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I went with my two older sisters, and my grand-parents, to go to Kings Dominion on Tuesday, the 18, and drove about 5 hours to pkd, we got there at about 4:00 and ate, and then , my sisters and I went to the park, because we had our season passes. When we first go in, we walked around and road

Rebel Yell forwards-8/10- almost just like thunder road, but smoother, and a longer lift hill

Next was Ricochet-7/10- a lot better than Carowinds beginning with a drop, and then up to the turns

Now Volcano: the blast coaster- 10/10- i loved this ride, the only drawback was that it was pretty short, but it was so great

Last of the day was flight of fear-9/10-i rode this at pki, but with sholder harnesses (rough) but with the lap bars it was awesome

The next day, we came to the park with my grandparents, so we rode some flat rides, first, the antique cars, then we went to flying eagles, which was VERY fun, one of my favorite flat rides,

Next we rode Grizzly-8/10 a terrain ride, lots of air!!!

Then we went to Hurler-7.5/10- same as carowinds, except they still had some of the waynes world themeing inside the station.

while we were getting off of hurler, hypersonic shot up, but not open

after that we went to ride the log flume, then we went to see Graveyard shift at one of the theaters, and went back to the hotel for a while, and came back at about 4:30, without the grand parents, and rode rebel yell again, and sat around drinking free water and watching hypersonic test

next we went on over to avalance- 5/10- really rough and shaky, after that we rode flight of fear again, and waited for it to get dark to ride volcano, IN THE DARK

for about 30 min. we sat (drinking more free water) and watched volcano, and when it was dark enough, we got in line and waited about 15 or 20 min. and rode, in the dark, very great!!!

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Bummer that you missed Hypersonic by two days. Sounds like you had a great time though with two other fabulous launched coasters.

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