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Hey All,

After spending most of Saturday morning sitting through a time share
presentation we headed out to blow our gift certificates on lunch at LuLu's
Bait Shack overlooking the Fort Lauderdale strip and beach. After lunch we
took the water taxi (well worth the $5) over to the Gallarea to blow the
rest of our play money at the Waldenbooks. From there we cruised the
intercostal back to the time share and off to Boomers to survive the Dania
Beach Hurricane!

As Hurricane Isabel decided to miss us we needed to get blown away and Dania
was just the spot. I had seen the Hurricane from afar on our various trips
around South Florida (for wicked airtime ride in the back of the swamp buggy
at Billie's Swamp Safari) and was in serious need of a wood coaster fix. We
found Boomers pretty easy and headed through the maze of video games and
mini golf courses to get to our goal, the Dania Beach Hurricane.

After paying my $10.60 for unlimited rides and Adam purchased his one ticket
we hopped on. We rode and all I can say is WOW! What a kick ass air filled
coaster! It was a blast to ride and IMHO every park should have one of
these! You couldn't wipe the grin off my face with a sledgehammer after
that ride. Adam went to take it easy as he's a light weight and I kept on

I asked the ride op if I could take my camera on and he said that it was
fine so several rounds of on-ride-photos commenced. There were a bunch of
kids and teenagers there and they were all getting off and sprinting around
for a re-ride which IMHO is the sign of a great coaster!

After chatting with the ride op for a bit between cycles I was told that
they did intend to build more coasters in the lot next to the hurricane at
some point. I was given permission to venture out into the lot for some
pictures from there so I took a break from being thrown around on the
Hurricane to grab some different photos.

All in all I was completely blown away by the Dania Beach Hurricane! It had
air all around and the front seat especially during the finale! I think I
have another coaster to add to my exclusive second tier (there's only 1
coaster in my top tier and that's the Raven)! If you're even vaguely near
South Florida go ride the Dania Beach Hurricane!

If you're interested I have pictures of the Dania Beach Hurricane on for you to check out!

Have Fun!

Paul Drabek
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Nice TR and great pics man! Really looks like a nice woodie, and the layout looks great too. Too bad I won't be in the neighborhood anytime soon...:(

"You're afraid of heights, but you love roller coasters...yep, you're weird alright."
A friend's response to my constant yelling at the top of Power Tower. And I'll ride it again and again...:)

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Paul, I have found myself surfing neg-g more and more, great site!

I've ben hyping DBH ever since my second trip down there (the first rides were "a bit stiff" as the coaster seemed to need a little break-in period. The last trip down about 2 weeks ago re-confirmed my opinion. Have to say I was surprised to finally see a LINE for the ride, as I've *never* had to wait before....granted it was a one-train wait, but business IS improving.

Of course, next time down I'm going to make it a weekend at (Uncle) Bernie's as well...:)
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I'm glad you had fun on the DBH! I remember you mentioning your trip on RRC, and was anxiously awaiting the pictures.

When I lived in FL, it seemed as though many of the natives didn't think that the DBH was all that. It's, in my opinion, the best coaster in the state. It's a really fun ride, and the airtime is all over the place! I personally prefer the back row for the crazy air entering the bunny hops, but the front definately doesn't disappoint.

You've also made me even more excited about my first trip to HW, which will be in a few weeks! It's going to be on closing day, and I'm VERY excited about the Raven and the Legend!
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