TR: Chilly Florida (Feb 9th) (Part 4 of 4)

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Thursday, February 14, 2002 4:24 PM

 It got here rather quickly. Before going to sleep, I decided to watch a bit of David Letterman.  Five minutes after I started watching the show, it went did everything else.

  Five minutes later, everything came back on. I turned back on the TV, reset the alarm clock, and continuted watching..........until..


 Everything went off again. Five minutes later, I turned back on the TV, reset the alarm clock, and continuted watcihng.........until.

"What the #&*$?"

 Lights out again.  I opened the door to our room and looked out. Everything was out. The new Super McDonnald's across the street was out. I could see people looking out of the window in the top floor. The the lights came back on.

"Well, it looks like Iain is going to have to be our alarm clock."

 I reset the clock once more, this time, the power didn't go out.

 I awoke at 8:00am to get ready for another fun day at Islands of Adventure. Iain showed up at our hotel at around 8:30, and off we went.  As soon as we were at the front gates, we waited to meet up with Robb Alvey and Elissa White. Both are great friends who know how to have a good time in a park. They also introduced me a while back into a little something called DDR.  More on that later.

 The park looked like it was going to be packed this day so we decided to just pace ourselves with no hurry to ride anything. We first went to Hulk and got in a couple of rides. Still running as insane as ever. Tracy decided he didn't want to ride a 3rd time because his shoulders were sore from the previous B&M rides we rode on this trip, so he decided to sit out. Ellisa felt bad that he was sitting out alone so she joined him.  Robb, Iain, and myself went for another ride on Hulk.

  This ride on Hulk was different. Robb had Iain and I cracking up so hard, we couldn't tell which way was right side up. Robb had decided to show off a "visual aid' he found right before boarding, as we were on the ride. We were cracking up the whole ride.

Then it happend....

 We suddently stopped in a set of brakes right after the curve before entering the loading station. We could see one train in the station. Our train was behind it a ways back. Where is the other train? Well, the other train didn't make it out of the launch tunnel and stopped. We found out later that an air pressure error had happend in one set of the brakes so the whole ride shut down.

 We sat there for a half an hour. Robb continued to joke around with the aid he found as well as talk about many pervers things, as only Robb can do. The people in front of us had to be freaking out listening to us talking. Since we were in the back row, we were stopped on kind of an angle. Soon, some folks from IOA came back and told us that we would have to be evacuated from the train. The only problem was the back half had to wait a while longer because we were not near the catwalk.

 Maintence got our train to move in small spurts so we could reach the catwalk. The whole time, Robb, Iain, and myself were amazed at the whole thing. When we walked down the catwalk, we got to look under the train and things. It was pretty cool actually.

 We then met up with Ellisa and Tracy. The folks at IOA kindly gave us two sets of exit passes. One for Hulk when it would re-open, and one for any attraction in the park. They also opened my locker for free, which, by this time, had expired. Good deal!

 We decided to use our first set of passes on Dr. Doom because it had a hour wait. We soon boarded and quickly got a ride.  Another reason to ride Doom is because the exit line passes through a arcade.  So what you might say?

 Well, this arcade includes two, count 'em, two Dance Dance Revolution machines. Robb and Ellisa have gotten me hooked on this game. I own the home version and play it when I get the chance. However, the arcade version is what it's all about.  We must have each played 4 games. Tracy didn't even want to try. He smokes and thought it looked too much of a workout. It is indeed a workout, but it is so damn fun! Sure, I may look like a moron playing it, but it is a huge release, and it will make you sweat!

 After a few more games of DDR, we headed to River Adventure. Iain had never ridden it before. It was running the same way it was when we rode it two days before. The 'Raptor Box' scared Iain. It was great to see his expression.

 Because Dueling Dragons had a semi-long line, we only rode it once. Fire, back seat. Had a great duel also.  The park seemed to be getting more crowded so we decided to get something to eat before taking off. Robb made reservations at Mythos so we soon headed over there. On the way, we brought up the ultra-cool waitress who served us back in November. Ellissa thought her name was Debbie. Robb and I weren't sure what it was. We just hoped she was there again.

