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Thursday, January 30, 2003 5:48 PM
When I moved from Quebec to Florida, guess what I did? Bought a Universal annual pass. So here are my observations...

Islands of Adventure:

Great atmosphere, especially in the Marvel Super Heroes island. Also, Marvel got a great character meet and greet. Usually, Spiderman, Green Goblin, Captain America, Wolverine and Storm are there. I can't forget my favorite... Dr.Doom!

Hulk: Well, a huge dissapointement. The layout does nothing for me, as after the first 4 inversions... the ride fizzles. Like others have noticed, the trains also vibrates a whole lot. I dont like the corkscrews at all: they're 1980's Vekoma! Meaning: regular and without any kind of G's or whipping. Oh well.... I can still ride....

Dr. Doom Fearfall: Awesome waiting line, even better than DD for me. Why? Instead of just an exhibit... you have stuff happening in it. Favorite phrase "By entering the Latveria Embassy, you surrender all your rights as citizens of United States...". For the ride itself, forceful launch, followed by insane air at the top. Great!

Spiderman: First a dissapointement... then I take it as what it is... an expansive motion simulator with special effects... Sorry, the thing spins too much at time, then just sits in front of a screen, shaking like a plain old motion simulator? Oh well... that flame during the ride is what gets me back in line (yes, I LOVE flame and explosion effects).

Ripsaw Falls: I feel annoyed by... the minimal theming. Good drop saves it.

Popeye & Pluto Bilge Rat barges: Best river rapids I have been on.

Jurassic Park River Adventure: Awesome drop, but I feel its could use a little more dino... especially in the huge climb. Great atmosphere.

Dueling Dragons: Fire is number 3 on the steel I have been on. Ice is... somewhere in there! The line is nice the first time around and is a great workout (when you do it running, lol lol lol)

Cat in the Hat: Can I have that 5 minutes of my life back, please?


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