Tony Hawk Rides coming to Two SF Next Summer

Just a blurb in this BusinessWeek Press Release that says two Tony Hawk rides will be coming to two SF Parks next summer. Where do you think SFFT and SFSTL as the theme for their new spinning coasters or two other parks? *** Edited 11/7/2006 8:33:01 PM UTC by coasterguts***

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Does this mean the next Tony Hawks game will have an amusement park in it? That's could be fun, grinding both wood and steel coasters.

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I would love to ride Tony Hawk ;)
The Xtreme Park!!!!!!!!111111oneone

Here are two "spins" I would put on this: a) Two parks will be receiving the Intamin halfpipe coasters that SFEG has or b) Two parks will be receiving the Zamperla Skater coaster design as seen at PKI under the name "Avatar the Last Air Bender."

I would think either would be a win-win situation (Avatar was very fun for a family-friendly ride). I haven't ridden "Halfpipe," but it looks fun.

If it were just to be a Zamperla Skater, I would suspect one would show up at Great Adventure next year, since they just got two kiddie rides approved and almost have the whole Zamperla-kids/family product line.

I don't see the spinning coaster theme fitting in, but that's just me.

Well they were originally planning on theming the two spinning coasters to Ice Age (or so it was rumored), I think it's quite possible they've decided to go with Tony Hawk.

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

Both SFSL and SFFT are receiving Gerstlauer spinning coasters (similar to the other one's already built, but not completly identical), it's a good chance that this is the theme chosen.

There is not going to be much added to any of the SF parks next year and this is the only pair of rides that should be added. The Wiggle's kids areas are the other thing that will be cloned to other parks next year, but any other additions (like SFKK) should be just for the specific park.

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I thought they decided to go with the ice age theme for the SFSTL & SFFT rides,as far as I know those are the only two parks getting anything aside from the two rides SFGRADV recently recieved approval for & a rumored watercoaster for SFFK.
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If *anyone* receives the Intamin halfpipe then *someone* is smoking a full pipe...

Cool ride, terrible capacity, maintenance headache, too pricey for what it does...the Zamperla "Avatar" rides and/or M-S/Gerstlauer spinners are *way* better bets, IMO. Zamperla/Reverchon spinners are cool, too, just not as much fun as the ones with actual "layouts"...

BatwingfanSFA, I think it was posted somewhere a while back that the "Ice Age" theme was dropped for whatever reason for the two new spinning coasters. *** Edited 11/8/2006 2:12:28 AM UTC by Coaster_Lizard***

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The Ice Age theme was probably just some nonscence made up by screamscape to make things intresting. I don't think it was in actuall frution up in corperate. But a Tony Hawk theme on the spinners does seem workable.

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