TR: Cedar Point 6/5/09, Coastermania Day 1.

I was at CP Friday for coastermania day 1.

A few highlights from my day:

-Arrived around 2PM, got registered for CM and got our free t-shirts. For some reason they only had one booth open for CM arrivals, but nonetheless it was all done in about 5 minutes. It was certainly one of the longest days I ever had at the point, as we left after midnight.

-Got to ride Magnum 5 times, including 2 in the CM ERT session. Awesome as usual, with one exception. For 3 of our rides, we sat in the infamous third row "ejector seat". A great ride the first two times, but the third was EXTREMELY PAINFUL, something I had never before experienced in my many rides on Maggie. On the homestretch of the ride with all the hills, it seemed like the ride was going faster than usual through this part. The lapbar might have been pushed in a little too tight as well, as going over each of those hills, my thighs were being crushed into the lapbar, and it was VERY painful. For a few minutes I could barely walk.

Other than that all was well, and it was Magnum xl-200 airtime as usual.

-Got to see the starlight experience for a first time. It was impressive, and a MAJOR improvement over the lighting in FrontierTown last year, which was basically none. Being a season pass holder in '08, and usually parking in the back lot near soak city/magnum, Walking back to the car at night was kinda strange since Frontiertown wasn't lit at all, and you could barely see anything. Much different story this year. The lights, animations, and decorations are very neat and worth checking out. Big improvement CP.

-Got to ride TTD, but not before putting up with some Bull****. We waited about an hour for it, we got on and I was having trouble getting my seatbelt fastened. I'm certainly not a small guy, but I've never had trouble before with any seatbelts, including the ones on TTD and MF. I think the seatbelts on TTD may have been shortened this year and I was having trouble getting it on. The way I understand it, the workers who assist on the platform with restraints, are supposed to make a best effort to get the seatbelt to fasten before turning someone away. Well, the guy who was supposed to be helping me was an absolute douchebag. He tried for like 2 seconds and then told me to get off the ride. I asked him to try again, "Get off, It's not gonna work" was his reply. In shock, not knowing what to think, I calmly went off the ride to the exit while my GF rode without me.

After she got off the ride, we immediately proceeded to the ride entrance where they have the seat you can sit in and test the seatbelt. It was a bit of a struggle, but we were finally able to get it on and secured properly.

I had been turned away from riding, UNNECESSARILY. :-X

I had a few words with the entrance clerk, (or whatever you call the employee who sits at the entrance with the height pole). I tried pleading my case with him, but it was hopeless. The guy was hispanic and could barely understand any english. This is another thing that pisses me off about CP.... they hire people who can't speak/understand english and then put them in high-visibility positions. Starting to get really furious, I decided we would speak with someone in guest services. Near the TTD exit, we asked an employee sweeping the park if there was someone we could speak with. She was extremely nice to us, and led us to the ride exit, where someone was finally willing to help us. They let me on, this guy was able to get me secured in a few seconds, and I was able to ride! My GF got to ride a second time! :-)

So just a heads up, some people who have ridden before might want to check the seat at the entrance to make sure you can fit this year. I think it even has a disclaimer of some sort in the park map pamphlet they give you, saying that some guests who were able to ride MF and TTD last year may not be able to this year. (its not like anyone reads that stuff anyway). I should mention that MF was no contest, I was able to fit easily. I'm not even really that big! All my fat is in my gut, and the seatbelts on TTD don't go over your gut, they go over your thighs.

Moving on.... Coastermania was a pretty good time. They had a social hour with appetizers/Free pop/Cash Bar at the coral courtyard. I overheard a lot of people btching about the food, but I honestly didn't see a problem with it. It all tasted decent, and it clearly stated on the itinerary that it was appetizers only... it wasn't going to be gourmet fare.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to attend the presentation, but I did see it via a youtube video someone posted. Ron Toomer seems like a very neat guy.

-As for the CM ERT itself, got 2 rides on Maggie and one ride on Maverick. By the time Maverick ERT came, we were exhausted and decided not to wait it out for another ride. i was somewhat disappoined with the new format of only havng one ride open (Maverick) at a time for ERT. I mentioned this in another thread so I won't discuss it in depth here. But I did chat with a few enthusiasts while in line and I know I wasn't the only person kinda annoyed with the new format.

Around 12:15AM, stumbled back to our cars after a long day of coaster riding and fun. In all my many many visits to CP, I don't think I had even been in the park that late at night, or for so many hours in one day. Thanks again CP for hosting us.

Magnum - 5
Gemini - 3
Blue Streak - 2
One Each For:
Top Thrill Dragster (2 for the GF).
Millennium Force
Iron Dragon

15 total coaster rides.

CP/LE Railroad

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Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

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I too found the seat belts a little tight. I always managed to get it closed but just by a 1/4 inch. I did find that different seats on different trains were tighter then others. Some snapped in without assistance others I needed a little help. I think that it is the twisting at the same time that you are trying to buckle that made it a tight fit.

TTD's belts I dont believe were replaced this off season, they all look really old and unlike MF, they are the old style fabric that shrinks with age, I think thats the problem right now.

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On the one ride I took on CM weekend on TTD, I noticed that the seatbelt only had less than half an inch of slack upon latching it. I'm not fat by any means (at least in the thighs anyway) so I found it kind of shocking that I was really close to not securing the belt.

The type of shorts/pants you wear makes a big difference too. At one time I was always right on the edge of getting the seat belt fastened, if I put on basketball style shorts instead of cargo shorts, it made it a lot easier.

Thanks for the replys everyone.

"the fabric is shrinking with age" may just be the most logical explanation. Which would bring up another issue: If my seatbelt not fitting was due to the seatbelt on that particular seat having shrunk, shouldn't I have been moved to a different seat of the next train, instead of kicked off the ride entirely?! I guess with some people it's going to be luck of the draw, and when they get the losing draw, but can still fit on other seats, they will have to complain to management just like I had to. :-|

And MY GF suggested next time wearing athletic shorts to the park to make it easier to fit. :-)

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Happy 20th Anniversary Magnum XL-200. The Original Hypercoaster.

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