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Did anyone else see this on

I really like the last one. Hopefully the link works, first time doing a link.

What they said about BGT:

"Three coasters serve as the park's anchors, including an old wooden one and an inverted coaster."

Im guessing those three would be Gwazi, Montu and Kumba so obviously Shiekra hasnt been built yet so this article is at least two years old.

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^ I like how 1999 constitutes 'old'.

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THis list is already out of date and very subjective. SFAW isn't even around anymore.

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Sadly, many people think all woodies are "old."

AV Matt
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^And some age better than others. :)


If 1999 is old, then I'm Ancient...

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Dont know how astroworld got in the top 10 because if you click on it It has reveiws of the park from the general public and most of them were pretty bad.
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This is very old in internet terms.

I think it was stated earlier they tried to find a few popular/famous parks in each geographical location to put on the list, so it wasn't skewed to the far east/west coasts and Ohio.

If they wanted to list a Texas park, why didn't they list SFOT instead. This park is the original Six Flags and has a much better image than the former Houston park.

Arthur Bahl

This list has been debated (and discredited) here in the past. It's an old list. The one thing to keep in mind this time around is that it is a list on Microsoft's site but the reviews are coming from Barry Diller's company (IAC/InterActive's CitySearch).

I think I recall original commentary behind each selection.

One of the reviewers for Cedar point mentioned Wicked Twister and Top thrill Dragster, but not Millennium Force. What is up with that!

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At least, most of us would agree that CP belongs on such a list even now. Everything is subjective, however and comparing different kinds of parks is like comparing apples to oranges. Comparing CP and some of the big Six Flags parks might make sense, for example, but comparing these parks to KW or HW or the Disney and Universal parks does not.

That is one of the reasons why we do not make our own lists on this site. It would just cause too many arguments and take up too much space making it harder to find and focus on more useful discussions. *** Edited 7/16/2006 6:15:27 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

Microsoft's new list is coming early 2007. :)
I just wonder, will Holiday World be on it?

Arthur Bahl

All lists like this are subjective, but I have to admit there are a few downright weird picks here. (I'm lookin' at YOU, Astroland and Carrowinds) :)

But hey, whatever...

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^ Considering the graphic used to "illustrate" these fine establishments is an SLC....I kinda doubt they're really looking for a TRUE representation of the top-10 parks. ;)

But, since virtually anyone can toss opinions it is, the most anticipated LIST in coasterdom... :)

gator's top ten PARKS (in no particular order):
Holiday World
Knoebels Grove
Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Indiana Beach
Canada's Wonderland
Puyallup (Western Washington Fair)

OK, I know, that's a dozen, and the last one isn't even an amusement park per se...but isn't this hobby supposed to be about FUN... ?

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Here are my opinions about that old list. I am assuming that the list is partly intended to emphasize diversity in type of park, ownership and location.

Astroland Coney Island: They have Cyclone but some of it is too much like a carnival making its inclusion questionable. Still Coney Island has some memorable rides although some of them are in Deno's or are independently owned.

Busch Gardens Tampa (BGA): You could make an argument in favor of either of the Busch Gardens parks. Some might prefer the Virginia park instead.

Cedar Point: Little disagreement here. Probably the best of the coaster heavy megaparks.

Disneyland: Another good choice for the list. This is the park that started the theme park boom and it has more historical character and intimacy than its Florida counterpart.

Kennywood: Probably the best of the mid-sized traditional parks and one of the most historical parks. Knoebels comes close but KW has a better assortment of thrill rides.

The Park at MOA (formerly Camp Snoopy): It's an indoor park making it different but is there really anything else really special about it?

WDW Magic Kingdom: Certainly a strong example like DL but the parks have so much in common. I gave reasons earlier for favoring the California park but still, it would be difficult to exclude the most visited park in the North America.

Paramount's Carowinds: Aren't PKI and PCW better examples of a Paramount park?

Santa Cruz B&B: Probably the best of the surviving oceanfront parks with a great wooden coaster. Still, this park and Coney Island's Astroland seem redundant selections in some respects.

Six Flags Astroworld: Its now defunct but it wasn't even the best SF park in Texas when it was open. SFOT was generally considered much better while many regard SFGam as the best Six Flags park overall.

Some other parks that could have been considered would be the Universal parks in Florida, Knotts Berry Farm, Hersheypark, and Holiday World.

Arthur Bahl

Hasn't this list been pointed out at least once a year for the last six? Someone should send a letter or something to discourage the dis-information, or at least encourage them to update. Someone traveling to see Astroworld would be sorely disappointed. *** Edited 7/17/2006 4:09:10 PM UTC by rc-madness***
^ I did. Just click the link in the lower right hand corner that says "Feedback." It's a generic form, so you'll have to be specific in your response. I doubt I'll get anything other than the automated 'thanks for responding' screen, but it still doesn't hurt to point out their, ahem, inaccuracies.

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