting from Colossus County Fair which was cool. We heard them live on the way home. We didnt hit any mazes. The lines were big, and it opened up the rides lines. X looks ready for the thumbs up from officials. Lets hope that rumor is true, and its open the first week after Fright Fest. Left at 8.50pm
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Sunday, October 14, 2001 12:19 PM
Did your relatives from England have fun? That is preety much a dream day you had at SFMM!

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