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Tuesday, July 31, 2001 8:13 PM
UpsideBlue here...Well i said id have a Las Vegas review when i got back, so here it is. Sorry its posted on the late Monday..
i got to experience some firsts on my 8th trip to Vegas; one of them i was thoroughly dissapointed in, and another i was over the top about...Circus Circus' Adventure Dome had no parking (too crowded), and i had no time to explore the park, sadly. I was looking forward to getting on the Canyon Blaster..maybe next time. But i did get to ride Desperado on the way-->
DESPERADO; Buffalo Bills - when driving under this thing, i thought this ride was going to be awesome! 210ft, super long length, this should have been awesome! But sadly for me, it was a $6 bruise every bone you have ride. No joke, it was SO bumpy and unsmooth, it made the ride not worth the while. The first drop is brilliant, but youre bobbling around so much, you hardly have any time to enjoy it. A true dissapointment. I probably would ride it again if i was with someone who hasnt ridden it before, but not anytime in the near future..The operators were letting people have re-rides, cause they needed 8 ppl to a train. I declined the offer.
MANHATTAN EXPRESS; New York-New York - This was the third time i have been on the ME, and it was probably the best ride yet. The ride now costs a whopping $10.50! hint: if you go on Desperado, the ticket has a ride 1 get 1 free coupon for the Manhattan Express on it, so if you want to save some money, that might be the only positive reason to ride Desperado. But the 15 minute wait was worth it. Smoother than i remember, and the loop was great! helix is so tame compared to Goliath, its funny, but its an all around fun ride =) aint worth more than the original $6 though.
SPEED: THE RIDE; Nascar Cafe/Sahara - This ride was my favorite out of them all! I hadnt been on it before, and it is just fabulous. $8 to go twice (so $4 a ride) the best value for a ride in the state. The Superman-like start in the tunnel speeds up to 70mph, and flies through a sharp sidewards turn into an awesome loop, after the loop, youre again sped up like superman straight up a 90 degree tower, and then go through the track backwards! It was so smooth, and enjoyable, im glad you go through it twice. My favorite Las Vegas ride by far. 5 minute wait
HIGH ROLLER; Stratosphere - in the ride, just like a moving sight see-ers tram around the top. Moves kinda fast, 30mph i think, but thats fast enough for me 900ft up in the air, thanks! my 2nd time on it, and not as good as the first time (at night, which is really the BEST part of day to go on the S'phere rides)
BIG SHOT; Stratosphere - fun ride, again, my second time, but not as good as the first time (at night). $15 to ride both rides, and i didnt have to wait for either ride, i got right on. Definitely worth going on if you visit the city!

...I didnt get to bungee jump, only cause it cost $57, and im not paying that much to bungee jump...if it was $30, then yea, but not 57 bucks. Maybe when i have a job, 'and money aint a thing' , then ill give up that much to do it.
A fun weekend all in all, only that i didnt get to go in Adventure Dome. I saw Hall & Oates in concert as well @ the LV Hilton, which is where i was staying. My moms a BIG fan, and the whole family went. It was good, im into a lot of their music, thanks to my mom.
1) Speed: The Ride
2) Big Shot
3) Manhattan Express
4) High Roller
5) Desperado

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Wednesday, August 1, 2001 3:55 AM
Nice TR! I felt the same way about Desperado! I even rode it once in the front and once in the back just to make sure I didn't get a bad seat but it was all bad :(

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