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Since we were passing right through Bowling Green on our way back from a family trip to Arkansas, I suggested that we stop by Beech Bend. Of course the main reason for this was to check out Rumbler, but I was interested in the other rides as well.

The original plan was to stop by on Thursday night (6/29), but by the time we rolled into Bowling Green it was already 6:00, and the park closed at 7. So we decided to stay the night and visit the park first thing in the morning. We got over there at about 10:15 and entered the park, half of us with armbands and the other half with tickets. On to the rides –

Kentucky Rumbler – This was the driving force behind visiting this park, especially since I didn’t get down to Rumblefest back in May. This was also the first GCI coaster I’d had the chance to ride. My opinion - It’s a very solid coaster, nothing like the Voyage I’d experienced a month ago, but it doesn’t let up either. I also liked how smooth and well paced it was. It flowed seemlessly from element to element, and the speed never let up until the final breaks. A+ One thing that surprised me though is that the closer you sat to the front, the more air you seemed to get. But that could have just been the experience of my first ride, since it happened to be in the very front.

Wild Mouse – None of us had ever ridden a spinning mouse before, so this was something different. I really liked the spinning, except for one thing: If you get caught on the wrong part of the spin, this coaster can really throw you around. And with no seat padding, that isn’t good. The break run could be kind of rough as well. But it’s still a great ride for the park to have, and a good secondary anchor attraction.

Looping Star – I had heard the coaster could be rough, but it wasn’t quite as bad as I’d heard. The seats aren’t super comfortable though, for anyone even remotely tall. My knees were well over the front shell of the car. But it was a decent ride, something I’d ride again on another visit.

Dragon – This coaster was really weird. With the no one in the back rule, combined with the near stop at the top of the second hill, the ride wasn’t very well paced. In my opinion, I’ve ridden many other better kiddie coasters than this.

Some other rides I liked were the Haunted House (a really cool old ride; I especially liked how they kept everything pitch dark besides the spooky characters), the Shock Drop (The abrupt drop when you get to the top is great!), and White Water Express (a really cool log flume with a compact footprint).

WARNING: Many of flat rides at this park have insane programs, at least compared to regular POP parks. Fairs don’t count. :p Their scrambler (aptly named Sizzler) moves so fast that you really need a cushion the entire ride. Ow! After a while, I’d had enough of the spinning, and had to settle for just coasters or rides with a track that didn’t use circular motion.

Hopefully this park will continue to grow, and maybe get more fully mounted rides. It would definitely give the park a continuingly more regional park feel. The Kentucky Rumbler area is definitely a step in the right direction. The café surrounding it gives that section a very professional look as well.

Anyway, over the three hours we spent there we all had a great time, and would definitely visit Beech Bend again, given the chance.

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Did you ride the "Scat 2" ?
Yea I want to know how it feels to ride "Scat 2". It looks so weird and from pictures I can't tell what it does.
No I didn't. After that Sizzler ride (as well as many other spinning things), I didn't feel up to it. I should have ridden when I first passed by it.

I guess I'd describe the ride as an eggbeater turned upside down. The two cars each seat 6 (3 on each side), and the riders stand up like on a roundup ride.

The ride itself spins on it's main axis which turns both cars, and then the cars themselves spin on their own axis's. (Is that the plural of axis?)

Hopefully that was a good explanation.

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Skat 2 is a Round Up On Steroids. Like everything else in the park I think they run their rides a little faster than other parks. They have a Yo-Yo or Wave Swinger (which ever name you prefer). The seats on it are nearly parallel to the ground.

I have a Skat 2 video on my homepage if your interested in seeing what it looks like. If you havn't seen it before, make sure you watch it to the end. You'll "hear" why.

<EDIT> Just to clarify, I rode Skat 2 at Rumble Fest and that ride was so intense I had difficulty breathing. I'm a thrill seaker, and will ride anything at least once. I have never felt such Intense Sustained G's on any other ride I have ever ridden. Without a doubt.</EDIT>

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I'd agree about the Sizzler also. I haven't ridden one that went that fast since back in the late 60's when they were gas powered. Gas powered Scramblers and Tilt-a-Whirls were absolutely wicked.

Nice trip report. I hope more people will check Beech Bend out.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

Nice video! That definitely illustrates how insane the ride is. I don't think I would've done too well riding it right before we left. :p

You mention the wave swinger though. I rode it, but it was one ride that didn't seem to be too out of control. Plus it was smaller than many versions I've ridden. You are talking about the Jitter Bug, right?

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Jason Hammond said:Just to clarify, I rode Skat 2 at Rumble Fest and that ride was so intense I had difficulty breathing. I'm a thrill seaker, and will ride anything at least once. I have never felt such Intense Sustained G's on any other ride I have ever ridden. Without a doubt.

LOL, I rode it the Friday prior, and after getting off the ride I found a nice cool patch of grass... :)

I'd suggest NOT riding it after a trip on the spinning mouse...but DO ride it, even if once. Where are ya gonna get another opportunity?

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^Yeah I did just that at Rumblerfest. I actually liked Scat 2 IF it would of had more padding for my back. I loved the sensations.

What you need to do is get ride the Sizzler, the Gravitron, then get a good spin on the Mousey, and THEN ride the Scat on Crack! Now that's living! ;)

I really loved Rumbler as well and it DOES pick up during the nightime. Glad you had a great time MrPKI! Actually the only thing I didn't like about Beech Bend had nothing to do with the park.....the humidity was almost too much! :)


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Try Low to Mid 90's and humid for a straight week. That was Coaster Con in Orlando this year. Though the heat was nearly unbearable, I had the time of my life.

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^ I visited friends doing Con on Sunday at DAK and on Friday at BGT. Meh, Florida in the summertime, the weather is typically unbearable, LOL. Weird, though, this year we're not getting our usual 3-4pm summer showers.

But that kind of heat is what turns a ride like Scat 2 from *seriously twisted* to downright evil. Put a misting fan or a sprinkler hose right next to the ride exit...LOL! ;)

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How about attach a few misting fans to the ride itself...aimed at all the riders faces? :-P


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