TR - Knott's Berry Farm, Monday, Jan. 28, 2002

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Monday, January 28, 2002 7:00 PM
TR - Knott's Monday, Jan. 28, 2002
I spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm today, and let me say, I have never seen the park so empty. Every ride was walk-on even in the back and front (except Ghost Rider, which had a two train wait). The park was a Ghost Town (ironic, isn't it) with no one anywhere except on the rides!!!! Now, the list of rides in no particular order:
Ghost Rider - who knows how many times
Awesome as usual, back row is just intense as usual, however, one of the employees was talking about how she loves to staple people .
Calico Log Ride - 5 times
The ride is back open with very little or any changes. We were able to ride it over and over again without getting off.
Boomerang - 6 times
The ride broke down the first time we rode Boomerang, so the ride ops were giving us a hard time the entire day saying that we better not break the ride down again. Boomerang was, well, Boomerang but still fun.
Sky Cabin - 1 ride
Lots of work was going on with Xcellerator all day long with that hole getting bigger.
Supreme Scream - 11 times
As much as Supreme Scream is fun, 11 times is enough before it gets less exciting. Supreme Scream still gives me that fright every drop no matter what.
Tampico Tumbler - 2 rides
There were actually two ride ops working on this ride today. It was lots of fun and very thrilling. It is definitely one of the best flat rides I have ever ridden.
Hammerhead - 1 ride
For the first time ever, I did not have any problems on the ride (not throw up, but other weird issues). The ride can be boring just because it is sooo slow.
Janguar! - 1 ride
I cannot fit into that ride no matter what I do, but especially when I sit next to an overweight person. Jaguar! is always a great relaxing ride!!!!
Montezooma's Revenge - too many times to count
I don't know how new this is, but they took away the dragon at the entrance . The entrance just looks weird. Also, another thing, KBF did a horrible job at painting some parts of the station. For example, around the loop with all the lights, the rim was painted really poorly with some parts not even painted!!! The ride was just as fun as usual, and with only a couple of people on each train, we went very high each time.
Wilderness Scrambler - 1 ride
The ride looks nice in its new location and is still thrilling. I was glad I was alone on this ride!!!!
Wipe-Out - 1 ride
Myself and my friend (who is a little on the chunky side) had to sit in one car. The ride pushed me against my friend the entire time, but the ride was fun (at least for me)!!!
Wheeler Dealer - 1 ride
Only in California are there people yapping on their cell phones while riding the bumper cars. The bumper cars was fun as we wasted time right before Mystery Lodge but nothing I would wait for.
Mystery Lodge - 1 showing
That show always has that special charm that makes it a great show that is worth seeing every time I visit the park.
I would like to commend Knott's on having a sufficent number of employees working on every ride (at least three on roller coasters and one or two on flat rides). The park looks very nice with all the new paint.
I'll do a construction add on to this report later tonight or Tuesday.
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