TR: CP 6-21 O' To Area 51

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Saturday, June 22, 2002 9:10 AM
TR: Cedar Point 6-21-2002
O' To Area 51
Weather: Sunny Temp reached 98' (which I think was a tie for the record today according to the weather.)

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Enjoying This Great Coaster Weather,

Today I made a trip up to CP by myself since my fiance had to work. I arrived in time for the Joe Cool somewhat ERT. I showed up at the front gate and noticed I haven't seen WT doing any test runs (at least during the time I pulled up.) I asked the very nice employees directing people if WT would be up for WT. They informed me, "There's a 99% chance it won't be. It hasn't been open in the morning lately so the park will probably add Raptor in instead." Ok, no problem. I've ridden WT many of times this year so it was not big deal. I decided to walk over to the Marina Gate (since I had 15 min until ERT started) and ride MF during the morning. I walked over there and there was no Joe Cool members there? Soon a few mad it over there and there were ACErs from Dayton. We had a lot of fun talking and the gates opened and we went towards MF. I got the first train out in the VERY back. What a great way to start the morning! Like most MF rides, it's a little shaky in the morning, but as always a blast! By the time I got off I realized just how many resort guests their are...WOW. I quickly got back in line with the my new ACE friends and rode MF one more the time I got off ERT was over :(

Since my main goal was to go up and document anything and everything. That's pretty much what I started to do all around the park with a few rides in between it all. I walked all the way around to Mean Streak (I got there right at 10am) the train gates went up and I walked up to the station all alone. And I mean all alone. NO ONE was up there but the emploees. I had a nice talk with them...but on a strange note, I don't won't to hear about your gay lovers and you (the employee) stip dancing at some Gay bar and rubbing oil all over yourself. Thank you. No one was up in the station so it wasn't a big deal. I took 5 rides on Mean Streak (I don't know what possesed me to that). They were all pretty good and VERY smooth. Still had the 3 brick walls you slammed into on the first hill though.

Went over to Gemini where I rode the blue train for the first time this year (Red/orange) wasn't opened yet. 2 trains running. Nice front seat ride with some good pops of air. Magnum wasn't running yet but soon did. I noticed from Raptor that WT was now running (it might have been earlier but couldn't tell from the back of the park.) Then while riding Gemini I got some good views of inside "Area 51" So I tracked over there.

Most CP fans are now calling the wall and the area of the wall across from Magnum "Area 51." Of course they now have the "CP is Building for the future check back later in the season" type signs all up over and around it now. I peeked in and noticed not much has changed in that area and the blue tarp seems a little bigger (probably just some tools or wood under there.) Went back behind Paddle Boats and looked at it from the back. This walkway should make for some good visuals if they keep it. Oh, for those who travel A LOT it's almost a gimme on figuring out what they are building ;) I took some 360 spinning pics if anyone wants to see them to get a better idea or reference points to what all this area entails, let me know. Also it seems to be that all the employees have been informed about this. Note: As in years in the past it's very easy to tell when they don't know and do know. So the annoucement could be coming around Mid July (on a VERY rough guess). This is going to be.... ;)

I noticed that CP too is doing cutbacks all around the park also. MANY food stands were closed and quite a few (every other) game was closed. Now, a few did open, but it was only as the day progressed. A LOT of games were closed for the day though. No biggy. The main ones were open so it was all good. I grabbed one of the bes ICEE's ever...yum.

Headed up towards WT where I meant some more ACE friends. You know, it suprises me how many ACE people have only been to CP and no other park? I guess I'm really lucky. I just found it strange with all these parks relatively close to CP. So I had a lot of great talks about other parks with them. Tons of fun. WT was only about a 15 minute wait pretty much all day (even though the sign said 1/2 hour.) I rode front back and middle. I like this ride (not going to say anything about SUE today.) I noticed though that compared to earlier in the season on the first trip backwards the train went VERY high up (like it's suppose to.) Now today the train on the first trip back wards, the very last car barely made it past the supports? The last time backwards it made it up pretty high though? I wonder why the change? I'm guessing it has to do with the either the tower swaying or just electrical work. I don't know. I just found it strange that it has changed. I liked it better when you got two good trips up the back tower. Now it's 1 1/2 :( I still love the lauch! There was this one lady next to me who it was her first time. She kept talking and talking and I tried to tell her to put her head back (she was late 40's) she kept talking than 3-2-1...WHAM. She loved the ride and was laughing. So she was lucky. Pretty funny though.

Blue Streak was running pretty good. It was launching over every hill, but did this bounce off the top of every hill. It lifte you up, bounced then floated you down. The turnaround was just as good as opening day today.

I took a lot more pics and notes and talked to quite a few empolyee friends of mine up there than left for the day. It was getting REALLY hot by now and I still had to hit SFWoA tonight. In all it was a great day and the park ran very nicely. Average crowds for late June today. Great times.

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Saturday, June 22, 2002 9:37 AM
That stinks I like when Wicked Twister gets up really high on both of the backwards launch, it makes it a better ride.

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