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Cedar Point, May 16, 2005 (11am - 6pm)

I arrived at the Point promptly at 11, meeting up with my good friend Jack at Donut Time. I got a fresh chocolate-sprinkled donut to sugar-induce my day at the park. It worked as I had plenty of energy for walking around. The weather was slated to be cloudy and in the 50s. The weatherbunny was correct, and it was a perfect day except for the freezing wind on the lakefronts while waiting for a few rides.

Upon entering the park, I noticed the first of many big blue signs apologizing for the closure of Top Thrill Dragster (1) today. The world's tallest and fastest on the planet was closed today, just like her older sister here at Cedar Point. I could live with that since I got in two laps on TTD last week. I also noticed a plethora of school busses, as many kiddies were celebrating physics day and/or being in a marching band. So the park wouldn't be as empty as I liked. Oh well.

Getting back to the trip at hand, we first walked over to MaxAir, which was sporting an hour long wait, and after watching the dismal turnaround rate on load/unload, we decided to skip it and head over to Wicked Twister, which was closed (2). Looks like Millennium Force would be the first coaster of the day- so we headed in that direction. MF was obviously taking the brunt of the Dragster line, as she indicated over an hour's wait. Once again we decided to come back later, and continued down the Frontier Trail. Looks like Mean Streak would be the first coaster. Except that the queue was being emptied and MS was now to be closed for the rest of the day (3). Notice a trend here?

Getting desperate, Jack and I headed back towards the front, hoping for a ride on Gemini, we noticed running one red train. That is, until we got to the queue. At that time, the line was really long, and closed (4) until the other trains were warmed up and on the tracks (a small closure, but one nonetheless). Wondering what was up, we headed over to Magnum XL-200.

The Magnum was running beautifully and NO WAIT TIME. We sat in seat 1-2 and had a wonderfully smooth and fast ride. So good, in fact, that we turned around and went through the queue (no line either time) again and rode in the second to last seat to compare front to back. Turns out the back was just as good as the front. Magnum wins best ride on the planet so far today (and would keep that title all day).

Having broken our jinx, we headed over to Power Tower, noticing the stagnant Dragster had all her trains on the transfers, and the only people in the station were cleaning the walls and such. Not a glimmer of hope was to be had. Power Tower UP was a usual ride after a 2 minute wait, although I miss being launched almost directly from ground level- being launched from 10 ft up takes away half the fun since you can't see first timer's faces cringe anymore. But I digress...

Pushing our luck, we headed back to MF, only to find the queue emptying, as it was temporarily closed (5), so we backtracked to Wildcat, and watched them call maintenence for their ride- closed (6). Reluctantly, we marched across the midway to Iron Dragon, stifling an urge to tell the stick lady at the entrance, "get ready to be closed." Luckily, Dragon stayed open, and had a rather uneventful ride. We noticed that Mantis's queue was 2/3s full from the Dragon, and that the Force had reopend. So we headed over there.

After waiting in an hour-long line, Millennium Force gave us a beautiful, airtime filled speed fest in seats 3-1. Wildcat was reopened, and got to experience the 'cat- what can you say about a 35 year old coaster that has numerous full to the ground drops? Gideeup!

Getting hungry, and about time to hook up with another, we headed back to the front of the park and caught us some famous french fries (heaping portion unlike previous years' skrimping) and a Ray P. Yep, the voted world's best Ray P joined our duo. The line for MaxAir had grown since the morning and was now approaching 1.25 hours, so like this morning we headed to the Twister, except this time, she was open.

After a meager 20-30 minute wait, we got our choice of row 3,4,5,6, or 7. We opted for 6 and 7 and had a so-so ride with little to no twisting (backwards). While in the neighborhood, we chose to hit Raptor- back seat, 2 minute wait. This bird really seems to be smoother and faster this year, and I deem it a must ride- although she seems to be showing her age on the lift as she is groaning a lot more. We voted Raptor world's best queue with tin-can music.

One more time around the park was in hand- back to Magnum, where we had a 10 minute wait for the back car- see this morning's review. Magnum- voted world's best sardine can-like station. Jack had to bow out so a duo was on hand again. Bye Jack- twas a great, great day!

