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Our day started with a early wake up of 7am as we wanted to get to PKI for the goldpass ERT in action Zone. The park opens at 9 and ERT for passholders starts at 9 also so off we go to Action Zone.

Knowing SOB would not have a wait at any time durring the ERT we decided to hit Face Off for only our second ride this season after 9 visits to the park. Sorry, It's a great ride but I am not waiting the usual 1.5hrs for it. Face off front seat ride was as good as always and then we went over to Sonny.

Sonny, backseat and yes it was running awesome! After sonny we are going to go for the ACE walkback. It is 9:35 when we get to where the stone was and they are gone already. After checking with GR we are told to go on back :)

Walkback for Tomb Raider. I am just going to flat speak the truth hear. I am not above sugar coating but do believe in being nice in general.

Tomb Raider: Is this their new for 2002 marquee ride? Is this what people are comming for? OK. I like the ride but it is definetely not as good when one or more than one of the effects are not working like they are supposed to or not at all! I've ridden TR probably 20 times this year and I bet you that the eyes on the sheava wall haven't worked right or one was burnt out or something on 12 of the 20 rides. The lava jets were not on at all and the steam was not the normal awesome for the ending and door openings ect. I am sorry, This was a thing I worried about when they built this totally imersive themed darkride experience. That THEY WOULD NOT KEEP IT IN PRESTINE CONDITION. It might sound mean and backstabing but this is constructive critisism from a park lover and backer.

We decided to Skip the beast as it was in general agreement that it is bouncing too hard and has become painful in the corners following the midcourse. We were off to the FLyers.

Flyers, We got in about 6 rides this first go around and then we went to FOF about 11am. The park was not yet busy and FOF is always a thrill, Theming or not. After FOF we did Racer and then another ride on Sonny in the masichist seat of 2-1. This seat slams the riders against each other on the turn following the first drop and it has become fun to us. it really don't hurt and is a added thrill in say a legenistic type of way :)

More rides on the flyers till about 3pm and then we are off to Strickers Grove.

Strickers Grove. Ross Ohio.

We arrive about 4 after a couple stops and pay the $3 for parking and then go in and get our wristbands. My brother had made the comment to me that the flyers hear are unsnappable. I said wanna bet? and he said $5 DONE! Well my first ride out I get a small snap which was witnessed by many and that was followed on other rides with more snaps and great elevation of the tree trimming variety. Funny about these flyers cause last year I could not snap but a friend did and the op yelled at him. Not this year! BTW. My brother got one snap on them that rivalled any snap I seen on any flyers but only once. I looked over and seen about 2 foot of slack in his cable and thought to myself thats gonna hurt :).

Teddy Bear. Ok this is a PTC jr. style coaster with a beautiful train. There is nothing big about it but I love this coaster, It is smooth, Fun and has one pop of airtime in the frontseat returning to the station.

Tornado, now this was my second Tornado in just over two weeks. (The other being Adventurlands) I remembered the tornado as being fun and with a couple surprise elements of air. OK, FIrst noticed. HARD SEATS and wider divider :( None the less the ride was great and that M element has airtime that is kinda like Riverside Cyclones. A backseat ride revealed at least 4 airtime moments with two of them being ejector.

Cuddle Up. I have only seen three of these rides. Adventureland, Strickers and Knoebels. This thing wasn't spinning much last year but this year demanded we ride it at least a dozen times! One time with four of us in the tub we all raise our hands at the same time and let the motion take control. The result was BUMPER PEOPLE! :) Fun!

Tip Top: Now the only other Tip Top I know of is 20 miles north of Strickers at Lesourdsville Lake. Me and my brother rode this 3 times tonight and it is fun and provides wierd motions while spinning and hopping including airtime and in some cases latteral airtime.

The park got busy about 8pm but everything but the Tornado was still only a one ride wait. After the fireworks we returned to ride the flyers three more times before the night was over.

I worked at Strickers back when I was 12-13 and never believed I could have so much fun in this small park. I am not saying strickers is a great park or even a amusement park. It is a picnic facility with some rides and two woodies but I had a ball.

We met many people including Larry K. and wife. Tina Curtis and Derrick. SOBIEPKI and FOF and many others. Josh (Raven phile)was there with friends and he was loving it so I guess that me and my brother wern't the only ones.

Next TR; Lesourdsville Lake on 7-5


Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193

Nice TR Chuck!

-Sean Newman
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We went to Cedar point and skipped Millenium Force because we were in agreement, that it is too fast.

We went to France, and skipped Paris, because we were in agreement that it was too dirty,

We went to the Moon, but decided not to take a moonwalk, because the surface was too uneven.

I'm in agreement with myself that The Beast isn't even one of the Top 10 reasons I go to Kings Island. I don't know if Beast is bouncy after the midcourse or not since I've only been on it once this year, but there's a lot of things at the park I would rather be riding and reriding.
How dare you talk about my Beast like that? j/k I will always love the ride and I still think its the best. I am all for giving your own oppinion and all.

Can we change the name of Top Gun to your mom so no one wants to ride your mom?

The Beast is a great ride and all, but I can't help to love The Racer's classic vibe and airtime, SOB's height, speed, loop, and intensity, and the excellent steel coaster variety they have right now. I really don't have any problems with Beast since I can't find anything wrong with it. There's just some things that are even better IMO. :)

Terrific TR Chuck! Your reports are always fun to read since you go in-depth for the most part even for parks you've been to a dozens times this year alone. It's sad to hear TRTR hasn't been working to its fullest. Thanks for writing!

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Thanks for the nice comments guys, and way too funny Cricket :)

I flat out love THe Beast. Ridden it well over 1000 times but it has rarely bounced like it was doing the other week. I am a die hard backseat rider on Beast and it had gotten to the point that it was painful. Now you can still get relatively smooth rides by riding in a non axel seat but I find that takes something away from Papa. I like to be shook up but not hurt.

Chuck, who should have ridden anyway

Charles Nungester
Lesourdsville Lake, The great American amusement park opens the season June 6th Thurs-Sun every week. Park phone is (513)539-2193

Yes, Chuck... you should have...

If for nothing else than those poor souls who live 8 hour away. :(

Why do we fear Mack trucks, but not Mack Wild Mouse coasters?

*sigh*...I wonder how long it will take for Tomb Raider to turn into a dark top spin? 3 years? 4?

Doesn't it seem as though morons always have the caps lock on?

Hopefully, it will take longer than it takes a ride to become a dark bobsled... ;)
Thanks for getting my name right there chuck!

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