TR: Cedar Point, Opening Day, May 16th.

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Greetings All!

This is my second TR on CB, I posted one a couple years back.

I had a wonderful time at Cedar Point on Opening Day, May 16th. We didn't get an extremely massive amount of rides in, but got in a little bit of everything. Myself, along with my GF (Nicole), were excited to open up the season, as well as celebrate Maggie's 20th Birthday. :-)

Arrived at about 8:30am, got a GREAT parking spot, a 2 minute walk to the front gate. Soaked in the new signage at the gates, and then proceeded to the pass center to get our season passes processed.

We thought we may have to wait until 9 to get our passes processed, but they were already opened when we got there. We waited in line about 5 minutes, and then the whole procedure was done in about 2 minutes.While waiting in line, the busses carrying the Ohio State University Athletic Band pulled in. After they unloaded, we got to hear them warmup a bit.

On our way to the entrance line for Pass-holders, and a few mascots from the Peanuts Gang were hanging around. Got some good pics (see the link above). As soon as 9AM hit and we were past the gates, headed to MF.(Didn't run there, just walked and soaked it all in). Noticed the new brick pavers near the main gate, as well as the new fun fountain on the Midway. We rode MF after about a 15 minute wait. As we were entering the Queue, got spotted by our friend Beth. She's too chicken to ride it, lol.

Upon Exiting MF, I reached into my pockets, to find my glasses completely busted, snapped right in the middle. It was my fault as I should have had them in a case, but I had gotten away with simply having them in my pocket before.

After Mf, headed towards Maverick where we were on after about 20 mins. Maverick is still a definite winner, but I have to hold on to the restraints while riding, otherwise my neck gets beat up all to hell.

Next was gemini, which was far too long of a wait due to only running one train. Which in the station, you could hear the tOSU spring band playing, and you could tell who the OSU alumni members in the station were.

After this, headed towards Maggie, to celebrate the 20th anniversary. The wait was roughly 20 minutes. Awesome run, just as always. Sitting behind us were some teenage boys, who obviously had never ridden Magnum before. They were thinking the ride wouldn't be much, since they had already ridden MF, thinking Magnum was just a smaller MF. They were definitely proved wrong. At the end of the ride, those boys were laughing their heads off, with one of them shouting "I was flying out of my seat over every hill!".

By this time, the park had been opened up to the general public, and along line was already forming for Maggie's party festivities, which included free cake and ice cream, and a chance to sign an anniversary banner. We decided to skip it, thinking riding it was celebration enough. Also, I had gotten the chance to sign Gemini's 30th banner last year, so it really was no big deal.

Then it was to the gameday grille, where we often eat because of reasonable prices. After that, Met up with our friends Beth and Becky, where we got in line for blue streak. The wait for blue streak was insane all day, 45 minutes. Waited it out by taking some pics.

Around this time, the rain started slowly coming down. After BS, Nicole and I went towards Iron dragon, to watch the OSU athletic Band Perform. After a good performance, we headed back to frontier town, where we decided to buy new shirts. Nicole got one featuring some of the Parks coasters, and I got one featuring the Maverick Logo.

It started to really come down at this point, so we headed back to the front, to the car, to wait out the rain. The rain quit about 4:30,and the weather was beautiful the rest of the day. Headed back into the park where we rolled Power Tower down, and Magnum a second time. Nicole said she doesn't like drop rides, but I convinced her to get on Power Tower anyway. She liked it.

Got in line for Top thrill Dragster, where it was rollback after rollback after rollback. You would have been waiting hours to get on, considering that they were loading only 2 or 3 rows of the car, along with the fact that half the launches were still rollbacks.

Left the line and got some munchies. CP Fries, and then some awesome custard. We were going to ride Blue Streak again, but the line was still too long. Left at about 7. Next time, we will stay long enough to see the new lights thing at Frontier Town.

Good trip, in fact would have been PERFECT if I didn't break my glasses. I didn't expect to get in a TON of rides on opening day, but we rolled pretty much what we wanted to.

Ride Counts:
Magnum - 2
And one each for:
Millennium Force
Power Tower Down
Blue Streak

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Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

Nice TR and good pictures of things that changed. You should get a good eye glass strap that way you do not have to take them off. I keep 2 straps in my car at all times so I am always ready to ride. Of course I look like a total dork wearing them but I really don't care what other people think as I am there to ride on and have good time! You got out of line for TTD when there was a lot of roll backs. LOL I purposely get in line when I see them trying to get one myself.

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2009 What a great year!

thanks coasterfreak.

First of all, from now on i'm bringing a case for the glasses to go in, and the GF will keep them in the case, in a fanny pack while riding. Even with a strap, I would be sitting there worrying about them flying off, which would detract from enjoying the ride.

Secondly, we got out of line because there was no way we were going to ride it within a 3 hour or so wait. They were only sending 4-6 riders per launch, combined with the fact that each time there is a rollback, there is at least a good 3 minute wait before the train can be launched again. (the hydraulic launch system has to reset itself, etc.). Those two factors combined means it could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes (or more) just to complete a ride for 4-6 people (and there were plenty of people waiting to ride it). Totally not worth it. I'll hope for a rollback some other time.

Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

Link to the pictures is gone, was this some sort of rule violation?

Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

Oh a 3 hour wait, yea I would have gotten out of line too! Dragster is fun and all but in my mind not worth 3 hours. Too many better coaster options at CP to wait 3 hours for dragster. Yea what happened to his pictures? They were there!

Pittsburgh, City of Champions!
Steelers + Penguins
2009 What a great year!

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