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Saturday, May 25, 2002 6:53 AM
Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Booking Plane Tickets To Ohio =c)

I woke up at 7:30 this morning thinking, "Today's a great day to go ride some roller coasters!" So I did :)

Weather called for showers all day, but what enthusiast cares about that? Aurora took down A LOT of the orange barrels so it was a little easier getting there today. There was about 1 1/2 rows of cars....SWEET!! I walked up the ticket area, lady swiped my car and told me, "Have a GREAT day!" Wow, even the ticket people are getting into this thing? Went through the medal detector and the officer said said I shouuld head towards SUE and that it was running great today, and to have a nice day. So I took his advice.

First stop S:UE. They got the wheel covers back on SUE (does WT have them on yet anyone know?). Hopped into the back seat (litterally this thing was a walk on all day). GREAT ride. This ride is just plain fun. WT is more intense, yes, but I just like this ride for the reride fun factor. I love the airtime you get to experience...just pure float! I noticed they got this thing going at a great speed. It's coming closer to the top than it ever has! I got 9 more rides throughout the day, 3 front seat rides. What great visuals.

I went over to X-Flight, walked right up to the station. 1 train operation. I knew it would be today since the park already told me they weren't expecting any crowds...and there wasn't today (I mean there were people but not like there are in the summer). I don't know what they have done to this thing in the off season but it keeps picking up speed. It's flying through the horshoe turn now, where last year it was crawling. Talk about INTENSE G's when you ride the back during the loop!! WHOAHH! I rode X-Flight 6 more times throughout the day, never waiting more than 15min. The crew was doing a great job at getting the people on and off.

I noticed buses were starting to pull in after my second ride on X-Flight. This park had the same thing happen today as at PKI: It rains and the kids don't have cars so they are stuck there and the crowds don't die down. Luckily there weren't as many of buses as at PKI!

I got 4 rides on Big Dipper all throughout the train. I LOVE the front seat! They should call this a stand up ride. The ride is running great and smooth even on the dive to the left today! Serial Thriller has the mister going, and great crew this year. Pretty fast they got people on and off with no problems. This ride is so much better now with the headrest. Rode front, back, and middle. I little shuffling by the station but other than that it was flying also today.

BKF I rode it 12 times today!!! I don't think I ever waited more than one train. They had two trains going today. They could have easily handled 3!! I got some AWESOME airtime in the back seat after the breakrun!! I love this ride, intense G's, airtime, and a great drop! I saw someone else's report about being stapled? I'm sorrty to hear that. As for my experience, today on all my rides, they lady pulled up and out on the harness and the seat belt. He must of caught a bad break on a great ride?

Villain was running 2 trains in the mornign than 1 train in the afternoon and night due to chasis problems on the other. wait was about 2 trains all day. And MAN this thing is SMOOTH today!! It did one of those light sprinkles for an hour...and I think it "greased" the track? I rode front seat and I don't think I even stayed in my seat. It was more like I held on the front railing in row 1!! This ride was out of control today. I love that double up leading into the final turn! I got 6 rides on that today.

Next stop Raging Wolf Bobs. This was a walk on all day! Best part about the whole ride, NO ONE new about the back seat! If you go there, you must ride the back seat! This has one of the best, and most intense moments on any coaster!! Go ahead and try to stay in the same seat! After that it's more a like a bouncy Mean Streak ;)

I stopped at 2 bathrooms in the morning and they were spotless with a person in one of them emptying trash. So NUMEROUS sweepers with picker up things.

Next stop Wild Life Side (For anyone who says there isn't much to do at this park, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU THINKING) :) !!!

Luckily I called today right. Lots of kids=no one on the wild life side. Summer and families=Lots of families on the Wild Life side. As I was taking some 360' pictures on the bridge a manager came over to me and asked me, "Hello....So how do you like the Wild Rides side today?" Doth my ears decieve me? I had a nice chat with him and thanked him for his nice job at the park and was one my way.

They have the Pirate Ships up and flying through the air now. You can sit in a 4 person ship and sit forward or backwards. For those who don't know, imagine a YO YO with ships instead of seats. Same thing, and it does go quite nice right there. Employees were VERY nice over here since there was NO ONE over there. I talked to I would say around 30 or so people...mainly about the new coaster, whales, and park procedures.

