Tony Hawk Coaster coming to SFOT in 2008

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coasterguts said:
What poor operations?

There's more to good operations then just keeping your rides open. Having your major attractions open and running on a regular basis should be the bare minimum.

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A wood coaster for SFStL? That's even harder to believe than a wood coaster for VF was last year.

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I loved THBS at SFFT, and after going to SFOT for a week straight I think its great that they are adding another awsome Junior like coaster, to compliment Runaway Mountain, the two Mine Coasters, and the Looney Toons thing, that is a park heading in the right direction Shapiro wants it too.

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Intamin Fan said:
I'd like to throw out a completely different opinion on SFA, one that has changed after a recent visit. Six Flags Inc. needs to repair what is in the park FIRST, then they can add new rides. That means repainting things, repairing torn leather on the Roar trains, replacing seats and handlebar pads on S:ROS etc.

The big thing though that comes to mind though is that Roar is in desparate need of a retracking. Now mind you, the severe drought may have something to do with it. I rode in the back-row with a friend and both of us felt a lot of pain either at the bottom of the first drop, or after the first turnaround, or both. I talked to an enthusiast who rode Roar west and he said they had a sprinkler system because it gets so dry out there.

I'm worried about the status of The Octopus. It is now missing all of its cars. I don't know if they were taken off for some kind of modification after the kid falling out, or if the ride is going to be taken out altogether. That would be a shame.

They still can not get the former Typhoon Seacoaster to work consistently, or they don't have enough employees to man it. In any event, maybe it's time to throw in the towel like they are doing with Chiller.

If SFA went without a new ride next year, would it be bad? Maybe, but I own a car and can go to other parks if I want to. Sometimes you go to other parks (like this summer), come back and ride one of the park's signature attractions like S:ROS, and you realize "Holy crap did that ride just kick a lot of ass!" and it's like renewing your interest in it all over again.

A couple seasons back an op over at TSC/SKM pretty much summed it up the same way RE: fixing what they have first,but still the park is becoming stagnant without any new attractions over the past five years in the theme park side.

After the incident on octopus I think the ride may very well be done for,especially if they've started dismantling it now unless they're putting new cars with better restraints on it to prevent such an accident form taking place again & if that is the case that it's getting yanked it'll leave an even bigger hole in the nantucket section(SFA's equivelant to GL's "crap corner") then the void already created by the loss of the eagle & enterprise.

I hate to say it I-fan but as far as SKM is concerned I agree that it needs to go,the new blocking system creates just as many headaches as the turntables did...heck I've only ridden it once all season because on all my other vistis so far this year it's been down & ironically no sooner did I get off the ride then it broke down again & that was after waiting a good hour or so for the ride to open following earlier downtime that day.

RIP Wildcatter - BTW is this the very frist Intamin Freefall ever or at least in North America?
I belive it is, but I certainly could be wrong, I think it opened in 1982, anyone know of one earlier than that?
Wildcatter and Magic Mountain's Freefall both opened in 1982. These were the first two in America. The Edge installations at the Great America parks, the installations at the other Six Flags parks and Demon Drop at Cedar Point were built in 1983.
Listen, as much as I want to be surprised by the announcement of a new attraction(s) at SFA, I'd also like to hear that they're going to spend money on landscaping so it looks on par with say SFNE.

My pictures from 2002 show a completely different looking park landscaping wise. They went all out that year in some areas. They had trees on both sides of the midway in between Joker's Jinx and the Skycoaster, and then they ripped out the new trees on the right side to put in Penguin's Blizzard River the following year.

It didn't make any sense to me, especially since the colors of PBR made no sense in the context of Gotham City or the ride's theme itself. If rumors are true, we got this ride instead of SFFT, so it could've been a worse drought.

If they were going to make any small additions to the park, how about replacing the Tilt-a-Whirl? It doesn't have to go back where it was, but it would be better than the basketball game that replaced it.

Listen, if I were Shapiro, I'd be looking at those rides at Wild West World should the park not find a buyer. You've got rides tailor-made already for either Coyote Creek (would need an extension) or Southwest Territory where there's property to fit in some rides inbetween Wild One and Tower of Doom.

oh man, i will miss the WildCatter. i loved that ride. my favorite of the drop rides.

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I miss the Intamin Freefall rides already myself. IMO they pack twice the punch of the new generation of drop towers. I assume it's maintenance costs and insurance that got the best of them in old age.

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