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Monday, May 7, 2001 11:37 AM
We got the the park at around 3:00. I had never seen the parking lot so full! Well anyway, I went with my parents and a friend, who got in free with the coupon. The was no line to get into the park, but once in, you could see the crowds. We headed to Evolution right away, just to take a spin, but my friend begged us to get in line for Nitro. Since it was going to be his only ride on it that day, I told him that we were waiting for the front.

Nitro: While waiting in line, Nitro seemed to be moving the fastest I've ever seen. I was very excited about that! They were only running two trains, and one seemed to be running much faster than the other. We got on the "fast" train and were off. Wow, Nitro was flying! This seemed to be my fastest of the 50 rides I've had on it. The second hill is great, but the fifth hill is were its at.(one after the hammerhead) You can feel the train only rolling on the upstops the whole way. We got off, and my friend loved it! Decided to head over to Evolution, ha, the line was too long for his liking. Walking over to Medusa, my parents and brother stopped at the Dive Show. We pressed on.

Medusa: We waited for the front row on this too. The line was about an hour long with 3 trains running. Great ride as always, especially the zero-g. I love sitting in the left and feeling flung out! We got off, and saw my brother coming up with a fastpass. Lucky kid, someone gave it to him. Headed over to Rolling Thunder.

Rolling Thunder: I LOVE THIS RIDE! We rode left side, row three. So fun! Both sides were up and racing, and the crew is great! That is all I have to say! We then headed over to El Sombrero. Fun little ride, try staying on the inside the whole time. Ran over to Evolution after that, we were not going to miss it again...after our last experience of it breaking down right as we strapped in.

Evolution: It was a 3 cycle wait but it was all worth it. This ride is sick(show by two girls throwing up in a bush as we walked past and another girl throwing up as the ride slowed down at the top..sick!!) I love watching the horizon spin on this one! Great ride, I will definitely go on it again.

Went to have dinner at Wok & Roll. Got a #1, the chicken was a little chewy...but the rice and lomane was good. I love Chinese. Park was about to close so we headed right to Church.

Skull Mountain: Got in the last row, the first drop is wicked as always. Somebody......moved the pumpkin back a its impossible to hit. We got another ride in the back b/c the park was about to close. We had fun, and my mom actually went on this one...both times!

Overall, we had a awesome short day at Great Adventure. I'll be back real soon.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2001 8:48 AM
Cool!!! Glad i'm not the only one who still loves Rolling Thunder!!! Even my 6 year old niece loves it as rough as it has gotten :)


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