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Hi all I just got home from Geauga Lake about 5 minutes ago. No I did not ride Coasters or the ferris wheel. It was the preview day for tomorrows auction. The park was very sad and depressing. I took lots of photos and I really want to post but I have to get my usb slot replaced so it may be a few days. But on to the TR.

Entrance Plaza

When I was rounding the lake and first saw the park today it was odd with out the Dominator and Thunderhawk not dominating the sky. I then pulled into the parking lot through the bare grounds that once held the toll booths. The skyline was as I remembered it (Minus Dominator and Thunderhawk). When I got out of my car it was very weird. It was very silent and the wind was blowing through the Head Spin area making a gostly sound that could be heard throughout the park. Without the sound of Coatser trains rolling along the track or the laughter of people having fun it was just plain silence exept the weird noise. When I paid the $10 dollar admision I was told the park will beclosing at 5pm. So I quickly headed into the park. I arrived at the park around 3:50 and the preview ended at 5pm so I had to hurry with only an hour and ten minutes.

Inside The Park

After I entered the park the plaza was very rundown. Paint was chipping on the buildings and garbage lay along the midway. The had a the nortons stand right in the Entrance. The also had a company that specializes in dismantling and transporting rides set up along with a carnival french fry stand selling fries among other items. The opened the Gift shop and was selling items at cheap prices. I left with almost $150 dollars worth of hats shirts and Glassware all of which was being sold at around $5-$1. Not a bad deal. Along with almost 500 photos I have plenty to remember this great park.

Central Park Area

After spending time in the front of the park I headed back toward the Head Spin area of the park. That area was depressing. Even though Head Spin sucks and hurts badly I would of still gave anything to take one last ride. The line was roped off and the ride is not being sold tomorrow so I wonder what will become of it. After hecking out head Spin I headed over the GoKarts the whold area is very over grown and the cars don't look in great shape. It would be fun to by a few of them though and Race around my house. Next door is star fish. There was no fence and was not roped off so I got to go right up to it. The control panel was gone along with the fence. The ride is for sale tomorrow so I think it will run again somewhere.

Big Dipper

Next I went over to take a look at the Big Dipper. One of the blue cars was sitting out front. The car looks like it has seen its days. The seats were ripped and the paint was faded. The station was roped off and a park employee was sitting there reminding people the station is closed. Just arcross the path is Shipwreck Falls. All it is now is a building next to a giant hole in the ground. I am glad this one will ride again. The had the old Waterpark open but I did not have much time so I decided to skip it.

Kidsworks Playzone

I than ventured down to the old kids area. The Rocket sle were still there along with the Gotcha Games building. Everything else was stripped out and sent to Cedar Point. While it is good that the will rides on it is still sad to see this place go. But thats what happens when the world is taken over by Corporations.

Americana Area

Along the way was Americana. I have never ridden it but I am sure the views were amazing. The ride has also been rotating because of the wind all day. This midway was empty with the log ride rooting away and Thunder Hawk gone it was very sad to see. All of the buildings were abandoned and dusty. I just hope some of this stuff gets saved.

Villain and Carousel Area

My next stop was the Villain and Carousel area. The Double Loop was my first stop in this area. I went back to the picnic groves to get pictures of the Double Loop and Villain. The ride looks great I jst hope it dosen't get scrapped and we can all ride the Double Loop once again. But the welded track will pose a problem. My next stop was the Villain which was not roped off so I got to go up the exit ramp and get pics. I got some of the loading platform and the Double loop which looked great. I just don't know about the Villain. I don't see it having a future. Both rides are being auctioned. The Haybaler was also still their with paint chipping on the building. The Haybaler will be auctioned. The Bumber Car building has been stripped and the cars are gone. The Beaver land Mine Ride was to my surprise gone. It looks like it was just ripped out of the ground. The station is still there but nothing else is left. I am curious on where that will go.

