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Trip Report for Saturday, October 7th, 2006

So, I went with my girlfriend on Saturday since she had not been this season and neither of us had been to a Halloween event at any park. She had tried to purchase the tickets on-line and the transaction wouldn’t go through. She called her bank and everything was fine. Finally, she got to talk to someone at the park and they saw where there she was having a problem doing this, so they told her to come to the will-call booth and we wound up getting tickets for $23.50 each, a little less than on-line. I mentioned this because I thought it was nice of them to give us discounted tickets since we were having a problem purchasing them on the net. Kudos to Kings Island and Cedar Fair.

Ok, first we went to Face/Off because she had never been on it before. I told her that it doesn’t look like much, but is very intense. When we went up the lift hill backwards, she panicked a little bit. She didn’t think the hill looked that steep. Once we were off, she loved every minute of it. Next, we went over to Viking Fury for a spin. I have not been on this for years and I had really forgotten just how much fun it is. Rode in the back and got lots of good zero g’s at the peak.

We went by Delirium, but man that ride’s line was packed all day, so we never rode. Then, we went to Adventure Express and I couldn’t believe that there was a line. Only about a two cycle wait. This ride really delivers and is much better than Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Almost all of the animatronics were working. After that, we went and rode the Racers backwards. About a ten minute wait and a great ride. Good air time and wasn’t rough at all. Next, we walked over to Flight of Fear which had a really long line all day as well. Never rode that one either. Well, after that we headed for the Vortex and as ususal, this coaster kicks butt. Not sure what it is about Vortex, but that first drop always gives me a gut wrench and I don’t get that on any coaster at Cedar Point. Then, it was on to the Beast. We walked by Tomb Raider and the line for that was ridiculous all day as well. I won’t ride it unless there’s only a fifteen to thirty minute wait. The Beast, however, was about a twenty minute wait. The ride was really smooth today. Great ride as always.

So, around dinner time we went to LaRosa’s pizza and I just loved it. After that, we noticed the fog machines were starting to go off to set the mood for the evening. All of the fearfest decorations were pretty cool. The old King Kobra trains at the gate, the tomb stones for all of the rides that are gone but not forgotten. So, we walked through the Cornstalkers, which was very foggy. I saw one guy sitting and not moving and thought, ok, you’re not going to scare me. So, got past him and somehow missed someone else right after him and he got me good. Then, started walking again and someone else popped out. That time, my knees buckled he scared me so good. I was loving it. Well, we went over and got a night time ride on the Vortex and Beast. Vortex again was awesome and a great ride in the dark. The Beast was great, but man, was it ever cold out there in the woods. Finally, we headed over to Cowboy Carnage. Took about 15-20 minutes wait. I let my girlfriend lead our little group which turned out to be really funny. I got surprised a few times, but mostly was laughing at her because she got the worst of it. Good times. Oh, I almost forgot that we did walk through the Holiday Horrors. Not bad, but nothing special either. I was surprised to see an employee smoking off to the side. Didn’t bother me though. All in all, an excellent trip and she decided that next year, we’ll have to hit all of the Fearfest attractions.

Tombstones for old rides sounds like a neat touch.
^CP did that same thing last year. They even used a couple of banged-up gondolas from the old Fronier lift next to the headstones.

Yeah, it added a lot.

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^CP did that same thing last year.

Yes, they did. :)

Hmmm, so I can say I rode the Pirate Ride in its first year. :)
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First rule of the internet: Don't date yourself. ;)

Glad you got the ticket thing cleared up. I think delerium is the same flat ride as phyclone at PCW (without checking :) ) That particular flat ride is so popular I can't believe it.
^ Similar, but not the same. The one at PKI is a HUSS ride, and it's actually larger and swings higher than the one at PCW. It's the same thing as MaxxAir at Cedar Point.

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