TR : Frontier City (7/31)...Close this place down!

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Such a horribly run park that is beyond repair. It is painfully obvious that this park has been abandoned (while the prices still increasing, of course). But, for the sake of a proper trip report, I will rate the park with its PROS and CONS.


-Good wooden coaster

-Decent log flume

-Nice, yet small, selection of flats



-Horrible customer service

-Terrible ride attendants

-Pricing not worth the investment

-Crappy food

-Many closed (or abandoned) rides

-Queue lines are in a poor state


-Silver Bullet : It looks like a fun coaster, but the drop isn't anything special and the loop lacks that certain intensity found in SFoT's Shockwave and BGT's Scorpion. For no wait, it's worth it. 5/10

-Diamond Back : Nearly broke my knee caps on this sucker. Other than the thought of an incredible painful injury, it actually was a decent ride that packed a punch I was not expecting. 7/10

-Wildcat : The big ride of the park. Very smooth, and very fun. Better than similar rides like SFoT's Judge Roy Scream. Very nice turnaround. 8/10


Again, this is such a poorly run park that it wouldn't upset me if this sucker closed at all. I never once felt welcome at the park, the employees weren't friendly, and the state of things was just downright poor.


Have you ever seen a man eat his own face?

Perhaps a new owner will help once this place is sold!
It can't be any worse.

And it is a shame. It has the rides to be a nice little park in the same spirit as Opryland was, but it desperately needs to be taken care of or it is better off closed.

Have you ever seen a man eat his own face?

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"I never once felt welcome at the park, the employees weren't friendly, and the state of things was just downright poor."

LOL, a couple years back was no different. In fact, the place got "tagged", Frontier ******(rhymes with City). What a DIVE! Other than the one employee who actually *smiled* at us on the pretty-cool dark ride, it was downright inhospitable. Almost felt bad interrupting their day...

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Wow. I hope the park survives, as I am losing the will to make a trip down there this year.

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Thats a shame since I have seen some pics and it looks like it could be cool. Maybe this is a park rollergator needs to visit just *one final time*. lol (erieview thread)
Despite the one semi-rude ride op who denied me a ride on Wild Kitty ( me - "Why can't I ride it?", her - "BECAUSE IT'S A KIDDIE COASTER!!!", me - "That doesn't matter" as I walked away), I didn't think the ride ops at SFFC were any worse than any other SF park...barring SFA. They weren't great by any means, but on my experience, not awful either. Sure this park could use a little TLC in certain places, but the old west theming is some of the best I've seen, and dare I say it, well done throughout the entire park. Wild Cat has been maintained well and I enjoyed my rides on it. Several rides were down (Tomahawk, the pirate swinging ship, and the rotor), but I didn't let that spoil my day. I could see this park fitting in with HFES with some added touches to make it a more personable park like DW. Maybe I just hit it on a better day than Coastergoose.
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Thanks to Shannon letting us borrow his kids, we got a ride on Wild Kitty. This was after hearing 10 different versions of "you can ride, no you can't, need a kid, no you don't" from various ops and managers. Finally, I broke down and FOUND us some kids to ride with... I flat out *refuse* to darken their door again, Arrow shuttle-looper credit or not.

Close it down? They should burn it, then put the ashes in a safe with no combination, and bury the safe at sea. Or....just find new owndership, new management and COMPLETELY new staff (with the one noted exception).

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Send the Wildcat BACK to Kansas City. I hear they need a good woodie. ;)

AV Matt
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When I visited that park six years ago it felt like that park was on the verge of closure. The staff just seemed to look at me like, why are you here? If the staff can't think of any good reason to visit the park, you know its in trouble. *** Edited 8/1/2006 4:33:07 PM UTC by rc-madness***

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