TR: 1st trip to Cedar Point & Paramount's King Island Part 1

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Saturday, August 14, 2004 11:16 PM
Trip Report
Cedar Point | Sunday Evening Aug 8th - Thursday Aug 12th
PKI | Friday Aug 13th

Left Atlanta around 4:30am on the way to Sandusky. After stopping to eat a couple of times we arrived into Cedar Point and got checked-in to Sandcastle hotel around 6:00pm. This trip had been in planning for 2 years and I almost came to tears when we saw the park sitting across the bay as we crossed the causeway. With 5 whole hours before park close, we went running to get our season passes and stand witness to the coaster that is TOP THRILL DRAGSTER.

Top Thrill Dragster
Even after 2 years of planning I wasn't ready for the coaster. I've heard all the hype, I've read of how it stays closed more than it's open and how it isn't a "real" coaster but simply a side show for CP to retain fastest and tallest coaster. I had all of this in mind as I stood next to the track and watched the first train launch, and it all just washed away.
My wife and I waited for around 1 hour and got strapped in to the red train, around halfway back. The time was around 8pm and it was still daylight. After watching the train in front of us disappear up the top hat and come back down, we rolled into position and locked into the launch carriage. When the light went green all I can recall is an acceleration that reminded me of the hyperspace jump from Star Wars. I didn't think we were ever going to stop accelerating and begin climbing. But climb we did. It seemed like we were on top of the top hat in the blink of an eye and the spiral down was astounding. Breathless, we hoped off the train and looked at our aweful photo.
Over the next four days I would ride Dragster 3 more times, 2 of which were at night which I enjoyed much more than the day. It seemed that the track was easier to focus on when it was dark and the half-second view from the top was stunning. I think they staple you to the seat somewhat, but other than that...the hype is all true. If you ride any coaster this decade this is the one to ride. I would drive 12 hours any day of the week just for this one ride.
Rating 10/10

Iron Dragon
Amy (my wife) and I were very excited about this coaster since it was our first arrow suspended coaster. I was suprised at how tame and smooth the ride on the coaster was (Arrow corkscrews always bang me around somewhat) , and overall I really enjoyed this coaster. My only complaints would be that the ride was short and, as already mentioned, tame. Later I would ride front seat on this coaster which I enjoyed much more. Also I like the fact that the ride is largely over water and weaves through the scenery very well.
Rating 7/10

Waited around 30 minutes for this ride, and rode in the second row from the rear. The lift hill on this stand-up coaster is huge, and the speed and airtime that you get as you drop is impressive. I personally thought that the corkscrew at the ending was slightly rough, but still the best example of a B&M stand up I have rode to date. Ended up only riding Mantis this one time.
Rating 6/10

Saturday, August 14, 2004 11:30 PM

StephenG said:
If you ride any coaster this decade this is the one to ride.

I'll make the suggestion of getting to Six Flags New England to ride Superman. Dragster blows the socks of most *ride experiences* I've been on though. Nice report so far.



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