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Monday, June 6, 2005 10:33 AM
Well the weekend arrived after almost 4 months of waiting (Memorial Day Weekend)

I was kinda worried that the parks would be swamped on this Holiday Weekend but those concerns were put to rest and with the group we had, Im sure we would have enjoyed busy parks just as well.

My brother had spent the night so we could leave Cincinnati very early and at 5:30am we were on the road for Gueaga Lake.

After recieving a 75 dollar ticket on I-71 and 4hrs of driving we arrived about 9:15am to find nobody there. Im not kidding By 10am the parks opening, The rush for X flight wouldn't have filled one train and they had two running.

We were supposed to meet up with several other enthusiast at opening at the gates but me and Rob decided to try to get X Flight which turned into the only dissapointment of our day. We went to X flight at opening and rudely got yanked by a op grabbing my brother by the shoulder and informing him that his Fanny Pack had to be put in a locker or he couldn't ride. This is BULL**** and I've had it happen to me before at CP where a OP grabbed me while entering the line. (Maybe when someone gets decked they will quit this practice) So we try to get a locker but it isn't taking dollars so we decide to say screw it for now and try again later.

The rest of the day is much better.

Me and Rob go over and ride Big Dipper, AWESOME AGAIN, This coaster in 2002 was so rough on every drop that I couldn't enjoy it. Im glad that except for a washboard at the bottom of the first drop the rest of the ride was running awesome as it did on my 2001 trip. This coaster is the most UNDERRATED WOODIE in the Country BAR NONE. PHOENIX WHO???? LOL.

We then decided to walk to the other end and checkout the other coasters and look for our friends in the process. Next stop was Villain.

Villian. Im guessing it was one of the first rides of the day, It was running kinda slow but giving glimpses of what it's capable of. We rode twice, Once in front and once in back and on the second ride had the train to ourselves.

Raging Wolf Bobs, I always liked the coaster, Considered it's shuffle to be bothersome but with the G train and new track, It seemed to be flying far faster than I ever rememeber. Fix the high turn around that beat my legs severely and I will love this coaster!

We met up with our group, Tina, Bill, Tim, Brian, Katie and decided to ride RWB again with them. I had also met another friend Adam earlier in the day but he was spending time with another friend so We had a good group for the whole day.

A Dominator ride was in order and running two trains in a dead park ment no waits, Dominator is a great Floorless with unconventional B&M layout that I find quite refreshing, Expecially the low speed turn after the loop.

We rode Villain again and it was running much faster and awesome as I remember it. Some find it rough, I find it intense and full of what a good woodie should be, Airtime, Latterals and a sence of out of controlness I just don't get on most steel coasters. Villain remains my #3 for sheer adrinaline alone.

We then invaded the Beaver Falls Mine Ride (Roadrunner Express) We hit this a few more times durring the day LOL, just a hoot with friends.

Dodgems. I gotta say that these are the most overlooked Dodgems on the planet. On our previous three visits we noticed how good they ran but were always pressed for time to get the rest of the park in and all the coasters as much as we wanted. Not this time. I'd beg to say that only harder hits can be delivered at Knoebels.

Back to X flight the group went and tried for a locker and again it wasn't taking dollars. (CF at least have working lockers if you demand no items to be taken to the coasters) After digging up enough change we got one to work and we all went for double rides on X flight. It was Brian and Tims first times on one and they loved it. I love X flight also and it accomidates about any size guest.

We hit Big Dipper a couple more times durring the day, RWB and Villain, Ate lunch in the 50's area cafe (Food could be better but wan't outragiously priceds as SF had it)

By 6pm and a 2hr drive ahead of us, We all decided to hit the highway for Pittsburgh. Stopping at aa travel center for dinner at Sabarro and fuel we arrived at Katies at about 10pm and spend a hour chatting and laughing before we went to our hotel a half mile away.

All in all I enjoyed Gueaga, The price was right but I still felt like a very big part of the exeperience was missing with the animal park gone.

Got some footage (Offride only of course) of Dominator and Villain) Hint on Villain, Visit the public picnic area..

Good Times!! and I gotta say that the group we had only made a good day better.

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Chuck Nungester

Monday, June 6, 2005 10:43 AM
Those bumper cars are certainly very good. A head on collision on those is a little too much for me. I came away with a couple of very sore knees the last time I was there.

Gotta agree on Villain. It is one of my favorite woodies. I have never gotten insane airtime on it but the speed and laterals are great.

Monday, June 6, 2005 9:16 PM
Nice TR! Glad you had a good time :)

Sadly though, no Steel Venom? This hurts ;)

Monday, June 6, 2005 9:40 PM
sirloindude's avatar My apologies about X-Flight. If it makes you feel any better, I want to put in for bins for people to put their stuff in because I'm tired of people getting mad at me, as if I have any control over the policies. Oh, and sorry that your brother was yanked on his shoulder. Just so you know, that's not our practice. Most of us catch those things before letting people enter the ride area.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Monday, June 6, 2005 10:40 PM
I seen all kinds of people in ties at the park, Everyone was friendly and I even seen CP people there.

