TR: 05/14/05 La Ronde Opening day

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I went to La Ronde for opening day yesterday. I arrived at 9:50 pm and had to wait in a 20 minutes wait to buy my season pass and then a 30 minutes to get it processed. One question: Why don't they have pre opening day season pass processing? Today wasn't that bad... but in the past, opening day saw 4-5 hours waits to get the season pass processed.

I then took a walk in the new family area. WOW. Six Flags themed even the pavement! They added a new water jets area too, which will help this summer! The themed Rockin Tug is well placed, on a hill, so you can see it well. The rest of the rides look great. After that, checked the line for Toboggan Nordique ( Zamperla Zig-Zag coaster) and it was a bit too long... and only running 3 cars!

I then got to Monstre, where only track 1 was running and had a 25 minutes wait for the back seat. They finally fixed the seatbelts (moved the metal part where they are fixed to the seat... before, they litteraly were a pain in the a**) and I guess Martin & Vleminckx finished their retracking, as it didn't shuffle or washboard at all during the ride! Even the dreaded bottom of the second drop was smooth. It was running a bit sluggish unfortunately.

I then walked around the park, noticed most of all the Quebec restaurant chains are gone (finally...) and SF lowered the prices a bit this year (drinks are now included in all the combo meals). Even McDonalds is now at street price! I got a good turkey baguette sandwich at a restaurant near the entrance for 5$, that they even let you pick what you wanted in it. Good stuff.

I hit Manitou (24 seats Zamperla Discovery). WOW. What an insane program! Everyone on the ride was dizzy after the ride, thanks to the intense spinning.! Good weightlessness on the swings. Long program too.

I did Toboggan Nordique after. Normal, trimless wild mouse.

The rain got really, really bad (it sprinkled all day till that point) and so played a good 2 hours in the Megadome Nintendo, which is a free area filled with Nintendo games... No DDR unfortunately! For the DDR fans out there, La Ronde got a good DDR Extreme machine in the main arcade and a DDR 3rd mix in the arcade in the back of the park. Both are 3 songs for a 1$.

After getting out of the Megadome, I met my parents and left the park.

Absimilliard said:WOW. Six Flags themed even the pavement!

Ya, if it's what I'm thinking about, it's from a company called Increte:

They specialize in textured concrete and can make a concrete pathway pretty much any color and any pattern imaginable: brick, stone, tile, pretty much anything you can think of. It was used extensivly at SFA and SFNE when those two parks were flagged and can also been seen at USF, BGT, and WDW among other parks.

Glad to hear you had a pretty good time though. By any chance did you get any pics of the new kids area? Seems SF is really making well themed areas this year (SFGAm, SFGAdv, SFA, SFMW) and I was just wondering if they did a similarly good job at LR. *** Edited 5/16/2005 1:48:23 AM UTC by Coaster Lover***

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

It rained all day and the sky was all grey with clouds... so the pictures will have to wait till next weekend!

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