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Saturday, May 12, 2001 8:36 AM
Well, yesterday an event occured that can only be described as pandemonium...Stark Raven Mad 2001! This was my first SRM, and it was also a night I'll never forget. I arrived at the park at 10 am, after checking in at the Motel 6 in Dale. I decided to grab a couple of rides on Raven before 11, which was when I was supposed to meet up with Jeff Tolotti.

Raven's wait was less than pleasant, to say the least. Dozens upon dozens of little kids filled the line, resulting in a VERY annoying wait. Once I made it into the station I ran into Jeff, who was also waiting for the back seat. We grabbed a ride, and headed over to Legend, where I took 5 rides in a row without leaving my seat. Throughout most of the day, both Raven's and Legend's lines were walk-ons, resulting in many re-rides.

After a full day of riding, it was about time for dinner, followed by ERT. But first, there was a presentation, where Mrs. Koch announced that she has cancer. Everyone there was as surprised and shocked as me when we heard the news. But, she even said herself that we shouldn't let this news ruin our evenings, so everyone tried their best not to think about it. Will Koch also announced that ERT would be extended till 1 am. Now it was time to eat. It rained a little while we were eating, but had stopped by the time we got back to riding. Later in the night, the rain picked up again, resulting in some VERY fast and intense rides on Legend, so fast that the train would slide a few feet into the station after hitting the final brakes. Everyone was having a great time, and then something very surprising happened. As a train was navigating Legend's course, one of the ride ops began to ring the bell on top of Legend's station, like always. But he must of rung it a little too hard, because the next thing I knew, I heard a strange cracking sound. I looked up, only to see the bell fall off the side of the building! Everyone was in shock, but luckily it was still being supported by the rope.

Legend was shut down for a few minutes while they took care of the bell, so we headed back over to Raven and grabbed a couple more rides. Wow, this thing is just amazing at night. It feels as if it's traveling 80 mph through those woods. By now, Legend was back up and running, and it was almost the end of the night, so we headed back over there. I got another 5 rides in a row without leaving my seat, since the line was pretty much gone. After the 5th ride, they shut the park down (it was 1:45 am I might add), and everyone headed out. I was able to meet and grab rides with many people throughout the evening, and it was a fantastic event. Probably the best coastering night of my life.


"Hold on tight, with all your might, and enjoy your flight on the Raven!"
Saturday, May 12, 2001 9:35 AM
Nice TR! I have a question though. Do you need to be a member of ACE to participate SRM?
Saturday, May 12, 2001 9:41 AM

RCfan13 said:
"Nice TR! I have a question though. Do you need to be a member of ACE to participate SRM?"

No, SRM is open to members of any coaster club.
However, ACE members get 50% off admission to HW all year long - a REAL bargain.


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