I say put a park manager at the entrance to a ride and see how people react to these policies. One it constitues a rip off mentality. And two, Every other park ahs bins or benches with signs that clearly say the parks not responsible.

Thanks for replying all in all, I had a great day.


Monday, June 6, 2005 10:58 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar I know that was a negative part of the day but it seems like the general manager is doing a GREAT job with the place.

Was there 2 train op on every coaster?

It seems like it's much better than the SFWOA days, and even if it's not, at least they're selling Pepsi instead of Coke! :)

Monday, June 6, 2005 11:15 PM
Hey Chuck, I'm going there next week. I would have tried to walk on with my fanny bag also. Was that the only ride that you couldn't wear it on?

PKI even has bins for your kids. That always worked out great for me. Now my kids are both over 48 inches tall so I don't have to worry about it.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

Monday, June 6, 2005 11:19 PM
sirloindude's avatar Headspin and X-Flight are the only 2 coasters with restrictions about bags. Supposedly the others all have bins, or if nothing else, you can leave stuff on the platform (I imagine they have bins, but I haven't made my rounds of the collection lately). I do know that Dominator, Steel Venom, and Thunderhawk have actual bins, and I think the rest may have added them recently.

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

Monday, June 6, 2005 11:59 PM
Dominator was the only coaster running two trains. There was no need for more than one on any other coaster except maybe X flight and they ran two till the one broke.

We never waited more than one train for anything. Unlike SF who would have a Q full and still run one train on Villain.

Chuck, Who said he had a good time and meant it. Just the one incident. I post the good with the bad on everything. The way I see it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005 12:48 PM
Thanks for your feedback Charles,

I appreciate both the positive feedback, and the criticism, as both help us in becoming a better park. Did you get to ride any of my flats while you were there? I run the triangle that includes Bellaire Express, Skyscraper, and El Dorado. The Bellaire Express is a good way to see the progress at the park, and a great ride for people watching.


Tuesday, June 7, 2005 2:33 PM
Im not possitive but the only flats I remember riding were the Haybailer and the dogems.


Tuesday, June 7, 2005 2:49 PM
rollergator's avatar Nice TR Chuck... :)

I was also compelled to ride the first-gen drop ride....the only downside ride-wise other than the early morning mishaps on X-Flight. I actually asked an op if the second train was operable, he said it was. Sure enough the first train breaks down and we are lead to the other side of the station, loaded, and more breakage ensues. Overall only about 40-50 minutes of non-productive time, but a hassle nonetheless.

I asked for exit passes for our troubles, and was told they'd have to call a supe, who might or might not comply, and it could take awhile for him/her to show up. Not the greatest customer service experience, but still MILES better than the SF park we visited at the end of the trip (SFDL)....

P.S. Best bumper car rides EVER. I know Knoebels' and IB are some of my nostalgic favs and can deliver a good sound WHACK! here and there, but those GL bumper cars ROCKED my world! I'm sure Katie will agree once she regains her senses... ;)

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005 3:16 PM
I think Chuck knows I already mentioned this, but the GL Dodgems just regained its "head-on collision" format this season. If I'm not mistaken, Six Flags installed a center barrier and instituted a "one-way only" policy during their run of the Aurora property. The ride also had one of the worst paint jobs ever as the cars were painted in a "cow-like" color scheme (i.e.- shades of white, brown, and black). Thankfully, Cedar Fair completely rehabbed the building, painted the cars in their original color schemes, and removed the center barrier, resulting in a crash-fest you won't find at very many parks these days! :)

And Big Dipper is definitely one of the most under-rated wood coasters out there right now. The ride is running really wild this season and the standing airtime in the back seat seems to validate the addition of the Orange seatbelts. I actually felt a bit uneasy in seat 4.3 on my visit there last week. CP's Blue Streak may get all the love around here, and it too is running well this year, but give me the Dipper any day.

GL still has some work to do, but the park is on the right path and with WWK opening June 18th, I'm hoping we'll start seeing some larger crowds.

Ray P.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005 8:32 AM
Theres another issue entirely.

SEATBELTS! Don't get me wrong, I have no problem wearing them and wearing them correctly IMHO they don't effect the ride experience at al.

Problem is, They installed Seatbelts on the Gerstlauers. OK, Got no problem with that except.

The seatbelts aren't long enough to go around two grown larger adults. This hindered my enjoyment of both RWB and Villian as Unless my one riding partner who weighs a hundred pds soaking wet was with me. They couldn't ride with me. Empty seat on a one train op as I see it and it greatly affected the amount of fun these coasters are to me by not having a riding partner.

Not a chewing or anything, Just something to consider. As far as I know G trains never had seatbelts (But thats not my complaint) Also if anyone will take notice. ON both the Big Dipper trains and Gerstlauers you sit deeper in the train than any newer PTC.

Chuck, who enjoyed Geauga and will be back but hopes his brother and himself can MOOSH next time.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005 9:10 AM
Lockers were problems when I was there last year. Good TR.

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