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Wednesday, June 5, 2002 8:05 AM

So I had originally made plans to make my SRM trip this year a long, five days. When I was asked to do Fiesta Fest, and I realized I was doing Coastermania, too, I said there's no way, I'd basically be on a two week vacation!

So I condensed it to about three days. Five parks in three days, including the two day SRM event. Piece of cake!

So Thursday night comes and I'm driving my sisters car to the airport. It has a spare on the front right and I was specifically told NOT to run into anything. Well, obviously, since I was told not to, it's going to happen.

I saw the traffic on I-285 Westbound to be gridlocked so I said "Screw this" and turned around on the on ramp! Wouldn't you know it, the car didn't turn sharp enough and BOOM I hit the curb with the spare. Yes, folks, I am an idiot.

After those festivities we made it to Hartsfield Airport with plenty of time to spare. I did the self check in thing for Delta and it was so freakin' easy! Plus 1,000 Sky Miles for me, woohoo!

The flight over had some cool turbulence. I used to not enjoy turbulence but it's cool now. Other than that everything went smoothly and I arrived at O'Hare a little early on Thursday night. I was picked up by Eric Perez (Ragingusmc) and Scott Shaffer (Staplematic4099) in the Big Blue Van affectionately named the "Hoopdy."

Off we went to Jack Wlezien's (Boomerang Delicious) house (pronounced "Fleshin," don't ask how) which was our meeting spot for the night. On this particular SRM trip we'd be traveling with the most people so far, seven total! So at Jack's house we meet up with Clayton Hauck (I can't remember Clay's CBuzz name) and Keith McVeen (Badnitrus), play a little DDR Konamix, and head out to the last stop (Sounds like we're running a taxi service up in here, lol) which was Mike Parker's house.

Well, now we have everyone in the van and we're off to SFStL for a little morning riding action before the SRM event! Eric drove the entire way while the cool kids in back got to watch Coaster Mayhem 2001 on this cool little VCR/TV combo thing. Seems as though everyone enjoyed it, even though it was HELLAHOT in the van and we had to keep the windows closed so we could hear the damn thing!

Fast forward to about 5am and we're already at SFStL. Some people decide to relieve themselves outside ASAP and a security guard sees us parked there. He decides to come over and Eric starts up...

"'Mornin'! We're just tryin' to catch a lil' shuteye before the park opens!" etc etc...needless to say I lost it. People saying shuteye and 'mornin crack me up.

After that pleasantness, SOMEONE decided it would be cool to watch Jurassic Park. At 5am. Well, whatever, Jurassic Park starts playing and I start cracking up at one of the opening scenes where there's a close up of a guys mouth and he's yelling "SHOOT HA" in this accent. Yep, I couldn't stop laughing for a good five minutes. That's what happens when you get no sleep!

Anyway, onto the park. The gates open up at 10am after some random Looney Tunes show and we head over to Scooby Doo Ghostblasters shoot-em-up ride. Well la de da guess what. It's not open! We look across the path to Freeze. Guess what else is not open. Ooooh, CORRECT! What is it with some parks that just don't open rides on time. I understand that certain things happen but come on, when it happens with such frequency it gets real irritating.

Anyway, so I ask an employee when either of the two will open and he said Scooby would open first but not anytime soon. Screw that, I saw the Boss operating and we high tailed it back there.

Upon entering the queue for the Boss I could tell it was HAULING already. It looked to be riding pretty smoothly too. The Boss is one of my all time fav wooden coasters so I was really excited. Keith was the only one who hadn't ridden it yet so we got to see a first timers reaction.

We all loaded up towards the last two cars of the train. Up the lift, turn, down the drop we go, having some GREAT air off the first part of the drop. The speed section following is fantastic and really builds the anticipation for the second part of the drop. Then all of a sudden the train is GONE and you're launched into the air. Such an awesome section of track! The following small bunny hop really throws ya as well. I noticed that going into the block brakes is much faster this year than 2000 or 2001. They still trim it (a little too much, but what the hell do I know) but the block drop is still pretty good. The "double down" weirdo drop is awesome in the back, you really get a great pull down. Then the bunnies are taken in rapid succession and offer a pretty darn good float over 'em. Finally, the helix PLASTERS you to the left hand side of the train and it finishes with a good double up (nice air in front) and final brakes. Definitely as good of a ride as ever. I wish I could have scored some night rides but Legend would have to fufill that role (darn!).

After the Boss ride we headed to Screamin' Eagle. Guess what wasn't open. Screamin' Eagle. Boooooo to that. Oh well, we were going to meet up with Glenn Dobbs soon, and we headed to Ninja. Saw him, got in line, and headed for the last car. Again, Keith was the only one who hadn't ridden it so we all said "Keep your hands up the WHOLE ride." Riding with new people is the best. You can always find a way to sucker them lol. Needless to say, Keith (well, all of us) got freaked out by the XTREMELY close chain lift return while going under the lift. Best part of the ride! Almost as funny as me yelling "It's really smooth!" to Glenn in the helix and getting CRACKED in the face a moment later. Damn rough transitions.

