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Today at DCA I arrived at 11 AM to find that they were having a soft opening for Flik's Fun Fair. I decided to wait it out (it opened at 1).

My first impression: Very impressive theming!

I go in an am happy to find out that they will let me go on any ride there! Thats 100% better than Camp Snoopy where on many of the rides there are restrictions.

I go on Flik's Flyers first. It is similar to the Balloon Race at Knotts. The attention to detail here is wonderful, with the vehicles being a chinese takeout box or a box of animal crackers or raisins. The ride makes sound effects as you are pulled up. It is fairly short, but still pretty cool.

Next (going clockwise) I went on Francis' Ladybug Boogie. ONce again, I love the vehicles which were shaped like Francis. It is pretty tame compared to the teacups, but then again, thats the point! Besides, with weight properly distributed, you can get them going!

After that I went on Tuck and Roll's Drive Em Buggies. I really like the theme, modeled after P.T. Flea's circus from the movie. The crayons and the like hanging down are a nice touch. The only thing is that the vehicles go really really slow. That isn't a bad thing though, since it is for little kids (although there is some height requirement for this one). I really like how the vehicles talk, though I have no clue what they said.

I didn't get to go on Heimlich's Chew Chew Train. Call me strange, but I thought this one might be the best out of all of the rides.

Dot's Puddle Park is nice, even if it is just a little more than Cosmic Waves or the area next to Jumpin' Jellyfish. Once again, the theme is really great. The leaky hose and squirting nozzle, very well done.

The bathrooms (in the form of a tissue box) are very cool. So nice and new... There are also some strange bug sounds played in the bathroom. So while you relive yourself, you get to hear buzzing and humming and other odd bug noises. Its interesting. :)

I really like Flik's Fun Fair. The landscaping (and the giant clovers) were really nice. I really like how the safety talks and introductions for each of the rides were done by the characters presenting the rides. It makes a nice touch, and would be a lot better than any ride op repeating the rules. This is among the best examples of Disney gardening I have seen. Sure, I am a little big for the rides, but its Disneyland for God's sakes, you can't be too old for anything.

All in all, very nice, I'm sure the kids will love it.

Thanks for the review. I wen to DCA labor day weekend for the first time and really enjoyed myself. Glad you had a good time.

84 coasters and counting

Its a pretty cool park. I have been an AP there since it opened, and still have a lot of fun every time I go. Screamin is awesome, Soarin' is breathtakingly good and Grizzly is just plain fun.

Now, I wouldn't feel good about paying 45 to get in there, but as an AP it works out really well. Just hit whatever you want at DCA, then hop over to Disneyland...

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