Toverland in the Netherlands B&M Wingcoaster for 2018

Toverland in Sevenum opent in 2001

It started as an indoor playingground with a rollercoaster going through the whole building around / above several rides etc. Over the years more things are added including an amazing wooden rollercoaster and the first VekomaBoosterbikecoaster.

Allready back in 2001 ( or perhaps even way before opening the park) the owner was intrested in a coaster from B&M.

Now in 2018 it will happen, they will increase the parkarea build a Wingcoaster by B&M, a familyride from Mackrides and a totally new entry for the park.

Sofar the park did not sendout more exact information about this rollercoaster but there are already some fanmade things going around over the internet which might be close to what really will come.

Today the park showed concepts of the new entry.

More information will be posted when it gets available.. or is there an interest in the fanmade layout of the B&M Wingcoaster?

For anyone ever making a trip to Europe and planning Efteling + Phantasialand, Toverland lies between those two and not very far of the highway.

Google maps Efteling to Phantasialand over Toverland

I find it nice that this small park is able to grow further and get a further rollercoaster to it's collection

That looks great. Further proof of how detailed and picturesque the parks in that part of Europe are, it seems no matter how small.
I made that drive last fall and must've gone past without knowing. (Of course, at 110 mph I don't know how I would've seen it...)
It's too bad I met our Pieter on my last day. I might've been hipper to some quick side trips.

The location of this new Wingcoaster put as overlay in googlemaps.

Let's see when in 2018 it will open, my best bet is that it will open in June since after that the summerholidays are beginning.

I will keep you all informed.

Some more information and concept art.

Name of the Wingcoaster "Fénix"

40 meters high, tracklength 813 m, 3 inversions, 2 minutes total ride time. 2 Trains of 24 passenger each

The boatride come from Mackrides, name "Merlin's Quest" , 12 minutes duration over 430m , 14 passengers per boat

Video by the park

What an amazing concepts.. wow !

So anyone traveling from Efteling to Phantasialand in 2018... this park is between the 2 and located just a few kms from the highway.

Any clues to why this ride appears to only have 6 rows instead of 8? The only wing with less than 8 I can think of is Thunderbird. And that's because its a launcher.

Top 4: Steel Vengeance, I305, El Toro, Maverick

The one in Heidepark also has 6 rows.

Rick_UK's avatar

Flug der Dämonen has six. Swarm & Raptor have seven.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I think the coaster in Heidepark has 6 row trains because of the many small turns the layout makes.. in a longer train the difference in each element from G-forces back to front would be most likely too great. The layout in Toverland consists of relative big turns and elements so such a difference would be less, on the other side the bunnyhop hill after the first drop looks very similiar to the elemen in Daemonen.

An other reason could also be, bigger train would mean more expensive, yes a higher capacity.. but in a park like Toverland with really good/fast operations that is not too much of a problem. Toverland main visitors will be and stay families with children, the Wingcoaster can be ridding from 1.40m so only a certain percentage of the visitors will use the ride. Toverland set the goal for 1 million visitors per year from the next years up, since they are open year round, there is no need to have coaster that has a capacity higher then what you are getting now.

Wow, it keeps getting better and better.

Imascore has made the soundtrack for the new to build area, "Avalon" is the name of the area.


Toverland really want to put the quality of the theming on a very high level, we allready know the a park as Europapark has some amazing theming even in the toilets, but Toverland is also going to theme those areas.

Last weekend was the last day for Toverland of it's "summer"-season.. from now on only the indoorparts are open, on the last day they had a fanday and they walked on the contructionsite... sofar foundations are done etc, no track spotted yet.

Truly incredible concept artwork. Too bad you can't get that kind of theming in the states.

First track arrived in Sevenum

A small update of the progress of all this construction work being done in Sevenum.

Station building of the boatride.

New entry area of the park.

lots of parts for the B&M Wingcoaster

Foundations for the Wingcoaster, sofar nothing has gone vertical but that will happen soon?

The coaster rises from it's huge showbuilding.

It is said that inside the building before the lifthill there will be a small show, like with Baron 1898 ( Efteling ) or furios baco ( Porte Aventura in Spain )

Looks like they have a lot of work left to do to get the coaster and its themed area complete for a July opening.

Toverland started today with a "making of" video.

Opening date July 7th

The designer you see in the video is a huge fan of parks like the Efteling, I believe that one of his reasons to go into that art / design job he has now. Sofar other things he designed is the area of the rapidride and Mack free spinningcoaster.. I bet he has more up his sleeve for the next decade orso.

Mr. Six said:

Looks like they have a lot of work left to do to get the coaster and its themed area complete for a July opening.

Currently a big part of the coaster is allready standing, which is to expected... screwing big parts of roller coaster together means that you make a lot of tracklength per timeperiod.

Theming is another thing, I can imagine that it will take several years for the area to really look good, but I am happy that Toverland is making this ride and the boatride. After a few years time the new Avalonarea will be very immersive expierence

Track is done.

Last piece was placed yesterday May 7th , 2018

Also a new video came on the channel from the park self, they do that every Friday.

Nice to be informed this way

I like the turn before the inline twist at the top.

This can't be in The Netherlands, right?

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