Gemini was running full force (if you can call 4 trains full), and was a walk-on. This was probably the first time I rode Gemini and the two trains raced, and finished in a dead-tie. We voted, and Gemini is now the best racing coaster on the planet without a designated finish line- we all win! Yay!

Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Walk-on. Two-Trains. Stacking. Voted best mine-train coaster on the planet with a faster kiddie coaster next to it. Mean Streak still closed for the day, we headed back down the Frontier Trail, and passed on the Force due to it's still hour long wait (probably due to the closure of the line absorbing Mean Streak).

Hit Wildcat & Iron Dragon again, both with less than 10 minute waits, and the historic (voted) Cedar Downs racing carousel. My horse won. Keeping with the historic theme, we rode the world's best blue wooden coaster, Blue Streak, in the back car. Walk-on. BS had some impressive air and wasn't shuffling, which is odd for an older wooden coaster. Keeping with the winding down of a long day theme, we went over by MaxAir again, to see that her line had remained steady, and opted to do the Space Spiral and Giant Wheel combo, which both gives great views of the park, a must see for those intent on the "space problem." Neighboring Disaster Transport, recent winner of best indoor bobsled coaster with bad special effects on the planet, had an impressive 45 minute wait. So we bowed out of it and went back in the ever-increasingly cold-wind.

Finally, to end the day with a twist, we rode, and voted, the world's best double impulse coaster on a beach, Wicked Twister, near the back. WT once again impressed me and ended my day on a high note.

Overall, it was a great day (I know, I've poked fun at it this whole time, but to me it really is) at the Best Park on the Planet. Food was good, rides are good, although, even though it is still early in the season, dispatch times seem to be slipping in a few stations (MF, CCMR, Mantis). But not to worry, I will be back to check up on them. Cheers!

Hello, Hello! (hola!) I rode a ride named Vertigo!-with apologies to U2

I have a legitmate complaint with some of this TR's hype...

- Gemini was voted the best almost-continuously side-by-side racing coasters without a designated finish line on the planet

- DT was voted best indoor bobsled coaster with bad 3D special effects on the planet

And I'm sure tambo will have more!


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Best CP tr ON THE PLANET with 6 or more closed rides? I vote yes!
You know roadkill, that whole "Best (fill in the blank) On The Planet" stuff didn't get old at all yesterday and it certainly is funny reading it in your TR today!

The posted wait time of 45 minutes at Disaster Transport just blew my mind. When the guy at the door was asked if it was really that long, he just said "yep". For it being only the second Monday the park has been open, I was really surprised by this and also the long waits at MF. Considering last Monday MF was a 10-minute wait, I guess I was expecting more of the same. I wasn't surprised that Dragster was down, with it being voted "Best Lawn Ornament Over 400 Feet Tall On The Planet" and all. ;)

Magnum is running VERY well this season. My ride in seat 6.2 yesterday was probably one of the best Magnum rides I have taken in ages. And thankfully the tunnel had aired out. The fumes in there from the paint a week ago would have made it "Best Coaster To hallucinate On".

Wicked Twister is slowly growing on me as my favorite Impulse coaster. Riding near the rear of the train makes the back spike one of the most fun coaster moments anywhere. Not to mention WT is running far smoother than its cousin in Aurora.

While I was disappointed that Mean Streak was down since I got a great ride on it last week, I guess I shouldn't complain too much as it was still a really fun day at the park. It was good seeing you again roadkill (and Jack too!) and thanks for the outstanding TR.

Ray P. (flattered that he was voted "Best Ray P. On the Planet!")

The paint fumes were bad on the 9th also. I don't know if it was the new paint on Magnum or from the pools being painted in Soak City, but it was bad.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

Yeah, but you forgot the best hand dryers on the planet.

(Go ahead! I dare you to put your face under one of them!)

To being an "us" for once - instead of a "them".

Chaindog said:
Yeah, but you forgot the best hand dryers on the planet.

(Go ahead! I dare you to put your face under one of them!)

LOL those things are sweet!!!

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