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Tuesday, June 18, 2002 2:35 PM

We arrived in Kansas City from the beautiful Southern Appalachians of Eastern Kentucky on 06-08. Checked into the Comfort Inn directly across the street from WoF. This was a very clean and comfortable place to stay. It virtually has it's own ramp into and out of the park. I'd recommend it to anyone. On the way to KC we had stopped by Daniel Boone's final home outside of St. Charles, Missouri. It was interesting to see that the backwoodsman who had opened up my home state of Kentucky and had lived in a cabin lived his last years in a beautiful 4 story mansion.

Arrived at WoF on Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. This was our families first ever visit to this park. Thought that the parking opened at that time but it didn't until 9:30. Beautiful view of the Ninja from the parking lot. Looked newly painted in a bright/deep shade of red. We had ordered season passes to WoF prior to Christmas. Couldn't process them until 10:00. Small processing area with four young ladies maning the camera's. Not at any point did any of these persons smile, make eye contact or say thank you. Now tell me if this is common practice in the rest of the U.S. but where I live, if you pay a man/business .50 cents for a can of pop you can expect a gracious and sincere, "thank you very much from that vendor." Is common courtesy dead in the rest of the country. You give Cedar Fair $260.00+ for 4 seasons passes and not one single iota of common courtesy. The same thing happened at the ticket gate. Swiped our tickets, handed them back and just stared at us. Come on People, even a non-sincere "have a nice day or thank you would beat that. Lisa (spouse) went through a seperate gate and immediately commented to me, "they are not very friendly here, are they."

Now one thing that I liked, even though it is scripted, is that the show performers go to the exits at the end of the show to shake the patrons hands at the end of each show, that made us feel a little bit better about WoF even knowing it's scripted. The actors/performers seemed very genuine when thanking us for watching the show.

Later my faith in Western Missouri humanity was restored while purchasing a kiddie meal at a chicken stand in front of the Rotor, a young, female staffer who wasn't waiting on me said, "Are you having a good time?" I looked at her smiling face and told her that I really liked the park and I was having a good day. I asked her if she was having a good day and she told me that today was her first working in the park. I told her that she was the first worker of the day that had smiled and was friendly (without a script) and told her how much that meant to me. I told her to keep up her friendlyness towards people as it would not only make others feel better, but that it will make it more enjoyable for her to work here. I should have gotten her name and written a letter to management.

MambA: Grade B
Rides (Approx. 15)

This was one of my most anticipated rides of the trip. We rode this several times to begin the day. Good first drop, even with the brake on the top of the first lift hill. Great laterals in the helix. Almost stopped after the helix, killing any chance of air over the bunny hops on the return leg. Chris and I returned later in the day to ride again and they were not killing the run as much allowing some air on the return leg. Ride op told us that they were having some problems this morning, "with a wheel about to fall off or something like that" so they were slowing it down more that usual this morning. This could be as good of a ride as Steel Force if they would run it the way Dorney does.

TimberWolf: Grade B-
Rides: (Approx. 6)

Reminded me of Thunder Run of SFKK only not nearly as good. This is definitely a front seat coaster in my opinion with some good burst of air.

Ninja: Grade C
Rides: One

This is a very high grade for me for this type of coaster. Was quite intense and fairly smooth with some, but not as much as most, neck wrenching.

Skipped the boomerang as I vowed after my last ride on the Vampire at SFKK to never ride one again.

General Impressions:

A pretty park, clean and well maintained. Our experience was enhanced by the fact that the crowd was fairly light on the day we attended. The kids loved the CloudPoofer(?) ride and the rotor. Very good shows. Enthusiastic casts even during the last show we attended where the cast almost outnumbered the audience. Staff could be TRAINED to be more courteous up in the front (entry) area of the park. Ride ops very efficient and professional. Even with small que lines very conscious of making the patrons follow the rules, especially the crew of Timberwolf.


Take it easy,

Tuesday, June 18, 2002 4:34 PM
Nice TR...Did you get a chance to ride ThunderHawk or Detanator?...Orient Express, I think is the name of the ride you are looking for, instead of "Ninja", which is at SFStL. I too was suprised at the smooth ride I got earlier this year on OE compared to last year, when I vowed I would never ride it again...Thunder Run is a nice suprise at SFKK
Wednesday, June 19, 2002 12:35 PM
Cool. Nice to read about my hometown amusement park. No Thunderhawk or Detonator? Yes, the Orient Express is alot smoother than all the years I've been riding it (ever since 1992. . .but this year will be the first since, that I won't get to ride it). Should have ridden the Boomerang at least once - not all boomerangs are the same. . .

My place

Sunday, June 23, 2002 3:24 PM

To Pokeyron,

No I didn't choose to ride ThunderHawk or Detanator. I watched ThunderHawk for awhile and it really gets you wet. I'm not able to spin as much now as when I was younger, Motion sickness, so I opt out of those rides.

Yeah Orient Express would be the name of the big, beautiful, red monster full of inversions that I did choose to ride. Ninja? I must have gotten my "Oriental themed" coaster mixed up. LOL! Thanks for pointing out my confusion.

Sunday, June 23, 2002 3:31 PM

To Genesis,

I agree that not all Boomerangs are the same just like no two Morgan's with similar designs are the same as proven by Mamba's subpar operations as compared to Steel Force at Dorney. In fairness to Mamba, she did show signs of potential for greatness during one ride in the evening when the train shot through the trims after the helix and wasn't slowed as much as the other runs. The airtime on that run was tremendous and comparable to that of Steel Force.

The last Boomerang I rode, I almost blacked out when the coaster stopped on the hill following the forward run and was preparing to procede with the backwards portion. This happened to me one other time also on a boomerang. It has scared me to the point that I will not ride them anymore. This is quite alright, however, because I like the woodies the best anyway.

Take it easy, DAC

Sunday, June 23, 2002 5:21 PM

Dale, We visited WOF last weds and had a great time. I agree the show peeps manning the exits was cool and it was also cool to see live entertainment with real singing as opposed to this local park that has basically thrown entertainment out the window.

I found the ops and staff quite nice at WOF and found the park beautiful. I really couldn't believe Busch didn't pic this park up when it was for sale. Anyway CF got a real winner and a really clean park that reminded me alot of BGW

Chuck, who liked Timberwolf just fine thank you. TR comming soon

Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193


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