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Not sure if this has a thread but I noticed that sfstl is putting T.H.B.S in the Britania section. Looks to me like something may have had to been takin out or moved. Im sure someone in the forums knows.

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The Sherwood forest theater was removed to make way for the new ride. THBS supposed to open on Saturday.
This looks like a good spot for this...

My mom-in-law called me up to say that the show "Identity" had someone on there that was supposed to have designed a rollercoaster. I'm thinking John Wardley, Werner Stengle, etc... Nope, it was Tony Hawk! He was credited (and he said it on national TV) that he designed Tony Hawk's Big Spin which is opening at Six Flags St. Louis... I don't see him listed in RCDB as the designer! Comments?

I think he meant he helped design the overall ride (themeing for example) and not the coaster itself. Isn't the coaster a clone of the one at SFNE and WOF?
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^And Mall of America. Yes, it's a production model.

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It's TV. What do you expect? Yes, he did say "My name is Tony Hawk and I designed a roller coaster." For some odd reason, I like that show. LOL!
SFFT's Big Spin is essentially a mirror image of the MoA, WoF, and SFNE models. I'm not totally sure about SFStL's, but I think it's identical to SFFT's. *** Edited 4/21/2007 3:32:33 PM UTC by Ben Nelson***

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I'm just glad they didnt remove any rides. THBS, Superman tower of power and the new Loony toons national park I would say has started making SFSTL a much better park. Still a lot of work to do....Not to mention removing that eye sore Hannibarrell ride thats been sitting there rotting away.

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld
Nice video of THBS for those interested, not POV.


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Are those cameras mounted in the middle of the cars perminant? Can you buy an on ride video of your ride? If so, that's a nice touch...

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Is there ANY theming on that ride besides the name and the wheels on the car? To me, they could've done so much with that ride. I guess the spinners are just hard to theme. Even Disney's isn't all that great.
Disneyland Paris is opening a new indoor spinning coaster this summer in their Walt Disney Studios park. Name will be Crush Coaster (after Crush in Finding Nemo). The cars will be turtles and it will start with a dark ride portion. Then, the lift will have sharks attacking you and the ride from there is the standard SC 2000 Maurer Sohne spinning coaster, like Spider at Lagoon and Steel Dragon at Waldameer.
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Is there ANY theming on that ride besides the name and the wheels on the car?

Yes, but not much. There are some Tony Hawk figures and a "ramp" built under the wide mid-course turn.

I love the "dirt mound" landscaping... I bet its fun, but it could have been themed better.. or at least throw some mulch under it or sod...
I know this is a bit off the subject but i dont want to start a new thread for a simple question that only needs a simple answer. What is up with the Height restrictions at Six Flags? I noticed on stl wesite that the restriction is 54".

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld
I'm sorry Mamoosh I wasnt specific in my question. If you scroll down a few of the mild rides say 54" (Like Joker's Inc, Screamin Eagle and Scooby Doo Ghost Blasters.

Favorite coaster---Kraken at SeaWorld

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