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Great Weather

Got to the park about 10:15, with my boyfriend and two friends that haven’t made a visit to the park in a long time. We had passes so we got them half off tickets and went on in. The line to get in was really fast no problems. We went down main street waited about 10 minutes and they let us in we went right for Volcano waited about 10 minutes. Rode in the back seat, I love this ride it was rolling very fast and the blast is the best. Next we went to Flight of Fear no wait time for this, rode it middle car. We went to get right back on but the line was getting long so we moved on. Next it was to the Anaconda never a wait time on this but a fun ride. Got to ride twice without changing seats. We walked into a few shops then it was to Drop Zone my friends had said they didn't plan to ride this, but both of them jumped on. This ride is such a rush; the more I ride the better it is. It was about a 15-minute wait time for this ride. The loading was a little slow but the staff was really nice. Then we got some food and ice cream. We rode the Rebell Yell about 10 min wait not a bad ride. We then went to Grizzly my favorite wood in the park. No wait time at all for the Grizzly. Next we did the log ride a nice little water ride not very thrilling but fun. After the water we went to Hurler, all I can stay is this ride sucks. It was the most painful ride ever. Maybe it's me but the ride just gets worse and worse. I would like to see something new in it's place. Next we rode Ricochet we usually skip this ride, but rode it because of our friends being there. It was fun we screamed on each turn made it more exciting. We ended the day with the flying birds not sure what they are really called. It's ride of a kids ride but fun. We left the park around 3:30. The weather was great for a theme park day.

Sunday I played on the computer and with my pit bull puppy all day.

Then Monday we drove into Norfolk to see a concert. We saw GodSmack and Metallica. We got there a little late due to the rain that would never stop coming down. It was raining so hard I couldn't see to drive. The show was great GodSmack sounded so good and had a really good show. Metallica stage set up is one of the reason they had such a good show, we had mosh pit tickets and it was so cool. The stage was in the middle of the floor so you could walk to any side you wanted. Also the stage moved very slowly in a big circle they had microphones set up everywhere so they got to sing on each side. Each member of the band they kept moving around the stage the whole time they had a really good show.
Shouldn't this be in trip reports?

I don't have a clue as to why you posted a TR in the general forums.

Probably just clicked on the wrong forum. Fixed.

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