 We walk in and we see her. Robb goes up to her and asks her name. Ellissa was right. It was Debbie. We asked to be seated so Debbie would serve us.  Debbie comes up to our table and rembered Robb, Elissa, and myself. She remembered our names, and even what we ordered. Now THAT's a memory.  We even got a group shot with her included.  So, if you eat at Mythos anytime soon, please ask for Debbie. She is easily the best waitress that has served me, and she is damn funny as well.

 After eating (and talking about more preverse stuff), we left IOA and headed over to Universal Studios to get in a few rides. Iain had never ridden Men In Black so we went there first. MIB had a hefty line so we took advantage of the single riders line and rode a few times.  During one ride, some woman sitting next to me covered up MY red button (the one you are not supposed to hit) so I couldnt' hit it. I asked her what she was doing and she kept on covering it.  I moved her hand quickly.

I walked off the ride confused, and 100,000 more than her. =:^D

 Afte MIB, we did Earthquake. Robb and Ellissa both were asked to take part in the pre-show. Ellisa was a screaming shopper while Robb got to help make a collum almost hit her. Funny stuiff.

 After Earthquake, we decided to leave because it was getting crowded again. Robb and Ellissa stopped and played something called Shark Banger. They ended up winning a stuffed turtle. We continuted to walk through the town area where Creed shot their "My Sacrifice" video. I recognized quite a lot of things from the video.

 We walked into another arcade and played some more games of DDR. This time, I was bushed. That game has a way of wearing you out if you don't watch it. I am getting much better at it then I was a few weeks before. However, I am no match for Robb and Ellissa.  Tracy once again looked on like we were morons for playing such a thing.

 We then decided to split up. Ellissa wanted to go shopping at a outlet mall, and Tracy, Iain, and myself headed back to our hotel to relax a bit before heading to Old Town.

-Old Town-

 I like this place. It has a odd feeling about it, but I always leave the place in a good mood. I took a quick ride on the newly painted Windstorm coaster ( which looks great!), before heading over to the main reason I came here.

''The Big 300-footer"

 Tracy's birthday was a couple of weeks before. I told him I would buy him a flight on the 300-foot skycoaster for his birthday. He agreed.  I still had my ticket stub from the last time I rode it in November. If you show that ticket stub (before a year expires from the last time you rode it), you get to ride it for $20, so I got a discount for our ride.

 The crew working it was great. They were fast, to the point, and funny. Iain decided to watch so he instead video taped us. The ride up is still the freakiest part for me. I love heights, and I love falling, but there is something wrong about going up that high while on your stomach.....and this was my 8th time on it.

 As we started to get higher, I pointed out various Disney landmarks we could clearly see. Once at the top..


 Down we went! The free fall of this ride is amazing. The speed is fantastic! However, since there is a lot of wind resistance, the first three swings are pretty much it before it slows down a lot.  Still, the fall alone, or even the trip up, is what brings me back.

 I also decided to use my free ride on the Slingshot. During IAAPA, the Slingshot company handed out some free coupons to people to try out the new Worlds's Tallest Sling Shot. While the towers on this beast stand around 250-feet up in the air, the vehicle travels 350-feet up! Having tested this in November, I was told it wasn't running at full force.

 My what a few months difference makes. This sucker FLIES up to the top now. They said it goes 100mph. It sure feels like that now. Looking DOWN on the 300-foot Skycoaster is a great sight. The spinning of our ride was enhanced thanks to a little tip from the ride operator who told us to brace our feet on the bar in front of us. It worked. We spun like mad!  Tracy was more than blown away. So was I. We even bought the on ride video.

 We left Old Town with that "cool" feeling. The place was packed thanks to a cruise so we went back to the hotel.  Robb and Ellissa came down to our room. Tracy said he had enough for one night so I picked up the keys to the truck, and the rest of us went to a Pizza Hut on I-Drive.

