TR: La Ronde (05/14/06) Goliath impressions

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This morning, I headed out for my usual 30 minutes drive to La Ronde. Got there, got troubles with the parking pass, since supposedly the people last week were wrong and you can't transfer the parking sticker (not convenient when you're forced to have 2 cars... cause mom is disabled!). I'll straighten that out next week when my mother come to the park.

No lines at the front gate, so I get in and head to Goliath, which was a single train operation (as opposed to opening day, which saw 2 trains operation on everything), so La Ronde is back to its usual self... I waited 15 minutes for the back row and they were average with the dispatch times.

Lift is probably 45 degrees and very fast! First drop is good and gives good airtime. After that, the hills give nice floater airtime and except for the first turn, the turnaround is dead! The trim wasn't on too hard, so nice airtime on the bunny hops. The S turn was slow and barely snapped! Last turn is too slow as well and the little hill before the brakes gave ok airtime.

My opinion? Average. a 7 out of 10... Beside the first drop, the ride is composed of mild drops. There's no forces on the ride, so its a forceless ride...

As for the rest of the park, Cobra (Intamin\Giovanola Stand-up) ran like really bad, Supermanege (Vekoma Corkscrew) was closed and the Boomerang was running ok.

Vampire ran really well and is still for me the best ride in the park. Monstre track 1 was jackhammering and shuffling a bit unfortunately. But it was not for a lack of grease! Maintenance must have regreased it this morning since it rained all day yesterday and this morning. *** Edited 5/14/2006 8:11:54 PM UTC by Absimilliard***

I was expecting Goliath to be more than just an average ride. From the profile, it looked like the Coney Island Shooting Star reincarnated in steel form!

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