Tower of Terror serious air time - is this real?

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Hrm... looks kinda fun. Except for the crash landing part. Reminds me of a mosh pit at a concert in 1999 over the top of a vast sea of floor-mounted chairs. Yes, it hurt. But it was fun!

Also, this is a great site.

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I suppose it's possible pre-seatbelt.

Even if you just stood up and started jumping like an idiot.

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Tower of Terror could be such a great ride if it could just do something about its capacity. ;)

I'm a scrawny guy and even pre-seatbelt I would have had to really try to get that far off the seat on Tower of Terror. If that is genuine (which I even doubt it is), the seats appear to be absent the seat belts, so he could very well have managed to use a well timed jump. However...the ceiling of the car isn't too far above me when I sit in the back row. I might not be able to reach it sitting down, but again the seats look pre-seatbelt, and I would definitely be able to easily reach it standing up. I can't remember off the top of my head if the top is a grate or solid ceiling, but if it is/was a grate, I'd lean towards him holding onto the grate.*

*That is just as stupid an idea as standing up and jumping, don't take it as an endorsement.

Original BlueStreak64

Too late. I have taken it as an endorsement and will be the asshat who got the concussion from banging my melon off the seats on my way back down. Lol

Yeah right...I didn't even ride Tower of Terror. Don't like drop towers at all. But that is a great pic, faked or not, moron or not.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

A few things, I might have noticed:

I do not believe this pic was taken in any "airtime mode".

While I'm not overly familiar with the ride (I've only ridden it twice...since the 5 times I've been to the park it was only working one day...sigh)..the pic is suspicious.

If this was a true airtime, the rest of the people in the picture would be having airtime too, and they are not, because of all the girl's long hair in the picture. None of their hair even remotely appears to be moving.

Also the person with their hand on the guys hip appears suspicious too with the way the hand sits on the person "flying."

Either way, it is a funny pic.

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Wait a minute... They ran TOT without seat belts at some point?

The ride opened with a lapbar for every two or three people except for one seat that had a seatbelt.

The lapbars were replaced with individual seatbelts some time in the early 2000's.

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Ha ha. I had visions of there being no restraint at all.

If you were a small person sharing a lapbar with a big person there basically was no restraint.

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robotfactory said:

The ride opened with a lapbar for every two or three people except for one seat that had a seatbelt.

The seatbelt seat was affectionately called "the jump seat."

But it didn't mean you were literally supposed to jump...

Just rode this for the first time last week. Holy airtime Batman!!!!! Best drop ride I have been on.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Not real.

1. This is the Tower of Terror at DCA. How can I tell? The WDW version does not have the "Maximum load 3 tons" on their elevators.

2. When the Tower of Terror out a DCA takes your photo the elevator is at a complete stop for at least 2 seconds. They do not take your photo at any point during the ride in which you are falling.

Its a very good photoshop.

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