 Once again, our conversation turned nasty and prevese. What is it about Robb and dirty things? LOL!  We had a great dinner and I learned a few things about how people view me sometimes. Never a dull moment. =:^)

Right across the street resides Magical Midway park. This place is more of  arcade with some cool rides, and a insane go-kart track. It also includes the very first S&S Space Shot, relocated from The Dells in Wisconsin.  I rode this in November and thought it was great. Iain and I went for a ride and were kind of confused. The blast up was great but at the top, there wasn't even the slightest feeling of airtime. Nothing. I wonder if they had to tame this down or something?

 In the arcade was another DDR machine. Actually, this is the one that Robb and Ellissa got me hooked on. We played about 4 games each in front of a crowd of about 35 people who didn't understand the game. Once again, it was a workout, but it was fun.

 We continued down the street and wanted to ride Katanga and play mini-golf. However, the guy at the mini-golf told us he was going to close the course early because of some story about his parents spending $350 in alcohol on him the night before. He said he was sick ( I can imagine) but gave us a nice discount for a Katanga ride.

 Iain had never been on a Skyscraper before so Katanga was it! What a way to be introduced. Katanga is easily the most Skyscraper I have ridden. However, we didn't get a ultra intense ride because the ride operator was loading both sites. This is something I have never seen done on Katanga before. The ride was still intense, but the ride op wasn't doing the typical stunts he sometimes likes to do when one side is loaded. Iain loved the ride and exited it saying it was the best ride he had ever done.

 With our ride on Katanga started the end of the trip. I dropped off Robb and Ellissa back at the hotel. Tracy was wanting to drop off Iain with me so we both took Iain back to his hotel.  Tracy and I then went back to our hotel, packed, fell asleep, and woke early the next morning for our flight home.

This was a trip that felt much longer than it really was. I had a TOTAL blast thanks to Tracy, Iain, Robb, Ellissa, Bob, and Deb.  I can't wait to do another one.

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, February 14, 2002 4:44 PM
Great TR.  I am envious of your visit to Old Town, because when I went in mid Janusary, we stayed with my aunt in the Disney started town of Celebration.  Those two rainbow towers and the skycoasters 3 white ones stood there mocking me the whole time.  I never went because my aunt is anti-Old Town.  Celebration residents seem to dislike the Slingshot and Skycoaster, I guess they "pollute the horizon"  Oh well, I got by (walk on at both Disney & IOA)



Thursday, February 14, 2002 5:33 PM
Sean... they're called wake-up calls. :)

Jeff - Webmaster/Admin -,
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Thursday, February 14, 2002 5:37 PM
Great trip report Sean.
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Thursday, February 14, 2002 6:59 PM
Old Town's Slingshot is the greatest upcharge attraction I've ever come across :)

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Thursday, February 14, 2002 7:27 PM
Great TR Sean...BTW, to us IOA regulars, the acronym DDR has been "reserved" for Dudley Do-Rights...LOL.  A buddy from PA is coming down in March, threatening us with the Katanga and the slingshot...Now I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't go on the SkyCoaster until I realized it was CABLE, not bungee.  How on Earth will I ever be talked into THIS contraption?  Arrrrrggghhhhh!
Florida needs an Intamin and/or CCI soon...PLEASE!
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Friday, February 15, 2002 2:38 AM

Rich and I had the same power problem at our hotel Saturday night.  Right as we were pulling in, everything went pitch black!  After we were in the room, it happened twice more.  BTW, what hotel were you at?  We were at the Days Inn Lakeside which was across the street from the funky McDonald's.  That would be too weird if we were at the same hotel!  We were also at Old Town on Saturday, but earlier in the day.

Sue Barry

Friday, February 15, 2002 3:44 PM

 Same hotel! No joke! Robb and Ellissa were staying there as well! Turkey Lake Road?  LOL!

 Jeff, we tried to get a wake up call but the front desk never answered, and we were too tired to walk up the hill to the front desk. =:^)


 While the Skycoaster is a bit on the freaky side, once you do it, my guess is you will be glad you did. It's damn tall and even seems taller when you are on it, but it is such a rush! Trust me.


 I would love to see those two tall attractions from my house! Don't those people realize what they got there? LOL! Seeing those two towers from I-4 always gets me going.

The Beast,

Thanks! Glad you liked it.

Thanks for reading! I think Robb is going to post a few pictures from the trip on if I am not mistaken.


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