Tornado finally opens in Mexico

Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2001 4:37 AM | Contributed by Juan Jose Rdz

After several months with problems with the state, because the coaster its near to a zoo (ecological reserve), the state gives the permission to start the operation.

The coaster was officially opened last Saturday. A historical day for coaster fans in Monterrey, it is our fourth coaster in the city and the first looper. Its running smoth and fast!

This coaster used to be Tornado in Bobbejaanland.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 9:11 AM
Nice, I rode it when it was still at Bobbejaanland (Belgium)

Now, the ride has been replaced with an "Nauta Bussink Ultimate"
Named "Thrillennium Ride", this is probably the world's largest thrill/puke-ride.
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 10:33 AM
Sorry Benoit (Belgian).You know me (ik ben Thuur).The Thillenium Ride construction is not begon yet.Nautta isn't started yet.

Thuur C.
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 12:30 PM
Hey Belgian wasent NB taken over by GIO? hence the Mine Diver?
Anyway does anyone have any photos of Tornado in its new Home???

Tuesday, April 10, 2001 1:54 PM
I have some photos of Tornado...if you want them, mail me

The Millenium starts with the FORCE!!!
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 3:11 PM
Hey, Coasterbuzz says that Montana Rusa is a Shwarzkopf from SFMM? When was it there? What was it called? I don't think I've ever heard of a Schwarzkopf (aside from Revolution) at SFMM. Can anybody elaborate for me?

Decisions determine destiny; Destiny determines decisions.
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 7:57 PM
Schwarzkopf is the original King of coaster design. He's designed hundreds of coaster. Mindbender (SFOG), Viper (SFOG), Scorpion (BGTB), Big Bad Wolf (BGW) and about a million more.

There is a website that is all about Schwarzkopf but i can't remember what it is. I'm sure some of the good people here could give you the link.


Flying over metal is a beautiful thing!
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 9:17 PM
I thought Arrow designed Big Bad Wolf and at that time Ron Toomer was designing most of the coasters. I dont think Schwarzkopf had any affiliation with Arrow at that time, did he?
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 11:17 AM
Schwarzkopf designed Big Bad Wolf, but his company went bankrupt before they could finish building it. They got most of the footers and supports up before then. Arrow came in an built the track.
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 12:00 PM
Well janfrederick...all about MontaƱa Rusa...
This coaster is a Wildcat model from Schwarzkopf, just like the one at CP, and was at was the Mountain Express around the 70's then I think that in 1982 it was moved to El Paso Texas and then to Bosque Magico in 1993.

The Millenium starts with the FORCE!!!
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 9:58 PM
Nice Work, Mario!!
You amazed me!!

Por cierto si tienes las fotos pasamelas

Keeping Coaster!!

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