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Friday, September 14, 2001 9:01 PM
Millenium Mania, Last day.
Let me make this simple. I won't bore you to death with a long winded trip report. (well, maybe I will)
CP-My Home Park
The day started off really well, Meeting Loriu (and Steve), Gregleg, and a few others at the gate around 3:00 where they raised the flag to half-staff and let everyone in.
Raptor: First ride of the day, running well but still needed warmed up, midcourse on very lightly.
We get back to the station and they announced that re-rides were allowed, only in seats which no one was waiting. I thought that was fair enough, except it seemed like everyone was following us to every ride, cause we could never get a re-ride .
A quick stop on Power Tower, where Gregleg and I decided to take a Down ride, and Lori, Steve and Greg's brother opted for the Shot.
Millennium Force: Running GREAT all day, although sometimes the lift sled decided it didn't want to catch so it would break down for 5 minutes from time to time. The crew was especially great, giving us all the room we wanted, more than some could handle when we got off our ride, the special access door (normally used for re-rides) was closed, so we exited and went to Magnum.
Magnum: IMO, the ride was running pretty rough and slow, mainly due to an empty train, but the roughness could have been stopped by simply changing the wheels. It was running decent if you sat in seat 2 of any given car, but over the wheels gave me a massive headache. We only took 2 rides on this when we met Corey Jessup, who we were looking for.
We proceeded back to Raptor, and it was DEAD, no one was in the station at all, except the front seat lines. When we got back to the station, and went for a Re-Ride (at this point, there was still NO ONE, and 3 people were walking up the stairs)Well, we were told "No, you must walk all the way around" thinking this was strange, we began to chat with the attendant about it, and i guess what happened was, someone had go to Operations and complained that "we can stay on Raptor and Magnum, but I have to wait in a small line for Millennium Force" The complainer was obviously not an enthusiast. Well, seeing that as 1 unhappy guest versus 300, I guess management made a descision that NO MORE RE-RIDES WERE TO BE GIVEN, all guests must walk comletely around from exit to extrance. No shortcuts were allowed or anything.
This is VERY Unlike CP, this is something I'd expect from Six Flags (just the opposite, during SDCC, I stayed on SUE 34 rides straight, and BKF 4 or 5...after the 34 SUE rides, so I'd had enough )
Corey, an Ex-CP employee said "let's go to operations" so we went and talked to Bob Wozniak, the manager of ride operations, and he was very rude to us, I mean EXTREMELY rude.
We had simply asked "well, we understand the policy for normal days, but what if there's no one in line whatsoever?" the answer we got was "Well, that's great for you, takes you less time to walk completly around."
I have many more complaints about his demeanor, but I'll save them for my Guest relations letter.
So, complaining aside, we decided to get our "Token" ride on Mantis
Mantis : BOY! was I surprised! the trims were off due to the trains being so light, so the first half of the ride was AMAZINGLY fast and intense. Now, I'm not the biggest fan on Mantis because of the pain, but I was enjoying myself this time. I was also surprised because Mantis was still giving Re-Rides, so we took a second. This time we opted for the back seat as opposed to the front. They were actually excited to see us run for the back. The crew opened the harnesses and motioned like Vannah White, they were like "Go for it!"
We took 3 rides on Mantis throughout the course of the day, and I've come to a conclusion. Mantis...err..Banshee would make one HELL of a sitdown coaster. Take off those standup trains, turn down the midcourse, and remove the trims and you have a World Class sitdown "Return of Banshee"
All in all, I walked away with about 20 MF rides. more than average day by far.
I just wish the re-rides would have been available, I mean, some rides were so DEAD that they were just sneaking in re-rides here and there. My conclusion is this, I guess they'd rather send out an empty train than let us re-ride, sometimes I don't think Mr. Kinzel would approve. Overall, it was a very fun day, and I wish it would have lasted longer.
The pause at 7:00 for the moment of silence, though unnanounced, was commendable on the part of CP, and Janice Withrow lit candles with the ACE reps, which I thought was fairly cool as well.
I'm sorry if some of you think I'm complaining, it is just a trip report, and these are the aspects of my trip.
It was a fun day, besides the no re-rides.
Thanks for reading my (LONG) trip report.

(BTW, in case you were there, I KNOW you saw me, i had on the Alpengeist shirt, and the green hair :) )

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Friday, September 14, 2001 10:05 PM
What was EXTREMELY stupid about it was, when we said "But the other 3 MM days you were giving rerides", the response was "That was a mistake, they weren't supposed to be doing that." A "mistake" that it took you 3 days to correct?

As someone who's supposed to be setting an example on this site, I'll refrain from fully writing out how I feel about that, but it's not pretty...

Don't get me wrong, it was a great day, but watching trains with a grand total of 4 people go out because of the "no rerides" policy kinda put a damper on things...

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Saturday, September 15, 2001 1:54 PM
well i guess i didn't see this post before i made the one about SEEING THE GUY W/ Green hair...

If you saw me, I was wearing a Psychopathic Records hockey jersey, with a blue OLD(not newly purchased) MF hat that i got last year...

anyways, jsut wanted to say SUP!

i got 22 rides in on Millie, 4 in a row on Mantis, only 2 on Magnum due to the fact that i hate walking all the way to get on, one up and one down on PT, 4 raptors....

yeah i saw you alot, i was giving you the THUMBS up when you were getting some good lapbar room for the AIR TIME on the force! (remember?) anyways... my name on is Coaster Clown (as well as my AOL name, holla' at me)

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Sunday, September 16, 2001 2:57 PM

Raven-Phile said:
we went and talked to Bob Wozniak, the manager of ride operations, and he was very rude to us, I mean EXTREMELY rude.

I have been visiting Cedar Point faithfully for over 20 years and have never encountered a rude employee, until our experience with Mr. Wozniak.  Rude is an understatement for the way he spoke to us, but as Joe E. said, this is a family site.  Unfortunately, my husband also had a bad encounter with one of the MF ride ops.  Two strikes in one day, is not good after 20+ years of nothing but enjoyable experiences at the park.  All at a special event  and with someone from a management position. 
Needless to say I probably will not make the 3 hour trip for MM again next year.  I can get just as many rides during the last week of August and not have to pay extra.
Christ how do you kids do it

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