SFWoA had all their shows going in full swing today even though the park was dead. I saw:

The Magic Show at the Palace Theater. Quite entertaining.
Western Showdown..pretty the Villain.
Batman Stunt Show. Not bad for the water being freezing cold I bet.
Pirates 4-D good effects as always...Oh the employees were all themed for the ride. VERY Cool.

I noticed all employees were themed to their attraction over on the wildlife side. It's amazing how diffirent you feel and your senses are over here compared to the Wild Life side.

I couldn't believe all the landscaping throughout the park!! This park has to have one of the biggest jobs in the world. I would even say this year they could rival BGW!! I was blown away by how much they have done...I even like the little cabbage and parsely patch they planted!

Dolphins were very cute today. Just watching them you know how smart they are. They kept doing that thing like we do when we see something curious on the other side of a wall, jumping up and down to get a look. I went over to see the new whale. They have 3 police and the WHOLE area fenced off over there. You can't even go up the hill. They have signs telling about the new whale and thanking you for your patience. They say she should be available for viewing in the near future. You can't come any closer than about 100ft right now. They had a few "trainer looking people" and some management just standing around watching her. She made a few noises and you could see her every now and then. Pretty neat.

Went over to Reptile World. Cool looking snakes with information on their spieces and some other reptiles. Nice exhibit for the little ones.

Went and have some Lunch/dinner at Mandrin Buffet. This place is GREAT!!!!! Themeing atmosphere, employees, etc. AWESOME food and well worth the price!! I even got %15 off with my upgraded pass (which I have already a savings of $45 so far).

Didn't feel like taking the boat so I walked back over to the Big Dipper area:

Total time walking at a VERY FAST pace without stopping and not inluding stopping to get from Mandrin to Big Dipper is 39min. Most people can't keep up with me by the way. So it is a very big hike!

On the way past the Wild Life side gates on my way back a manager Jen stopped me and asked me how I'm enjoying my stay at the park!! I told her I was having a blast and told her all my stuff I basically wrote above. She wanted to see my pictures and I showed her. She loved them than, she gave me a card to contact the park about them using some of my pictures! She was great! SOoooo much more different than last year!

Hit all the coasters and carnival rides. Sure there were kids everywhere, but after PKI and CP Physics day this was a walk in the park...litteraly :)

Everything was still practically a walk on. I left around 8pm having the BEST day at SFWoA ever!! Employes were having fun (Cudos to Raging Wolf Bob crew, Big Dipper Crew, and BKF!!) Great job SFWoA and thanks!!

Wait untill you see the pictures.... ;)

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Saturday, May 25, 2002 8:14 AM
I must just have horrible luck at SFWoA. Maybe all the nice employees were on break while we were there yesterday, or maybe they were just getting fed up with all the kids and the rain by the time we got there. I was also really surprised how dirty the restrooms were over by Roadrunner. The floors were covered in litter, the sinks were filthy, there was no soap, and the paper towel dispensers were all jammed. Maybe we just rode the wrong rides at the wrong times, and maybe I happened to catch the only dirty bathroom in the park, but it's strange that my experience was totally the opposite of yours.. :(
Saturday, May 25, 2002 8:26 AM

RCG, I was there yesterday too, and it rocked.

I got around 15-20 rides on Superman, 15-20 on BKF, 20-25 on Villain, 1 on XF and Big Dipper. I also saw Shouka swimming around in her new enviroment. I cant wait until they let everyone see her up close. She is VERY huge mind you.

The workers are the best ever. Better then CP's employee's now. They all have a sence of humor! Like...

I was at SUE, and it broke down. So I just sat in the station waiting for my front seat ride and they asked me if that was my mom sitting at the picnic table waiting for me. I said yes. So they told me I should go down there and tell her that its closed. Well, i said no. So then they got on the speaker system and said... "MOM, over at the picnic table, the ride is having some technical difficulties, and your son decided to wait" The ride ops and I were laughing about it for some time. So then the ride got fixed and they were going to test it, but then they wanted me to be there guinnie pig. So I hopped in front seat, and I rode. Only one in the train. It was really fun!

The people who work there are the best. I am amazed at the differance between last year, and this year.

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