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Sunday, June 30, 2002 5:55 PM

1st time back since the park closed in 1999 and me and FOF made our way to LL. We arrived at about 11:am. We got in the park a little after noon, When we got in we decided to hit Serpant. Well It was closed! :-( Well next up was zipper. Me and FOF couldn't fit togeather inside so no ride there. Finally it was decided on the sky ride. All rides will be rated with a anger factor factor and a normal rating out of 10

Sky ride 1/10 AF: 1 Op did a good job. My 1st sky ride I liked it It was going kinda slow in the morning. In all 3 laps on the sky ride just to relax.

Next up on our little adventure O fun was the serpent Which by this time was running. The ride ops were smoking and not really paying much attention. In all 5 (1/2 we blew the unload breaks). the other 4 and a half were great with a few pops of air. 5/10 AF 3 do to the ride ops not paying attenttion and theres no call for smoking on the clock and at the conrols but I can look over that.

Next up was the Whip Slowed alot from what I remember. The OP payed no atttention what so ever. The was the restraint was just open and didn't lock kinda scared us. In all 4/10 AF: 7

Next was a new addition. The music express. This ride gets and anger factor of 10+ The ops were in the ride area while it was moving standing The driver left the booth. Get this, FOF and I were in phyiscal pain From the force and it hit my left shoulder bad. Since me and FOF were the only ones on it we asked to have the ride stopped, instead he speeds it up. Very unhappy and If the crew stays that way we will not return to that ride. 6/10 good ride AF: 10+

Now you may think this is a never again story but O no. Screeching eagle baby! 1st time in 3 years. Buzz bars air time to the extream! More on this later cause it well needs More. AF 0!

We hit some flat rides. few spin and pukes and the slide. Big yellow slide. 10/10 2 laps AF0 We layed down on the 1st lap. TALK ABOUT AIR! we flew down that thing. Few more spin and pukes and off to the train station. we fed some fishes (huge) and got on the train. We got the VIP treatment by that crew. for a train ride its slow so 7/10.

We hit frontier town and I'm hot FOF is hot so its log flume baby. 10 min wait 3 boats I sat in front he sat in back. He had a PKI parka on cause he didn't wanna get wet. Well He got wet alright I was drenched before we got to the conveyer. We were stopped at the top where the Ride op laughed at FOF. Then we flew down the drop 10/10 anger factor -9. crew was awsome there. Time to dry off on the scrambler.

Scrambler 4/10 anger factor 0 me and FOF teamed up and sat togeather. He smashed into my shoulder so many times it wasn't funny thats why it got such a low rating. It is one of the more powerfull ones out there. O yeah The cycle was 3x that of PKI's and that was theme thoughout the day with spin and pukes.

We decide to walk back the long way. We reach kiddie land even though there was no wait we couldnt ride the little dipper even if we rented a kid. Anger factor 3. If we couldn't get the kiddie coaster we doubted we could hit the kiddie dogems. The op didnt care and laughed. We had nothing better to do he let us on (thanks) Kiddie cars 7/10 (because we laughed the entire time. 2 near grown men on a ride ment for toddlers) That was fun AF -10000 that was so funny.

We head out on the carousel and ride on nice airbushed poneys. Fun 2/10 AF: 0 operator was polite but no music.

Next up we went for snapping miles on there flying scooters, PKIs are better but after a try or 2 I snapped em good. Poor FOF only got one. 10/10 AF: 0 thanks to the ride op that helped me out of the tub. In all 3 flight on there.

Break time we get some pop and go though the sprinklers (thanks to LL for having hoses at random places. ) We went though the fun house 2 times (FOF 3) And we hit the arcade and random games. Fun games cheep too!

Speedway opened with 3 cars me and FOF being 2 and 3. Fast very nice. but the cars over heat alot so its open on a every other hour basis. 7/10 AF:0

By this time I had spin and puked my self to almost vomiting. Well guess what. we marathoned screeching eagle. We hit this thing aleast 22 times. The ride ops lost count. It was so much fun every time a smile in on my face. This should also be known as the only standup coaster in southwestern ohio. Back seat AWSOME! but air is all around. Few times My seat belt was at my knees. Many re rides. We hit all 9 seats and with me and FOF riding seperatly we left on the left and ended up on the right side of the cars. The crew labeled us Addicted. Well they were partly right. We did have a need for -G's but This ride kicked so much but that we we wanted more. When you can stand straight up in allmost all the seats thats what I call a good woodie. we didnt go 22+ at once. we took breaks after every 2 or 3 rides. SE 30/10 AF -10 billion. Thanks to an awsome crew. It made my Sickness go away till I got off.

We did Sky ride again and played games. We had a coin counter and a dog with us. More fun on eagle. 7 rides in a row we were tired and we said lets go, I'm pretty sure the ops think we fell out after that many times on that ride. All in all a semi bad day turned out great. Would I go back yes any day but this park need to get things in order. Guest realations was not a huge concern on our way out we got our moneys worth. I hear theres a outing planned by ace and the park for the eagles birthday. They need to get the other crews in gear.

No free water and on a day like today it was needed. We got the last laugh by using the hoses and cups. I think free water should be given on 90+ temp days. In all the park gets a 9/10 and an overall anger factor of 3. We realised even at PKI we have hard startups and stuff doesnt happen all right but the smoking and the wild music crew needs to be changed now! I am going to return very soon more air the better

Part of a Flight Attendant's arrival announcement: "We'd like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And, the next time you get the insane urge to go blasting through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you'll think of us."

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Sunday, June 30, 2002 6:07 PM

Nice TR.

Lesourdsville is a great place, and has some pretty good rides, it had been over 5 years since i'd been there. The park did however have a low capacity for a weekend, i guess it will grow as more people relize it has reopen. But for now, the 25 near walk-ons/ re-rides on Screechin' Eagle is fine with me.

Sunday, June 30, 2002 8:33 PM

Ya, Know, If Eagle is running like I remember it capable of running, I would call it Timbers south!

Chuck, who didn't get to ride opening night but plans on getting his share July 5th and almost every friday night the rest of the season :) Oh, when did they put seatbelts on it?

Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193

Monday, July 1, 2002 3:47 AM

It makes timbers look like beastie. Its the only standup coaster in southwest ohio now.

Part of a Flight Attendant's arrival announcement: "We'd like to thank you folks for flying with us today. And, the next time you get the insane urge to go blasting through the skies in a pressurized metal tube, we hope you'll think of us."


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