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Sunday, October 26, 2003 8:16 AM
Well, we headed down to Fright Fest yesterday at Enchanted Village. It was Tammie, Micah, myself, our niece Abby, and Big Steve. We originally had a much bigger group that was going, but everyone else had to work, run cross-country meets, got sick, etc.

We got to the park shortly after opening to find a virtually empty parking lot. We headed inside (free thanks to the good old season pass) and started riding. There were basically no lines for the first 3 or 4 hours we were at the park. Excellent! Throughout the day we got a total of about 10 rides on Timberhawk, 2 on Wild Thing (Does anyone have any aspirin? Rev, I know you do.), and 2 on Klondike Goldrusher. We also rode almost every flat ride at the park. Steve hadn't been to the park since Six Flags bought it (He spent a year or two in Phoenix) so it was all knew to him. He was really impressed with the new additions and all the good theming. He got his first rides on Timberhawk and his opinion echoed those of almost everyone else, "Good family coaster."

Around 6 we went to get in line for the Haunted House. It was really cool this year, much better than last. The highlight for me was the "Star Room". I won't give too much away, but I think Barry will know what I mean. It was a little scary for Micah, but he survived just fine. There were several people around the park doing the "jump out and scare" tactics and they worked really well. One guy was hiding in the ground in the graveyard and would jump up and scare people. Cool! There were also a few wandering scarers (sliders I think they call them?) at the park as well. This was all a great surprise for us since last year we didn't see any of them.

The last time Abby went to Enchanted Village she didn't ride much of anything. She was scared to death of the Wild Thing and they almost had to stop the Falling Star because she was screaming so much. This time she rode everything including all 3 coasters, Timberaxe, Lumberjack Falls, etc. She loved the Wild Thing and Timberhawk (she's a new enthusiast) and I think she had a really good time. She's 10 years old btw.

Overall we had a really good time. This year's Fright Fest was way better than last year and I think they did an excellent job. I know everyone hates Six Flags and thinks they ruin parks, but this is one park that they have done wonders with. Not only have they added lots of new rides, but the park actually has a better feel to it now then pre-Six Flags. I was never very fond of EV before, but it's really starting to grow on me as Six Flags expands and improves the park. Now I can't wait for Holiday With Lights in December.


Sunday, October 26, 2003 6:16 PM
nasai's avatar Sounds nice, Aaron. I drove by last night, and actually thought I might hit the coasters before they closed. Alas, I was too tired from my experience at the casino, but it sounds like you had a nice time.

Was the water park open? If so, weird. ;)
Between Dill pickles and Donuts, my secret awaits.

Monday, October 27, 2003 12:36 PM
The water park wasn't open. In fact all the pools were empty and the bottoms were covered with dirt and leaves. It really made me not want to go into the water park ever again. (Of course there is that one brunette lifeguard, so I'll always go to the water park when I'm there.)



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