TR Kennywood 5/29. Im in Heaven

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Awoke at our hotel about 7am after staying up watching some killer bees movie till 3am and then proceeded to meet the gang (Bill, Tina, Katie,Brian,Tim out front of the hotel beings Katies was only half a mile away.

We proceeded to the West Mifflin Dennys and were going to eat breakfast. After being told it would be ten minutes and then waiting twenty we decided to leave without eating and make KW at opening because Gator said we were meeting Gonch and Rob Ascough.

We entered Kennywood after getting out $19.95 tickets at Giant Eagle (Thanks Katie)

The new entry is very nice at KP and as always walking through the tunnel to the park opening up before you is a pleasure.

We all made our way to PR's entrance and waited to meet more peeps but none showed, Anyhow, The group we had took first train rides on PR and found it great as always, It was Brian, Tim and Gators first rides on the new Phantom.

We then rode Exterminator early as lines on this get unbearable late in the days. It was Brian and Tims first spinny mouse. I rode separate from the group as we were uneven at this point with 7 and sat next to a kid and his dad. We didn't spin much durring the ride but got the final corner spin till they stop you that I havent got since our first visit back in 2000.

We were gonna ride Thunderbolt next but one train ops and a full Q made us change our minds. So we did Noahs Ark without the elevator and final sceene. Why are they doing this?

The other half of the gang rode Phantom again and we rode the Turtle for the first time in three visits in the back car. Turtle did nothing for me back there but I would have a better ride later in the day.

We met up with the gang at Potato Patch and had our first order of the day. I just had frys with cheese and a drink for about 5.25 Good deal and great food. The rest of the group who'd never been agrees. Potato Patch rules.

The group then decided to split up. Brian a local Cincy/Daytonian has never been to KP before so he hung out with Rob and I and we decided to hit all the secret and sacred things KP is known for. The Auto Race, The Train, Gold Rusher, Racer and Jack Rabbit and some other things that are always enjoyable. Brian agreed that Racer is the best coaster in the park. (This would become muddled later in the day)

I had a pair of uniden radios and had given one to the other group to keep in contact but this became a joke inside the park. I decided to sit out on Garfields Nightmare while Rob adn Brian took a ride on this RUINED attraction. Sorry but it sucks if you ask me and thats from my last year visit. IMHO the only dissapointment with Kennywood is a classic ride ruined with effects that ruin it's charm. (Still better to have a old mill than none at all IMHO though)

Well they were about to get on the ride when I finally just put the radio on channel one and called for them about the 100th time and got the Were at JACK RABBIT reply. We agreed to meet at the gift shop right outside the arcade and when I walked up there we were greated by two more friends. April and Pete making our group now a total of 9 peeps :)

Another Phantom Ride was in order and upon walking over there, We hooked up with Rideman making the group now 10 peeps. PR was again great and then we decided to hit King Kahuna (Top Spin) While Im guessing Im too big to ride since I could barely ride it at Lake Compounce, I sat out and talked with the 6 who decided not to ride and shoot some video of them on the ride.

Bill, Tina, Katie and Time were totally soaked, The got them not once but twice. I also seen a 6 flip done once while they all decided to take a dry off spin on the enterprise..

The ten of us decided it was dinner time so we hit Baby Potato Patch and most of us got Chicken Tenders and Fries and a drink for only about $6 That meal would cost $13or more at Kings Island and most other big parks. Not here at Kennywood, The food is inexpensive and great tasting!

The rest of the evening was spent together for the most part. Tim, Bill and Tina got rides on Phantom Jr (Talk about your Cre-ho's) and we did the train, auto race and many other rides including racer and jackrabbit again.

Kennywood Park at night is probably the most beautiful park I've seen next to the FL parks. The Luna Park atmosphere is evident everywhere you go.

After dark we rode Thunderbolt again and I don't know why but it just was running great. It has changed my opinion from Way overrated to a damn fine coaster. We liked it so much that several of us took two and even three rides.

Got a night ride on Turtle with the gals in the second car. Lots of Mooshing going on sitting on the outside. Lots of rocking and a fun ride. Glad to ride the only operating full sized one in the USA.

We ended the day with Belgian Walfles with stawberries and chocolate (Recomended by Ridman and now us)

Back to Katies for a couple more hours of chat and fun including talk about some unmentionable board games and then we were off to the hotel for another relaxing nights sleep.

Thanks Tina and the gang for not loosing me on the way to and from the park. I would have never made it alone and nobody except Katie could even describe it.

Chuck, who will apreciate these memories forever :) *** Edited 6/6/2005 4:27:23 PM UTC by Charles Nungester***

Sounds like you all had a great time. I hope to get to Kennywood for the first time this year. No official plans yet but maybe a quick weekend trip would do the trick. Now to convince the wife...
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Charles Nungester said a bunch of stuff including:

...we did Noahs Ark without the elevator and final sceene. Why are they doing this?

The elevator is the product of a bunch of bad timing and bad luck... one of those "one thing after another" jobs.

The final scene should have been open. I'm not sure why it wasn't for you.


The final scene was working this past Sunday:)
Thanks kpjb. Better a Noahs Ark than not open for one section.

We had a great time, Even though the park was busy we rode everything twice (Or More) and did it at a relaxed pace. I was advised once that even if KP's lines look long, They aren't. Im glad I follow that advice.


Did you ride the Aero 360? now that is one of my favorites.
Some of our group did, We decided to hit the log flume :)


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