Dominator & Raging Wolf Bobs Area

Still trying to get in what I can I headed towards Grizzly Run. The line was roped off so I Went on my was to the Concrete slab that used to be the Texas Twister. The area looks like a twister has ripped through that area. As junk was lying everywhere. A huge pile of broken wood was lying where the Queue used to be all complement by the Facade of the builds damaged by a twister. It is sad to see. Next was Thunderhawk which is all gone except alot of footers still resting in the ground. It was also the same at Dominator all that remains is footers and the loading station which was caught on fire I belive by accident and not on purpose like everyone thinks. As why burn only a little corner and not the whole structure. But it will be missed. The old power City buildings were still in good shape along with the theater the shops were looking new. I think they will sell. Grizzly runs observation platform was opened so I went up to get photos. It was very barren and creepy I don't know if it will sell. While looking at the ride I started hearing someone over the mic saying "We will be closing at 5 which is in about 10 minutes please head out to your cars we will be reopening at 8 tomorrow morning and will be ging the auction at 10" At the time it was only about 4:40 so I made a dash for the Raging Wolf Bobs area when a security Guard came out from around the corner and said "Sir please head out to your car" It was still around 4:40 so I asked when they are pushing people out early and he said he did not know why but he was told to tell people to leave. I asked If I could get some quick pics of the Raging Wolf Bobs and he said fine so I grabbed some quick ones before leaving the guy was very nice so I was not upset at him but more at the people running the show which was Nortons. I think it is bad that the push people out that early and everyone else was thinking the same thing.

On the way Out

On the way out I snapped as many pics as I could. I knew that this would be my last time in the park so I wanted to get pis of what I could. I then stopped at the Gift Shop to pic up more gifts many of which was from the pre Cedar Fair Era. I got some last pics of the Plaza before leaving and grabbing some of the Entrance and the rides from the outside. It was weird knowing that This is it and I will never see it again. All of the years of Memories and Fun with my family. All of the times on the Antique Cars and in the old Waterpark all of time ridding the Big Dipper and the Double Loop are all nothing more than memories today. Geauga Lake will be missed and Will live on in my heart. Damn You Cedar Fair and Rest In Peace Geauga Lake Park

R.I.P. Geauga Lake Park 1888-2008 Thanks for the Memories *** Edited 6/17/2008 6:02:01 AM UTC by Ken Jones*** *** Edited 6/17/2008 6:04:47 AM UTC by Ken Jones***

I find it interesting that they have Headspin roped off because it supposedly has a new home in the future, and at the same time have Big Dipper also roped off.

If BD is up for auction, wouldn't they allow people to enter the station house to check things out?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I was also out at the park yesterday too. I'm guessing they were afraid of people vandalizing dipper? I'm not really sure if the platforms were meant to be open because there was tape and a chain up by Villain's entrance but there wasn't any on the exit ramp.

The old water park looked terrible. Tons of standing water in all the old kids play areas. I heard a man discussing either a 500 or 600 dollar bid for what I believed to be the log flume as he was staring right at it while talking on the phone.

It was a sad day. The park will be greatly missed.

Did Cedar Fair open up bids to all corporations or where amusement park chains excluded from the list of buying the land?

They will not accept any bids from chains. Maybe the Villian wouldbe compatible for a Six Flags again, but this will be an independent buyers auction.
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Awesome (and quite depressing) tr! I can not wait for you to get your pictures posted! Thanks for sharing! :(

Lifetime Dominator flights: not enuf :(

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Yes, thanks for the TR, Ken. I considered going down to the preview, but couldn't bring myself to do it. I'd rather remember GL as she stood in all her glory, not the rustified, trashed up corpse that is left.

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It appears as though the big dipper sold for $5,000 at todays auction. The buyers are said to be Martin & Vleminckx Amusement Rides.
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Some more info on the Dipper...

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^Nice article, "3.6 million to move the ride" Wow, and I thought it would be somewhere near a million.

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Beat me to it audioslaved.

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Sanderson was upset that the Big Dipper was auctioned before she learned whether her group was a successful bidder for the land.

WAH! Not fair!

The cost sounds about right, think of all the work that goes into it.

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