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Hey Everyone!

After all the craziness after my original post of needing a date to SFMM, I figured I'd let you all know what ended up going on. I met up with one of Robb's co-workers chicks who's my age and took her to SFMM for the first time. As a normal GP she LOVED the park.

We did running of the bulls for X first allthough gave up cause it didn't open by 10:30 and we wanted to do other stuff. Went back to Deja Vu where we were told it might not open all day.

Next up was Colossus Backwards which was a first for was AWESOME! I can't believe I hadn't heard more about it! There was extreme airtime (and extreme violence) but it was amazing! Keep those trains on it all the time! We also did forwards which was same as always. Mia (chick I went with) said it wasn't as good as the woodies at Hershey...I agreed and explained that SFMM is not famous for its wooden coasters.

It was here where we ran into SFMM's now standard operating procedure of "one train empty, one train full". I really don't understand this. I understand only running one train if it's not busy so as to preserve the other train for lower maintenence costs, but when you're putting wear and tear on the other train what's the point?? There was plenty of staff and one train being run empty on backwards side, while both trains were being run full on forwards side. Note: This changed later in the day to the opposite as the backwards side ran both full and forwards ran one empty!!??

Many of you know my feelings on Goliath (short and uninteresting), Mia loved it though so we rode it in front and back, I wasn't about to tell her that I hated it as I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and i'm not about to be obnoxious and try to force my views on others. Here again we had one train empty one train full. I tried to explain what they were doing to people around me but they didn't get it. In another bad procedure when people asked the ride ops why they were running the coasters like that they responded "we need a full train or we can't send it" which didn't make sense because the trains they were sending out weren't full!

Anyways, I'm not going to complain about that anymore, just know that this was going on all day at the park on a lot of the coasters. Oh well, at least it wasn't crowded!

We ran into ACE Member Brian Sisk, who I got to know on the Europe Trip, and he informed us that X was only a 40 minute line. I didnt' want to wait, but I realized how amazing it was that someone could come to the park and only wait 40 minutes for X so I told Mia we had to wait and we did...1 hour later we were on. Brian warned me that the outside had become unrideable so I took the bullet and sat there so Mia could have a good first ride. She lost her shoes on the ride but loved it! I lost a few million brain cells and hated it! This ride was amazing in January when I rode it for the first time I couldn't believe it, it jumped ahead of even the majority of Intamin rides! (I believe I had it as high as number 2 on my list) Right now I'd rather ride Gouderix!! It was violent, rough, jostling, I just couldn't believe they would allow little children to sit in the same seat I just sat in. I literally almost cried I was in so much pain. I remember when I thought it was bad in May before it closed...nothing compared to now. I will not ride this ever again in an outside seat.

X rant over.

Tried for Deja Vu again, but I should have known we'd never get both new for 2002/3 rides in one day! There was over an our line and Mia said it looked a lot like Sidewinder at Hershey, I agreed and said it's only slightly better and we decided we'd save it for another time.

Ninja was great as usual. Superman freaked Mia out, but it became her favorite coaster at the park. Riddler was her first stand up ever and she loved it as well. She had been on Batman at SFGAd, and Great Bear so we skipped batman this time. She seemed confused on the Mine Train, she didn't see how it fit in with the rest of the crazy rides. I explained that the park does try to have some tamer kiddie rides. Allthough we skipped the two kiddies. (yes I said two, I will get on Goliath Jr. some day if I have to shrink myself to do it!)

We also skipped Viper and Revolution. Flashback was closed. Stupid Sky Tower which I'll never ever get to ride was closed...I think that's about it. We had a really nice day despite SFMM's operations. Their fright fest stuff wasn't as nice as SFGAd's though.

Saturday: Went with Robb down to Knotts on our way to Disney to get some Xcelerator rides. It pains me to say this but they were doing a really good job dispatching it. We got 4 rides in like 30 minutes, always a walk on. Unfortunetly Ghostrider had a much longer wait and we decided to get to Disney.

Had a nice lunch at Naples then into DCA.

Had some great Screamin Rides. Millionaire was unruly, loud, and out of control! The new Bug's land was really cute. Reminds me a lot of the Honey I Shunk the Kids playground at MGM when it opened (very crowded and have to wait in line to get in). And I actually saw Tough to be a Bug for the first time. Wasn't as bad as I feared...and you gotta love the butt massagers!

That's about it. I had a really great time out in cali! Thanks to everyone on the board for being nice and supportive about me having to go to SFMM! Hope to meet up with more people in the future!

Elissa "back in california 10/31, and will most likely need a date again" White

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That's bad news about X. I wonder if they'll ever get it back in good shape. Why does it pain you to see Xcelerator dispatching quickly? Are they still stapling on it?

You must be this dumb to ride Viper. -SFGAdv.

I think SFMM has the worst operating procedures of any park I've been to. Last time I went, I waited for 20 minutes in line for a booth with the sign "Red Icees." There was no menu; all they had was a sign that said Red Icees, $2.50 or whatever. When I got to the window, I said, "Two Red Icees, please." They said, "We don't have Icees here. All we have is water." Nice.

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ApolloAndy said:

That's bad news about X. I wonder if they'll ever get it back in good shape. Why does it pain you to see Xcelerator dispatching quickly? Are they still stapling on it?

You must be this dumb to ride Viper. -SFGAdv.

I made the Xcelerator comment, because I've had some issues with Knotts Berry Farm lately. I think a lot of their policies are ridiculous and the way they've handled themselves and the visiting public is disgusting. When Xcelerator opened it was dispatching Deja Vu style...~5 though they're doing a much better job getting those trains out. Allthough they should be since they're still doing the 1 ride op to 1.8 guests ratio!

And yes, they are still stapling, but being much more friendly about it, again an improvement from just shoving the bar down painfully like they were doing before.


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Couldn't agree more Elissa....something HAPPENED at Knott's, and we're not talking about PP here.....

Ghostie was down when I was there, as was Tumbler (bummer), but the stapling persists....the attitudes are a LITTLE better, but on my ONLY trip to KBF prior to Con (Oct '00), the staff was as friendly as anywhere but HW or KG.....that "problem" seems to have been permanently resolved....

Now, on to happier thoughts....I noticed riding X in the "front" was quite rough on my last spin, but that the "back" (terms made virtually obsolete thanks to Schilke) was almost glass-smooth....I was very surprised at how much of a difference there was....

bill, thinking that "4-D in '04" may STILL be a bit premature...

Sounds like you had a great time.

I wish they could get X figured out, it just seems to amazing of a ride. Such an amazing concept. I want to get out there and ride it this winter but it seems as if i might get that chance.


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Let's go ride The Fonicks

I no longer want to see anymore 4-D's if that is what happens to them.

Funny, the more trip reports I read about SFMM, the less I want to go.


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