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Wednesday, April 11, 2001 7:38 PM
Trip Report: Knott's Berry Farm
Buena Park, California
Wednesday / April 11, 2001
'America's First & Finest Theme Park'

It was very cloudy and slightly windy today and looked as if it was going to drizzle, but it didn't, which was good. The park was semi-crowded and most attractions had over a 15 minute wait. A friend and I got to the park at around 10:00 AM when the park opened. There was already a mob of people that already had their tickets and were waiting to be let in. We headed straight for the closest major ride and one that would immediately fill up in the queue -

• Type = Wood Roller Coaster / Double Out & Back
• Height = 118 FT
• Drop = 108 FT @ 51°
• Speed = 56 - 62 MPH

My friend and I waited 20 - 30 minutes all together and took a ride in the last row of the back car. I have to mention that the new airbrush job on one of the 3 trains is really exquisite. The new shaft on the first drop (to reduce noise) adds to the effect of the ride as you feel like you're going to slam right into it as you're going down the first drop. The ride was running the same as, vicious, and out of control. We walked up around the back of The Boardwalk and past many rides, we then took a ride on

• Type = Tower / Turbo Drop
• Height = 325 FT
• Drop = 252 FT
• Speed = 50 MPH

The wait for Supreme Scream was 20 - 30 minutes the whole day. And the entire ride only ran two towers at the max., and the blue one went down for maintenance later in the day as the yellow and green ran. The ride was fun as always with great air and spectacular views. After Supreme Scream, we ate lunch at Glider Diner under the Sky Cabin. We then took to HeadSpin, a scrambler type flat-ride situated right in the middle of the Windjammer track layout. After HeadSpin, we had a ride on The Wipeout, a Chance Frisbee which is also located under Windjammer. We walked out towards Fiesta Village to find that Montezooma's Revenge is temporarily down, and Jaguar! has a 30 minute wait. The other Fiesta Village rides had 15 minute waits which weren't so inviting. So we trotted back to The Boardwalk and bough ponchos. Why? Because we one of the many (suprisingly) that day who took a ride on

• Type = Water Flume / Shoot-The-Chute
• Height = 121 FT
• Drop = 115 FT @ 77.8°
• Speed = 53 MPH

Since I've already seen the beast up close before on opening day (Sept. 15), my eyes didn't pop out when I set them on the ride. But it is just as impressive to see for the third time. Okay, to speed this TR up, we went up, came down that wicked WICKEDLY STEEP drop and *BOOM* up went a giant 45 foot splash that drenched everyone in the boat. Mind you that my friend and I were wearing Perilous Plunge Souvenir Ponchos and everybody else in the boat looked like they had just been swimming with their clothes on. Since we didn't get wet that much, we didn't bother to dry off in the restrooms, but did take another tumble dry whirl on The Wipeout. We then tracked back to Fiesta Village, to find Jaguar! with a same wait of 30 minutes and took to

• Type = Steel Roller Coaster / Shuttle Loop
• Height = 148 FT
• Drop = @ 70°
• Speed = 55 MPH

'Monte' had a 30 minute wait as well, but worth the wait than Jaguar!, so we ended up in the last car and then we did our thing on the ride. The ride may I comment is very well maintained, but I seemed to noticed that there was slight braking as the train went through the station backwards...AND the train did not go ALL WAY UP like it used to before the rehab., done on the ride just very recently. Jack, what do you have to say for yourself? jK. Okay, so by this time, we had to leave, and so we did. But we did a lot of backtracking and slow walking and just spectating the awesome rides and skyline some of the time, which might have added to the time we took up at the park. But it was fun and I will be back in numerous times in the summer (oh! I forgot about the 'mountain' this summer) ;)

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