TR: 8/19 Pacific Park

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Sunday, August 19, 2001 5:01 PM
TR: 8/19 Pacific Park
We got to Pacific Park at 2:40 after driving for an hour. This beach was PACKED! Stop and go trafic all trough Santa Monica. After paying 8 dollars for parking we walked up to the back entrance of the park wondering why the sign looked weird.(Found out later that the real sign was on the peir side) Then we bought 10 tickets for 10 dollars. First up was the Chaos ride.

This was my first Chaos(I forget what this one was called, I think Pacific Typhoon or something) and had no wait. I absolutely LOVED this ride. It was smooth and fast. I was worried about losing my sandals. Next was the Westcoaster, boy was a in for a surprise. From just looking at it it looks very lame but it is actually not. I waited about 3 trains for the front row with some little kid. The trains are so big that half of the people could not see over them. As you go up the bumpy lift hill you get a nice view of the city. You drop and go through a slow helix. Then some small air time bunny hills and inot a faster helix around the Chaos. After that you go up a steep incline to the station which can give you lots of air(threw me out of my seat).  Oh yeah the coaster is very quiet and smooth. You go around twice and then it was time for a last ride on Chaos.

My mom found me on Chaos and just couldn't stand watching me on it. There for another reason why I love going on Hammerhead with her watching. After that a few Carny games and off to the peir.

This park was very small and crowded but it had some nice rides and I enjoyed it. The longest line was for the Ferris Wheel(Pacific Wheel) so I missed that. I still want to know why they have a glass cage round their swinging ship. I will stop now because this is a VERY long post.

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Monday, August 20, 2001 9:12 AM
I was Blown Away when riding Westcoaster. Dear God, the airtime in the backseat was super!
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