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Six Flags Over Georgia September 13, 2003 SFOG was the first stop on our vacation down south but it’s the last to get a TR because it took by far the longest to add all the pictures to We headed down to Atlanta Friday the 12th after dropping Bond off with Carrie’s folks in Illinois. We crashed over at my friend Adam’s house in Roswell and got up and headed to the park bright and early. We let Robert Ulrich know that we’d be at the park and he decided to join us. After getting Adam and his girlfriend Kathy their tickets we headed in to meet up with Robert. He had a pass for a q-bot so we grabbed that and then headed in the general direction of the Georgia Cyclone. An extremely large employer in the Atlanta area was having their company picnic at the park so Robert predicted extremely long lines. There was almost no wait for the Cyclone so we hopped on. It was a blast to ride as usual but was quite a bit rougher than my previous visit at the park which was at the beginning of the season in 2002. The Cyclone is close to edging out my favorite Cy-Clone which is Viper. I think SFOG needs to get some new trains with some better padding and oh yeah three bench cars! From there we headed back around to the Monster Plantation. This one is also a close call for being a favorite. It’s right up there with Knoebels Haunted Mansion for favorite dark ride and I pray that Six Flags does not come in and destroy this charm of a ride! Actually the boat almost tipped over when we got in because I suddenly turned around to take a picture of Robert, Adam and Kathy (Adam’s girlfriend) and next thing I knew the boat had listed about thirty degrees! I got the message and sat very still in the front of the boat from then on! We goofed around through Bugs Bunny Land before heading up Carousel Hill for a spin on the Hanson Cars. Yes they’re your typical car ride but their scenery and layout wrapped around Carousel Hill make them a truly wonderful and relaxing ride. The Riverview Carousel is also speeding up there on my favorite lists. All it needs is a ring machine and it’ll leave Knoebels Grand Carousel in the dust, of course like Six Flags would ever add a ring machine to a carousel! The Riverview Carousel has some serious sentimental attachment to me because of growing up hearing story after story about Riverview and how great it was. I wish I could have experienced Riverview but all I have is the Carousel. We were all getting hungry so we followed Robert’s advice and brought a lunch with us. We found a nice spot right next to the Cyclone and sat down to eat. After lunch it was again coaster time. Robert and I went to check out the Mindbender from outside the park for a few pictures before heading with everyone else to the Dahlonega Mine Train for a few laps. Like many people know I have a mine train thing. I just have fun riding them and the Dahlonega is a blast! My only criticism is that they need to rebuild the tunnel after lift #2 because the ride is a bit dry there. Hey how about a bunch of enthusiasts donating their time to rebuild it, that would be a blast! Superman was up next on our plate and Robert and I talked Kathy, the non coaster fan onto getting a ride. We opted for the back as usual and had only a couple of minutes wait even with the q-bot as the crowds never developed. Superman was bliss as usual and by the time we got off Kathy was hooked! GASM was up next and for a 30 year old woodie it can still kick a little ass. It does not have gallons of air or is super smooth but it was a bit better than last year and I enjoyed my ride on it. Carrie, Kathy and Adam headed up to the Carousel to relax while Robert & I headed up to have a go at the Ninja. I know a lot of SFOG Locals diss this Vekoma Looper but I actually really enjoy it. It’s smooth for having Arrow track, the loops are fun and it has not one but several wicked head choppers from nearby supports! We got the rest of the party and headed towards Déjà vu but as the Q-Bot told us “Ride Is Shut Down – Déjà vu”…typical! It’s a shame because it’s not a bad ride, it just has the worst capacity! Off into Gotham I got my only credit at SFOG that I failed to get last year, Batman the Ride. Batman, yawn, ok, cha-ching! Mindbender had been calling me ever since my one ride last year and I needed a lot more. Thankfully to short lines, q-bot and no one in line for our seat I ended up with five rides in a pretty short span of time. I LOVE Mindbender! Every park should have a coaster like this, preferably from Schwartzkopf! Mindbender has everything, headchoppers, speed, loops, air, twists, turns, terrain, great pacing, no OTSR’s and oh yeah more airtime! I could camp out on the Mindbender for days, weeks, months without getting bored. What a prefect ride! Free fall was a hit for me as I love Intamin’s 1st generation free falls. A Free Fall ride is all about anticipation and you can’t beat the slow noisy ride up in the elevator, slowly moving to the drop and then waiting to drop! The 1st Generation free fall as anticipation coming out it’s ears where the newer ones have little. Also you have to love SFOG’s Fre Fall’s Pac Man-esque logo from the 80’s, how cool! We also hit Deer Park Plunge and the Six Flags Railroad which I mention together because the train actually stopped so that people on it could get splashed be the flume. The Flume was also a bunch of fun to ride and you got cooled down rather nicely without getting soaked. Over the last two years I have become a huge SFOG fan and it’s slowly edging our SFGAm as my favorite park in the Six Flags Chain. I need to make a wormhole between Santa Claus and Atlanta and then I’ll be one happy coaster enthusiast! Pictures are up on so check them out when you get the chance. Have Fun! Paul DrabekNegative-g Coaster & Park Pictures www.negative-g.comRead My Blog "It's All Downhill From Here" @
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Great TR and pics! SFOG really is a park to visit. Not only are their coasters great, but the park is nice as well. I'm really looking forward to a springtime visit.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

I agree. SFOG is certainly a Diamond in the Six Flags chain. Still has most of it's original theming, and does not have Batman and Superman logos everywhere. (yet)
"The Mountain Slidewinder. Voted The #1 Non-Rollercoaster Ride in America Amusement Business Magazine, 1991"

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