Tower of Terror... in Half-Life 2

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I gotta tell you, this impressed the heck out of me...

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This must of took someone forever to make this level on G MOD!!!

Half Life 2 is the best game ever!!!

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Holy crap, they had a ton of time on their hands.

But as Borat says.... Very Niiiiice!

That gives me chills, just like the ride. Amazing.

~Kara (car-uh)

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The level of detail is almost too fine to even comprehend. Simply amazing.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
All that work and no seats in the elevator? Funny! Now THAT would be a scary ride!

The best part? No line!

I wonder how they got the audio.

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A decent digital recorder would work for the audio. I'm impressed with the video.
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I chuckle when he knocks over the flower planter on the way in...
That's pretty sweet.

Jeff Young
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I like when he hits the TV with the crowbar. And the door when he wants out. Good times.

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