After Ninja we wanted to check out BTR. Ahahahahaha full queue yeah right you must be on crack. Why are there so many people at this park at 11am on a Friday in May? Oh well, we went back to check out Scooby Doo and it was open! But it also had an almost full queue so nuts to that. We didn't get to ride Scooby. However, Freeze STILL wasn't open but was testing so we made our way in line for that. To pass the time, we decided to get some ice water and icees from a stand. Something funny to do to your friends while waiting in the hot sun is to take some leftover water and throw it at them while saying "SUB ZERO" and doing the Mortal Kombat ice throwing motion. Good times!

Anyway, finally Freeze decided to open about twenty minutes later. Scott and Clay had ridden with lap bars but none of the rest of us had so Keith, Eric and I decided to wait for front row. I *love* the front on launch coasters for the visuals of the brakes opening in front of you.

Five trains later we were riding in the front. The initial launch cracks me up because it's SO GRADUAL. But then the power kicks in and you're outta there and into the 150ft top hat. Hands up, this ROCKS! The overbanked turn was just like MF's and the feeling of freedom is fantastic now. The backwards run is even better! You get the absolute craziest visuals ever going through the top hat backward. If the line wasn't so long I would have loved to reride, but that wasn't happening. Everyone in our group loved the ride though, so way to go SFStL!

We saw that Screamin' Eagle was now accepting riders so we made our way over there. We got in line and noticed they were running one train with the queue almost at full express length. Booooo again. Oh well, it took about 20 minutes anyway. We chose the back because that's typically where I got my best rides. After a quick check we were gone. At the top of the lift Keith and I were pointing out where the new hyper is going to go (lol). Did you ever get those pics Keith? Hahaha.

Down the drop and there's still some roughness at the base of it. Nothing bad. The third drop remains to be the coolest because you don't realize just how far down it goes. Eagle is a ride that at night can be spectacular due to the proximity of the trees. There really is never an abundance of airtime on it but usually delivers a quick and enjoyable ride.

After that we decided it was time to head out to the one and only Holiday World for some SRM action! We gassed up, got a bite to eat and were off!

Watch out for SRM Day 1 TR next! Thanks for reading!

"Hey, what were the 80's like, were they cool?"

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 8:54 AM
Nice TR BULL. Can't wait for this weekend. 35 coasters in 3 days. ACE heaven.

"Sit down, enjoy much airtime and put your feet IN the fire!"

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 8:57 AM

Hey, Cavy

That's Mr. Legendary to you. And I can't wait to hear you scream like a little girl on MF for your first ride. Is it really going to be 35 coasters? Damn.

We had *seven* CCI's in three days last weekend though...nothing can top that. ;)

"Hey, what were the 80's like, were they cool?"

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 11:59 AM
So let me ask you, how does a 20 year old guy manage to get on over 300 coasters? Lots of penny saving I guess :P. The Boss looks like an awesome coaster.

|| Jonathan Hawkins ||
Top Gun: TJC flights - Approx. 267 (79 in 2002)

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 12:22 PM
Great TR, Legendary.....Wish I could ride the Boss, again. Your trip brought back memories for me, at that park.

Dayuum, Your HOT!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2002 1:03 PM

StarCoasters -- Yeah, it's a lot of saving money and being "thrifty" on trips.

It was great seeing ya again at SRM. So is Legend your #1? :)

Coasterr, thanks for the compliment. Boss is an awesome ride, and I think many more people will be flocking to SFStL next year!

"Hey, what were the 80's like, were they cool?"

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 1:46 PM

Legendary, Gee I wish I could stay at home all day with no job and then take my mommys' car to CP.

*Note to those going with Legendary this weekend don't let him stay up past 12, or you'll be sorry your with him.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 5:41 PM

Ragingusmc said:

Legendary, Gee I wish I could stay at home all day with no job and then take my mommys' car to CP.

*Note to those going with Legendary this weekend don't let him stay up past 12, or you'll be sorry your with him.

Youre scaring me. What happens past 12?

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 5:58 PM


You don't want to know! The worst comes out in Joe after midnight. He tries to sleep but he somehow can still speak while sleeping. To add to the confusion, his mouth willl be shut but 'something' is heard...

Nice TR Joe! See ya in 24.

-Sean (...and smelt also) F.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002 6:36 PM
i'm 18 and i've done 234 coasters
Wednesday, June 5, 2002 8:50 PM

Thanks for the heads up sean. Ill try and be on my best guard.



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