Tower of Terror 4 Plans Showed!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002 9:17 PM
Click here to see them. I can't wait till I get to ride it with the new drop's.
Wednesday, November 13, 2002 11:52 AM
I heard somewhere that Disney was adding new restrainets to the ride? I think I heard Over the shoulder harnest?, is that true?
Wednesday, November 13, 2002 11:57 AM
According to the linked site, Disney is ditching the lapbars and adding seatbelts.

The Other Siebert

Wednesday, November 13, 2002 1:11 PM

OSTRs would be ascenine on ToT. The physics of the motion ride keeps you from hurting yourself. As the tower is programmed right now, it is possible to sit in the car totally unrestrained and come off (mostly) unhurt.

The main purpose of the lapbars (and the seatbelt in the jumpseat) is to keep you from drifting laterally and landing in the aisle or on the edge of a seat and getting an armrest shoved up your behind.

Removing the lapbars and having only seatbelts would be an awesome thing. This would decrease ridership, however. I have seen more than a few people take the "chicken exit" and not ride when the elevator doors open in the boiler room and they realize that there are no OSTRs or seatbelts.

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